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rjord1 -> Star Trek - The Final Frontier (Beta 1.0) (3/26/2016 9:48:40 PM)

I have been a fan of Star Trek for the last 40 or so years and at the beginning of 2016 I rebooted the mod I had been working on for Distant Worlds Universe featuring the original cast of Star Trek.

In this newly rebooted mod someone in the future has successfully altered the timeline with significant events to rewrite history. Events that had occoured in the Archer years did not happen and First Contact with the Vulcans never occour leaving Earth to develop space travel at a much slower pace.

As a result the Enterprise never found the Botany Bay as seen in "Space Seed" and Khan Noonien Singh and the crew of the Botany Bay were eventually found by a space scavenger who was eventually destroyed by Khan.

The Return of Khan mod has a storyline which will be told as you meet the different races.Each species has a story to tell in this now altered timeline and at one point Captain Kirk will be made aware of the change to the timeline.

More news as this mod progresses.


Twigster -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 2:46:57 AM)

Looking forward to this one! [sm=00000436.gif]

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 4:34:07 AM)

Back in August of 2015 I finished a project where I created a new galaxy map for this mod.

This galaxy map was created using Star Trek star charts to add every planet and every system found in the Alpha Quadrant and the Beta Quadrant.

Below is a sample picture showing the source map used for adding these Trek worlds into a new blank Distant Worlds Galaxy map.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 5:06:06 AM)

Every world in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants are now in this mod.

As a test as shown below I created a new game using my new Galaxy map and I was placed at Ty'Gokor in the Klingon Empire.

Ty'Gokor is home to the Hall of Warriors, and the Order of the Bat'leth is headquartered there. At times of war, Ty'Gokor serves as headquarters for the Klingon Chancellor and the Klingon High Command.

As explorer ships go out the neighbouring worlds as shown in the official Star Trek charts will be the first worlds discovered in this area.


Twigster -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 5:43:35 AM)

Totally awesome! [&o]

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 7:46:59 AM)

The picture below shows the Sol system and surrounding systems. Below you can see how close the Vulcan system is to Sol which ecplains how the Vulcans were able to detect the Earth's first steps in warp travel.

You may recognize some of the systems from Star Trek episodes

Tarsus IV
Kirk was living on the planet Tarsus IV during a food crisis that was starving the colony of eight thousand people. Governor Kodos, sympathetic to old eugenics philosophies, tried to save a portion of his colony by killing the four thousand colonists he deemed least desirable or able to survive.

Azati Prime
Azati Prime is where the Xindi are constructing their superweapon. Captain Archer sends Commander Tucker and Ensign Mayweather on board a Xindi shuttle they had just captured to investigate the planet.

In the episode Journey to Babel the Enterprise must transport dignitaries to a peace conference, with an assassin on the loose. It features the first appearance of Sarek and Amanda.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 8:02:45 AM)

In the Star Trek movie of 2009 the father of James Kirk was killed in the year 2233 by an altered timeline.

In the timeline of this mod George Samuel Kirk never encounters Nero and is still around when his son James T Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise in 2265 ahead of its 5 year mission.

Below is the picture of George Kirk in 2250 as he appears in the mod.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 8:15:08 AM)

The Salt Vampires from M-113 have now been added to the mod. Originally seen in the Man Trap episode where the Salt Vampire killed Nancy Crater and took her appearance and required salt to live this creature has changed appearance somewhat since it's first appearance.

The picture below is an image I put together showing the Salt Vampire as it was going to appear in the 2009 movie and I have added a poor Federation officer as it's victim.

I will be trying to get this picture into the story line if the Salt Vampires are discovered during the game.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 9:01:50 AM)

The Space Creatures have been replaced with species that have been encountered by the Enterprise.

For example.....

The galaxy is being invaded by a large number of space amoeba which are threatening the worlds run by the Klingons, the Romulans and the Federation. These space amoeba are destroying ships, starbases and even planets as they travel through space and along with Planet Killers these are a real threat to every system in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

Note : There is a cloaked Romulan War Bird in this picture below


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 10:34:40 PM)

While adding the galactic map of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants into the mod I discovered that I only have half of the map and that all the worlds in the entire Alpha Quadrant have disappeared. Have checked all my backups but it seems that the Alpha Quadrant is lost.

Over the next few weeks I will start re-adding the Alpha quadrant systems back into the map.

However before doing that I need to finish adding all the ships,characters,etc for the Federation in to the mod and then run a test play to make sure the map will work as required.

A little disappointing that half of my work was lost .....but to look on the bright side I have half the map still there to add to.

The picture below shows the areas in the Beta Quadrant completed and surrounded by green squares.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/27/2016 11:47:52 PM)

Map testing is almost complete for the day......

When I originally created this galactic map I had all sorts of issues with it...... however I have not seen any of the major issues this time.

The one thing I do see is that after loading my Galactic Map into the mod if I go to the character screen I will see 2 leaders.... this is something I had before.

However I think this is easily resolved by simply looking at each of the leaders characteristics and dismissing the weaker leader and leaving the one leader.

Testing will continue tomorrow.


Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/28/2016 5:03:02 AM)

I'm very, very interested in this DW:U Star Trek mod and I will try it immediately after it will be ready [&o][&o][&o]

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/28/2016 10:20:59 AM)

Here are some of the Federation Captains added to this mod. A lot of research has gone into the mod to make it as accurate as possible with Star Trek history to show which period specific captains is the case with Admirals etc.

Below are some of the captains from April through to Tracey as an example of some of the captains in this mod.

I have created pictures of each captain which proved difficult in the case of Robert April as the only time he was seen was in the animated series. Hence I have put together an image of Gene Roddenberry playing Captain Robert April.See the picture below which I created in Photoshop.

2243 Captain Robert April
2251 Captain Garth of Izar
2251 Captain Bannock
2253 Captain Hillios
2256 Captain Pike
2257 Captain Garrovick
2257 Captain Augenthaler
2258 Captain Wilhelm Schang
2263 Captain James T Kirk
2266 Captain Androvar Drake
2267 Captain R.M. Merik
2267 Captain Ronald Tracey


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/28/2016 10:29:32 AM)

This is a picture from my prior attempt at a Trek mod.

If you are unlucky enough to face the Romulans you are going to find a hard time finding where their ships are...let alone defeating them.

A select number of Romulan the War Bird..... will be cloaked..... however not all of them.

In the picture below the image on the left shows the cloaked ship in the green square. However, if you want to make it hard to find the cloaked ships when they attack you, press D on your keyboard and you get the image on the right of the picture.

Have tested the cloaked ships without the green square showing where it is and gives a new dynamic to the mod especially if your ships are not on automatic.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/28/2016 9:12:56 PM)

Below is a summary of how many characters I have so far for each race after one run of collecting names and images...each character with a picture of them as they appear in the TOS Trek universe. Klingon and Romulan pictures are as they appear in the Original Series and not how they appear in later Trek shows or movies.

For the top 3, the Federation, Klingons and Romulans I want at least 150 characters for each race. For the other races I am simply looking for as many pictures as I can get....the shortfall will be filled by a photoshop trick i know...but I want as many characters seen in the series as possible before making up new characters.

The 2 lists below are ordered descending by how many pictures I have for each race or planet and determines the order of priority that I add them to the mod. Each day I go through looking for more pictures so the numbers will change over the next few weeks.

As this mod is called The Return of Khan it is interesting that Khan and his Augments followers are currently sitting at number 4. These pictures were very hard to find and a lot of them were taken from deleted scenes from the Original Series episode The Space Seed.

Federation 214 characters
Klingon 58 characters
Romulan 18 characters
Khan's Augments 15 characters
Ardanans 11 characters
Vaalian 7 characters *** no warp technology - to remove?
Talosian 5 characters
Organian 4 characters
Capellan 3 characters
Q Continuum 2 characters
Gorn 2 characters
Elasian 2 characters
Fabrini 2 characters
First Federation 2 characters
Metrons 2 characters
Ornithoid 2 characters
Troyian 2 characters
Kara 1 character
Kelvan 1 character

Characters encountered on specific worlds

70 Ophiucus Miris 10 characters
Beta III 10 characters
Deneva 6 characters
Janus VI 6 characters
Rigel XII 6 characters
Talos IV 6 characters
Tantulus V 5 characters
Eminiar VII 5 characters
Exo III 5 characters
M-113 3 characters
Omega IV 2 characters
Omicron Ceti III 2 characters
Antares Pi Four 2 characters
Planet Q 2 characters
Regulus VIII 2 characters
Tarsus IV 1 character
Minara II 1 character
Omicron Delta 1 character
Sigma Iotia II 1 character
Taurus II 1 character
Thasus 1 character

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/28/2016 9:23:39 PM)

The planets seen in the mod will appear as they do in the Remastered versions of the TOS series or in the movies.

For example the image below shows what Vulcan looks like in the mod the image being taken from the 2009 Star Trek movie.

Nimbus III as seen in Star Trek V is a desert world so in the mod I make sure it is not categorized as a marshy planet.

The resources for the planets will be added once I have amended the Base Resource Information with those resources found in the Trek universe. For example the picture shows by default that Vulcan has Helium. This may change once the Star Trek resources are added in.

Vulcan for example has an extremely rare mineral called Gallicite which is used to refit a starship's warp coils.

Total list of minerals planned to be added to the mod are

Anorthosite Antimonium Archerite Arcybite Asbestos Bakrinium Bemonite Benamite Beresium Bernicium Bilitrium Boronite Chrondite Cormaline Cormalite Feldomite Feldspar Fortanium Gallicite Garnesite Hematite Hornblende Jakmanite Jevonite Kelbonite Kemocite Ladarium Magnesite Murinite Neutronium Nitrium Noranium Paralithium Pergium Quartz Regolith Riddinite Ryetalyn Salenite Selenite Silicate Silithium Styrolite Talgonite Topaline Trellium Trevium Tricellite Tricyanate Tri-magnesite Tritanium Tryoxene Uraninite Uridium Vendarite Zenite

Other resources such as Dilithium are to be added... going through a list of 245 Star Trek Elements to see which ones go into the mod.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/29/2016 7:05:50 AM)

All ships have been added for the Federation, Klingons and Romulans

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/29/2016 8:35:19 AM)

Vulcans and Andorians added as races

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/29/2016 7:43:55 PM)

The first 21 races adding race pictures, ships and individual characters for each of them before adding more races.
Many of these do not have known ships so entirely new ships will be created for these races.

0 Klingon done
1 Romulan done
2 Vulcan done
3 Gorn done
4 Federation done
5 Orion done
6 Tholian done
7 Khan done
8 Organian done
9 Andorians done
10 Nibiran done
11 Talosian done
12 Argelian done
13 Halkan done
14 Tellarite done
15 Elasian done
16 Melkotian done
17 Kelvan done
18 Vian done
19 Fabrini done
20 Scalosian done
21 Metron done

Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/29/2016 7:54:00 PM)

impressive work.. [X(]

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/29/2016 8:28:11 PM)

In the Original series Khan Noonien Singh only appeared in the Space Seed episode and the 2nd movie..... those stories are now obsolete in the timeline of this mod.

The only ship we saw in Space Seed was the Botany Bay and that ship will appear in the mod..... however I needed to work out how Khan would have a whole range of ships and where he would get them.

The answer is simple..... he simply stole them from other travellers he and the Augments encountered.

Khan has a mix of spaceships , mostly older models and these have now been created but need some photoshop work before they are finalized....adding previous battle damage and others scars on the ships.

As the events of Space Seed did not happen Khan never met Captain Kirk or the Enterprise but he has a deep hatred of the Federation and everything it stands for.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/29/2016 10:50:14 PM)

At this stage I have 12 Federation leaders , soon to expand to 18, that will guide Starfleet from Stardates 2233 to 2294.

The first President of Starfleet will be President Madza Bral, a female Trill who served 2 terms as President and was the first President in office who was not from the first five founding worlds of the Federation.

There are no pictures of Madza Bral as she was never seen on TV so I have created a character picture for her which will be shown on a Viewscreen when she is mentioned in the mod.

To get the Transparent background picture correct, the trick is to make a negative of the picture and fix the issues shown in the negative and then transform it back to a normal transparency image.


Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/30/2016 2:27:45 AM)

which program do you usually use to make a negative of the picture ?

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/30/2016 5:50:32 AM)


ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo

which program do you usually use to make a negative of the picture ?

I use Photoshop but if you don't have that then also works.

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/31/2016 1:25:46 AM)

Let there be pirates.

I have fully tested the new galactic map for the alpha and beta quadrants and am happy that it works well when playing any race you choose to play.

This afternoon I am looking at adding pirates to the mod and at this stage I am looking at adding 7 races as pirates.....

rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/31/2016 8:33:25 AM)

Preview of work on a Federation character prior to adding to the mod.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/31/2016 8:54:56 AM)

.... and with Starfleet Insignia fixed. Next step is to add this picture with a transparent background to the Starfleet Viewing Screen and then merge the 2 figures together so it does not look like one image pasted over another.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/31/2016 6:34:04 PM)

Last night I created 157 different pictures that will be used to show the different characters that will be encountered in the mod...... the picture below shows the viewscreen image of one of the screens prior to adding the character into the viewscreen.

Depending on the character and which race they are the pictures will be different ..... Federation characters for example will have different views either on board a starship or at starfleet head quarters. Klingons will be on their bridge but each at different view angles.


rjord1 -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/31/2016 6:45:56 PM)

For example I can add Captain Pike to the above picture , then go into photoshop and smooth out the issues for example on the Captain's face and then add this picture to the mod.


Hattori Hanzo -> RE: Star Trek : The Return of Khan (TOS Era) (3/31/2016 9:46:22 PM)


ORIGINAL: rjord1


ORIGINAL: Hattori Hanzo

which program do you usually use to make a negative of the picture ?

I use Photoshop but if you don't have that then also works.

thank you Rjord1, I will try both [:)]

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