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JeanAllTrekkie -> Total War for iOS (6/5/2016 5:56:09 AM)

Hey guys I wanted you guys to see the review I did for Total War Battles Kingdoms for iOS.

Total War Battles Link

What did you guys think of the game?

wings7 -> RE: Total War for iOS (6/5/2016 1:46:45 PM)

Looks impressive...thanks for sharing! [:)]


76mm -> RE: Total War for iOS (6/5/2016 2:27:23 PM)

You seem to have linked to a screen shot rather than a review, at least I couldn't find a review in your link...

I tried this game and was very unimpressed, mainly for two reasons:
1) it didn't seem possible to do very much at all without making in-game purchases.
2) the battlefields are ridiculously narrow, and I found it very difficult to control troops; basically the battles consisted of lining up troops and seeing what would happen...not especially satisfying.

That said, I didn't spend more than a couple of days with the game, so maybe I overlooked something...

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