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UP844 -> [Resource] WW2 era topographical maps (5/16/2016 2:43:48 PM)

This page hosts a huge collection of highly detailed U.S. Army maps from the WW2 era.

Even though detailed topo maps are easily found on the Web, these maps are extremely useful because many man-made structures (roads, built-up areas) are much different from the '40s.

fuselex -> RE: [Resource] WW2 era topographical maps (5/18/2016 3:10:15 PM)

very nice UP844 , not just for ToTH , but interesting just to look through .

LN59 -> RE: [Resource] WW2 era topographical maps (5/18/2016 6:52:32 PM)

WoOoW! That's a real Tiger's hunt : what a treasure to dig in!

[&o] Thanks a lot for sharing that link, UP844...

[sm=happy0065.gif] With such a vintage topo maps' collection, it's like Xmas in May,

not only for Gamers but also for the whole people being fond of History!

(WW2 fans & many others)

"Viva l'Italia, cosė bello e sorridente!"

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