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John 3rd -> U-Boat Campaign Book (3/24/2016 5:27:11 AM)

Can someone recommend any good Battle of the Atlantic books covering the U-Boat Campaign? Just got done reading a couple of good overviews on the conflict in the North Atlantic and realize this is an area I could use some more reading material...

Would love a good, general history as well as several specific histories of battles, periods, or personalities.


warspite1 -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/24/2016 6:53:23 AM)

You could give the following a try:

Convoy SC122 + HX229 - Martin Middlebrook - story of two convoys in particular that were considered to be at the height of the Battle of the Atlantic

The Real Cruel Sea - Richard Woodman - a more general look at the Battle of the Atlantic

Then of course, looking at the German side there is:

Hitler's U-Boat War (volumes I+II) - Clay Blair.

I would recommend all of these.

Oberst_Klink -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/24/2016 9:49:54 AM)

A comprehensive work on this subject -


Klink, Oberst

Beilisarius -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/24/2016 5:34:39 PM)

The Battle of the Atlantic by Terry Hughes and John Costello. It is an older book but very comprehensive. If you can find it, you would do well to pick it up.
Hitler's U-Boat War (volumes I+II) by Clay Blair is something I would highly recommend, as was done by Warspite1

JeffroK -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/25/2016 12:18:49 AM)

Clay Blair +3

fcooke -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/25/2016 1:57:56 AM)

+4 that gent did amazing research for those volumes.

barkhorn45 -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/25/2016 2:30:46 PM)

"Twilight of the U-Boat's" by Bernard Edwards.
Also "War Beneath The Sea"by Peter Padfield,not battle of the atlantic specific but lot's of good info.

Panther Bait -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/25/2016 3:18:28 PM)

+1 for "War Beneath the Sea"

jcjordan -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/25/2016 10:55:03 PM)

The UBoat War in the Atlantic put out by the Ministry of Defense, I found to be good info but a quick search of Amazon doesn't show it but maybe in individual volumes rather than the whole I've got it as. Maybe an old military bookseller would have it or Ebay

barkhorn45 -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/26/2016 2:17:42 PM)

Also"U-Boats under the Swastika"by Jak P. Mallmann Showell the son of a U-boat commander.

barkhorn45 -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/26/2016 2:22:07 PM)

He did a few other naval books and strangely a biograghy of Himmler,which is a very good book,recommended.

m10bob -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/26/2016 5:17:36 PM)

OPERATION DRUMBEAT by Michael Gannon is a very good book, as is IRON COFFINS by Herbert Werner.

U-977 is a good late war telling by a German sub commander who was accused of smuggling Hitler out of Europe.

Speedysteve -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/27/2016 4:27:49 PM)

+5 for Blair's book (not the ridiculous former UK PM [;)])

warspite1 -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/27/2016 5:44:27 PM)



+5 for Blair's book (not the ridiculous former UK PM [;)])


spence -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (3/28/2016 2:25:22 AM)

"Bloody Winter" (1942-43) by Waters (a participant on CGC Ingham) is pretty good.

John 3rd -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (4/5/2016 2:52:41 AM)

I ordered both of Blair's books as well as Bloody Winter. Thanks for all the help fellas.

crsutton -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (4/5/2016 3:50:50 AM)

Pick up "Black May" by Gannon. Only covers one month of the war 5/43, but it was the most important month. Great read.
And for a novel, read "The Good Shepherd" by Foster (The African Queen and the Hornblower series). I have had it since I was a child and love to read it once in a while.


John 3rd -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (4/5/2016 4:55:12 AM)

I have 'The Good Shepherd.' GOOD read!

John 3rd -> RE: U-Boat Campaign Book (7/3/2016 1:33:52 AM)

Want to say thanks for all the recommendations. Just finished The Hunters (1939-1942) and really enjoyed it.

Just ordered The Golden Horseshoe and am looking forward to reading it.

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