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MadmanRick -> Editor Issues (5/15/2016 8:57:15 PM)

I am having an issue with the AE editor, in that under the Scenario tab, the "main" and "pilots" buttons are inaccessible, as they are out of place. The "locations" and "air groups" buttons are fine. I've tried re-booting to no avail, I've also tried both versions of the editor, with no luck. I am running Win7pro and the beta 1125 patch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks,



BBfanboy -> RE: Editor Issues (5/15/2016 10:42:56 PM)

Which scenario did you select to edit?
You cannot edit the stock scenarios - you have to make a copy and save it in a slot that does not already have a scenario in it.

MadmanRick -> RE: Editor Issues (5/15/2016 10:45:54 PM)

I am trying to edit RA 8.0.

BillBrown -> RE: Editor Issues (5/15/2016 10:47:01 PM)

I think I had this problem also. It has to do with your desktop display setting. I think it has to be Medium or smaller. If you have it
at Larger then the tabs are in the wrong place.

MadmanRick -> RE: Editor Issues (5/15/2016 11:22:20 PM)

Thanks Bill, that was the ticket! I had my icon settings at medium and setting them to small worked magic! Now I can't see my icons on the desktop, but the editor is working swell! LOL

Seriously, I'll just put it back to medium, when I'm done futzing around. I sincerely appreciate the assistance brother.


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