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AllenK -> Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/3/2016 4:39:02 PM)

Mayhemizer and myself are wondering whether there are two other players that would be interested in trying an experimental multi-player E-mail game i.e. 2 vs 2. It might not be the fastest of games but we are hoping this may be compensated for by the opportunity for additional team interaction and play.

Set-up would be:

Player 1. CW, US & Nationalists
Player 2. USSR, France & Communists
Player 1. Germany
Player 2. Italy & Japan

We are thinking the same optional and house rules as for our Episode IV game except USSR and Japan would be free to negotiate pacts as they see fit, then publish the conditions.

Ideally players around the GMT time zone but some flexibility (Mayhemizer and myself are 2 hours apart and it works okay).

Mayhemizer and myself would be one of the teams. Are there folks out there up for the challenge? If so, let us know your E-mail (and preferably a Gmail as this seems to work very quickly and efficiently for file swapping) address.

Die rolls made using the following.

It will also need all players to be on the same game version. We are on the latest public beta 2.2.0 and generally update when new updates become available.

Look forward to hearing from you.

warspite1 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/3/2016 5:58:26 PM)

E-mail sent

AllenK -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/8/2016 9:26:22 PM)

Looks like the game is on.

AllenK & Mayhemizer as Axis vs Warspite1 & Orm as Allies.

Germany -> Mayhemizer
Japan + Italy -> AllenK
CW + USA + Nat China -> Orm
USSR + France + Com China -> Warspite1.

AAR's to follow.

Jagdtiger14 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/8/2016 9:46:46 PM)

What??? Warspite not playing CW???...playing land powers instead???

I'm really looking forward to this AAR!

2d10 I assume?

warspite1 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/9/2016 8:58:03 AM)

No, we are using oil and I have only used that once before in an experiment that lasted about 5 minutes. So learning the oil rules while playing the CW does not seem a sensible idea (except the other side would welcome it of course [:D]).

PeteGarnett -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/17/2016 8:33:40 PM)

I'd be interested to know which optional rules you have agreed upon.

Mayhemizer_slith -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (4/17/2016 8:59:22 PM)

Check out our AAR for optional rules and more.

warspite1 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (9/16/2017 5:27:04 AM)


jjdenver -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (9/22/2017 3:50:20 AM)

The next time you start a 2v2 game let me know. I'm interested. I haven't played wif in years but would enjoy a game.

warspite1 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (3/13/2018 5:14:15 AM)


warspite1 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (3/9/2019 12:36:34 PM)


Majorball68 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (3/11/2019 7:42:05 AM)

You starting another game or continuing?

Mayhemizer_slith -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (3/11/2019 10:55:18 AM)

The plan is to continue all four games with these four players. When? Hopefully soon.

Majorball68 -> RE: Multi-Player E-Mail Game (3/12/2019 1:07:34 AM)

All good, thought you guys were after some fresh meat.

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