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mogami -> Geez (4/2/2016 7:30:14 AM)

Hi, I heard that absence makes the heart grow fonder. But it seems if you go away for 10 years people forget who you are.
Now sitting here at 1am with my 4.5 liter jug of wine I get depressed when I read AAR's where the main point is how much you can squeeze the game system.
That would not upset me if the poster did not say he was also a tester.
They say "you can't go home again"
I'm ..hick....yer...b

zakblood -> RE: Geez (4/2/2016 9:04:46 AM)

10 years is a long time away, so welcome back

Zap -> RE: Geez (4/2/2016 12:02:00 PM)

Welll! welcome back sir stick around awhile and, by the way, welcome to the future.[:)]

wings7 -> RE: Geez (4/2/2016 2:10:46 PM)

Welcome back Russell! Always great to have gaming veterans back on the boards here! [:)] I'd ditch the wine though...


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