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Scraphound -> [ANSWERED] Northern Inferno Won't Load 6th Scenario in Campaign (4/22/2016 2:07:33 PM)

Hi guys. Just finished mission 5 of the campaign and I can't get the game to continue into 6. It plays the news reel, then it says scenario loading and it just sits there forever. All I can do is cancel and return to menu.

Windows 10. Playing the Steam version. It's 1.10 of Northern Inferno. I think there's a 1.11 of CMANO, but if I can upgrade Northern Inferno to that I don't know how. Steam is supposed to update automatically.

I've enclosed a save. First time doing this, so hopefully I did so correctly. If you take that save, go to scoring, and end scenario it should hang.

alphali -> RE: Northern Inferno Won't Load 6th Scenario in Campaign (4/22/2016 8:00:02 PM)

version 1.11 is still in beta that's why it wasn't automatically updated. you can download it though. You can find it in the second post titled "Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC18 - B819)" on the first page in the form (sorry can't post links yet). Go to the last page in the post and download the latest build currently B819, just copy the CONTENT and paste in the Command directory, replace files when asked to.

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