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Gerry4321 -> J63 Silesian Interlude (5/8/2016 6:22:46 PM)

DD, thanks for the scenario. Had a quick try as the Jerries and failed miserably. Trying to figure out how I almost won it over the board one time.

A few comments. In both OTB playings I think my Russian opponent had one or more of the big tanks on the hill hexes. So I don't know is that a possibility (as in they can set up in a variety of hexes determined in some random way for each scenario). Also the Woods was often used for the ATG.

I assume both of these things can be done with multiple setup zones.

Please don't change it for me. I am happy as it is and it is already hard enough for me.

DoubleDeuce -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/8/2016 7:21:05 PM)

Yeah, I tried mixing up some of the deploy zones but the AI tends to favor certain hex/terrain types and I didn't want to limit the player deployment too much when played from the Russian side. I'll dig through it again and see how the AI picks its hexes and maybe tweak it a little.

DoubleDeuce -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/9/2016 10:13:01 AM)

IF, when playing this as the Germans, anyone sees the Russian T-34 run to the map edge, showing its rear to the Germans while just sitting there, please let me know. It did it a couple of times in the first couple of playtests but then started acting normally after that.

UP844 -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/9/2016 3:34:44 PM)

I just tested the scenario:
- the T-34/85 stood still and fought, even though it always fired on the German infantry (which has no AT weapons)[&:]. It never fired on the Panthers, even though it should be able to kill them at such short ranges.
- the IS-2 ran to the map edge (hex 9,0) and remained pointed NE; it never fired and was subsequently eliminated by the Panthers
- one of the SU-100 was deployed 1 hex away from the map edge, destroyed one of the Panthers and was immediately eliminated by the others.
- the other SU-100 entered from 5,0 (I suppose), wandered a bit and then ended in 9,0, exactly like the IS-2. It never fired to the German tanks but fired on the German Infantry in the VP hexes after the tanks have exited the map.

The Russian infantry deployed at start remained in the VP hexes: only a squad moved after I took 2 VPO out of 4; the squads entering on turn 4 (or 5?) didn't look eager to counterattack and remained near the German exit hexes.

I missed a Major Victory by 1 VP because I took the wrong route (through a wreck hex) with one of my tanks.

I think the scenario is badly compromised by the "run to the exit hexes" AI attitude; playing the Russian side should be more challenging.

DoubleDeuce -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/9/2016 7:17:36 PM)

Hopefully, more people who played it will see this thread and give feedback. Like I said, it happened for me but was very intermittent but you are right, even just one tank running off doing that can compromise the scenario for the Russians.

UP844 -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/9/2016 9:38:54 PM)

A game on the Russian side.

The plan

I have no desire at all of exchanging fire with Panzers, then I set up as much of my force as possible out of sight from the Germans. The IS-2 and the T-34/85 to cover (with flank shots) the only road the Germans can use to exit from the north edge. The 45mm ATG is almost useless vs. tanks, except against the Pz IV (perhaps): its main role would be long-range interdiction vs. infantry.

Infantry will basically have to endure whatever the Germans throw at it (especially the squads in the southernmost VPO); it has no AT weapons (except the ATR, which is very useful to scratch the paint of the Panzers). On the other hand, should a Panzer move adjacent, most of them are Elite, with a good chance to enter CC. The SMG squads on the left should harass any German advance; if German pressure becomes excessive, they will retreat through the woods to make use of their short-range firepower advantage.

On Turn 4 reinforcements arrive: The SU-100 will set up in the orchard (they should be able to kill a Panther quite easily), while the infantry will move to reinforce the units at the VPO and - if required - to retake the southernmost VPO (which I am not sure I will be able to hold into).

The game

Almost everything went out as planned [X(].

The Panthers spent the whole game firing on the infantry in the VPO and never moved forward. The Pz IV advanced to the VPO area, but was promptly destroyed by the IS-2.
German infantry was pinned by infantry and tank fire without ever managing to take a single VPO.
One of the SU-100s did not pass its C&C check and was destroyed by a Panther in the same turn it arrived [:(].


DoubleDeuce -> J63 Silesian Interlude (5/10/2016 5:26:15 AM)

I'm thinking about switching the Germans to a 'Hold' status and then giving a couple of their tanks 'Defend Hex' commands on Exit hexes. Maybe they will then move, shoot and move to the map edge as the scenario progresses. I will also give the other German units 'Attack' commands and see if they get more aggressive. I think I'll wait until after the patch comes out to test it and then after that I'll swap out the download file making an announcement for people to re-download and try out again.

DoubleDeuce -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/10/2016 5:27:10 AM)

Oh, during playtesting, I moved a Panther past the Russian AT Rifle, heading for the Exit Hex. Got killed as it went past. [:@]

Gerry4321 -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/10/2016 6:59:55 AM)

Have not played in ages but this scenario made me play again as I had played it twice OTB.

In my playing as the Germans the Soviet tanks stood their ground and killed some German tanks. Did not see any of them run to the exit hexes.

Anyone won it as the Germans?

UP844 -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/10/2016 11:06:31 AM)

@Double Deuce:

IIRC, Paullus stated the patch will make the AI more aggressive; I hope the "pile up on Exit Hexes" syndrome is also corrected.

I think ATRs are one of the most useless pieces of junk around: I have only been able to destroy very light AFVs with ATR (and even then, most hits bounced off). I suppose your Panther suffered a CH.


I managed to get a Minor Victory the first time I played with the Germans, but I think I have been not aggressive enough, leaving my tanks stopped on the first two turns instead of moving closer to the Russians.

Big Ivan -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/10/2016 11:28:30 AM)

Played this one as the Germans for the first time.

On turn one a lucky Panther shot killed the Russian crew manning the 45mm ATG. The gun was never manned again.

The T34/85 broke its main gun on turn 2, never moved again from in front of the 3 clustered VP buildings and was dispatched by a Panther in turn 3.

The JSII came on board as expected moved down the Germans right road 2 hexes, sat there and took pot shots at infantry and also destroyed the German Mark IV.
In turn 4 it was first immobilized by a Panther shot, then the second Panther shot destroyed it.

Funny thing with the SU-100's. They came on board, one at each top edge road hex, sat there, took pot shots at infantry and one Panther, never moved and were destroyed by Panther fire in Turn 5.

As this was all going on my German infantry slowly cleared all the VP buildings with some help from the Panthers.

On turn 6 with the Russian force spent I exited 2 Panthers off the top edge to achieve a minor German victory at 52 points.

Not a bad scenario by any means, I enjoyed playing it as is!

DoubleDeuce -> RE: J63 Silesian Interlude (5/13/2016 10:27:52 AM)



Funny thing with the SU-100's. They came on board, one at each top edge road hex, sat there, took pot shots at infantry and one Panther, never moved and were destroyed by Panther fire in Turn 5.

I'm wondering if I gave them Defend Commands and set them to specific hexes up near the objectives if they would advance and then stop to engage?

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