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Dimitris -> Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC22 - B823) (3/14/2016 10:39:09 PM)

Command v1.11 Release Candidate 1 - Build 802

Superseded by v1.11 RC2:



* Massive improvements to simulation speed and RAM consumption.

* MAJOR NEW: Detailed Winchester & Shotgun (weapons) and Bingo, Joker & Chicken (fuel) states for aircraft. See overview here:

* MAJOR NEW: Pier operations. See overview here:

To support pier operations, new 'Withdraw' and 'Redeploy' doctrine settings have been added to the AI behavior of ships/subs. These control the criteria/thresholds that the ship/sub AI will use in order to RTB (if it's underway) and re-deploy (if it is docked). The thresholds cover damage, fuel, primary attack & defence weapons. Each threshold type has several appropriate values.
[NOTE #1: The definition of primary attack/defence weapon points to the longest-ranged ASuW weapon (attack) and AAW/ASW (defence) weapon, and uses the default DB-fed values for reference. So for example if an Aegis cruiser is stocked with SM-2s on its DB-pristine version but the scen author opts to clean them out and re-stock with TLAMs and a few ESSMs, the cruiser is considered as "primary defence weapon exhausted" even though it still has the ESSMs].
[NOTE #2: The rules for picking the primary attack/defence weapon are slightly different for submarines. Normal attack subs (both nuclear and DE) consider torpedoes their primary weapon for both attack and defence even if they carry other longer-ranged weapons (missiles etc.). Cruise- and ballistic-missile subs however, consider their missiles their primary attack weapon.]

Docked ships/subs can re-arm from either magazines on the pier itself or ammo facilities belonging to the same group (ie. naval base) as the pier, just like with ammo bunkers on airbases.

When putting out from a pier to sea again, ships/subs first navigate to a point at the edges of the pier lane area and then re-plot for their destination.

* MAJOR NEW: Aircraft in airbases and ships/subs at naval bases can now be spotted and catalogued during a BDA/recon run. See overiew here:

* MAJOR UPDATE: Significant improvements to air-to-air refuelling AI and mechanics. See here for details:

* MAJOR UPDATE to the Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) model. While it is possible to recharge the submarine’s batteries using AIP, the low power of typical AIP systems relative to the diesel-powered generators means that it would take extremely long time to recharge a deeply discharged battery. Storing energy in batteries is also a less efficient than storing the energy in the AIP reactants. As such, AIP is best used to minimize discharge of the submarine’s batteries, and wait with conventional diesel engine recharging to a time and location that is more suitable. This means the AIP system will only be able to keep up with battery drainage at creep throttle setting. At higher speeds, the electric motors will require more power than the AIP can deliver, which forces the sub to eventually snorkel.

* New and expanded submarine doctrine settings. See overview here:

* Significant changes to replenishment rates (both UNREP and pierside). The rate at which a given store can be transferred to the receiver unit is now determined by the characteristics of the item:

- Guided weapons up to 10kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 15mm: One per second.
- Guided weapons up to 50kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 24mm: One per 5 seconds.
- Guided weapons up to 100kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 60mm: One per 15 seconds.
- Guided weapons up to 150kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 80mm: One per 30 seconds.
- Guided weapons up to 250kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 150mm: One per minute.
- Guided weapons up to 500kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 200mm, depth charges, mines, decoys, dispensers, drop tanks, laser charges and everything else not covered: One per 5 minutes.
- Guided weapons up to 1000kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 350mm: One per 15 minutes.
- Guided weapons up to 2500kg, gun & rocket rounds up to 450mm: One per 30 minutes.
- Guided weapons heavier than 2500kg, gun & rocket rounds larger than 450mm: One per hour.

The rate is further affected by the UNREP capability of the receiving unit, doubled if the provider is a land facility (stability and more equipment), and halved if the receiver is a submarine (more complicated to get anything bulky inside a sub).

* Aircraft will now jettison their A2G stores when evading an attack (if the relevant doctrine setting is set to YES). This is accompanied by a relevant message detailing the stores ejected. The jettison check is made every 5 seconds (it takes a few seconds to do this in the cockpit), so there is a chance that an aircraft that is caught by surprise will have no time to jettison its stores before the missile impact happens. Also only external stores can be jettisoned.

The current implementation has a known issue: Conformal Fuel Tanks (CFTs), like those on the F-15E and numerous export F-16s, are treated like drop tanks and thus jettisoned (in RL they cannot be ejected). This is to be addressed in the future.

* The pathfinding engine has been refined and made more performand and also user-configurable (see:

* Unguided bombs and rockets fired in salvos are now impacting as "sticks" rather than treated as totally individual/indepedent impacts. So for example when weapon #1 impacts at coods X-Y the rest of the salvo will (CEP deviations aside) fall more or less on a line pattern starting from that first impact. This is particulatly important when attacking multiple-aimpoint facilities as it forces the attacking unit to "commit" to a specific aimpoint (straddle it with weapon impacts) and just hope for collateral damage on the other aimpoints.

* Changed the way that facility aimpoints are affected by blast damage (tanks are a lot harder to kill with proximity blast now, while e.g. trucks are easy as ever).

* Bomblets are very likely to start fires if they impact (lots of small explosions). For the same reason they are more likely to cause component hits even if they barely scratch the target structurally.

* Units cannot perform component repairs if the unit has non-minor fire or flooding (all hands are busy!).

* Only minor component damage can be repaired while underway (the unit must dock to parent boat/pier for heavier repairs).

* The "unlimited weapons at airbases" realism option is now expanded to the more generic "unlimited base magazines", and affects both air and naval bases. So now you can use (or experiment with) pier re-arming without first having to populate ammo dumps with suitable weapon records.


* Numerous changes/additions to UI windows to support new simulation mechanics (see above).

* The Doctrine window now has an extra tab "Withdraw & Redeploy" (see Pier Operations feature above).

* The "Docking Ops" window has additional columns to display fuel and (clickable) damage, weapon and magazine information.

* The "Docking Ops" window now color-codes the various aspects of a unit's deployment readiness (compared against doctrine redeployment thresholds) in order to provide an at-a-glance overview. Example: . A unit will deploy under AI control only if it's "green across the board" (and if it is under a mission); otherwise the player can manually order it to deploy at any time, ready or not.

* AGL altitude settings are now supported for aircraft. See example here:

* The mission AI now generates logged messages that explain why a mission has not launched aircraft. Example:

* New window dedicated to game speed options. See overview here:

* ADDED: Display mine deployment depths in DB Viewer

* "Load Scenario" Dialog: Expanded left table so longer scenario names are exposed

* UI Tweak: Don't report "BDA change" if the previous BDA state is blank (ie. no more BDA message flood when you approach e.g. an enemy airbase)


* NEW: Spatial polygon validation: All windows with area editors now have a ‘Validate Area’ button that allows the player to quickly determine if the polygon used for the area (exclusion zone etc.) is valid or not. The simulator will also display the polygon in the tactical map. This includes areas used by the event engine. Furthermore, all areas in a scenario are validated on load, and the player will be presented with warnings if the scenario contains invalid polygons.


* Includes new DB versions (v442).

* includes rebuilt versions of all official scenarios & tutorials. Special mention to Tomcat84's wholly-revised A2AR-tutorial scenario.

#10106 DB3k: Turkey Updates
#10061 Sinpo-class SSB
#4790 Message log shows detections by sensors without stating a platform
#10202 48N6D/DM missile should have 160nm range
#9729 Scen Edit: Make unit fuel editable (via Lua)
#7592 Air-launched decoys should be identifiable as 'weapon' when within visual range
#6525 Edit Fuel Level
#3864 Targets tagging units as hostile without being in visual range of the hostile event
#1333 What is the criteria for a unit seeing an attack and considering a group hostile
#8459 Bunkers are hostile, but side is not.
#7801 Placing two different kinds EZs within each other causes navigator to go bonkshit
#6753 B490] Nested EZ's behaving strangely.
#5396 {416] Hostile althogh no missile detected
#5379 Contacts designated as hostile even if no-one actually saw the missile launch
#10230 Can only fire one Straight Running Torp at a time? [757.12]
#10216 [B757.12] - WCS vs. id'd neutrals
#9966 Polaris firing Mirvs despite WRA settings
#9454 [B638] Uncertainty centroids triggering exclusion zones
#7989 Suggestion: Contact right-click menu
#7410 Exclusion zones: Downgrading from hostile to unfriendly possible
#5202 Create New Mission window could have 'open mission editor' check box
#10250 Bird Dog aircraft crashes database viewer
#10215 CTD when trying to stretch screen across three windows... screenshot enclosed
#10174 A-26s running out of fuel in 1950
#10017 Minor - Mark as 'unfriendly' not in 'Contacts' menu
#9818 Walleyes self-destructing
#5226 Need to add classify as unfriendly hot key
#10264 DB3k: Harop not able to be BOL'd
#10253 Anti-torpedo torpedo: minor issue
#10247 HQ-9 minimum engagement altitude
#10223 [B775.2] Radar deletion changes radar range ring
#10101 CWDB Update: Sturgeon Tube issue 0000116
#9819 TACTOM issue
#10275 Operation Brass Drum bug
#10273 Blank log message
#10270 [B775.8] Illumination through terrain
#10268 CWDB: Viewing Bird Dog
#10267 B52H bomb altitude bug under 755.10
#10239 [B775.4] DLZ Maybe: Second error in renders test scenario
#10290 775.11 Fatal course on RTB after strike
#10288 NI 3 Needs to be Updated
#10280 Gun Fire Calculation
#8344 [576] Massive performance hit when shaded patrol area is shown
#10322 [776] Bug
#9789 Possible solution for Allies shooting down Allied muntions->Allow Player to set no nav zone or allies
#9218 Escorts not escorting due to tanking scheduling differences
#7269 [511] Strike Editor: Group members that don't expend muntions may continue on until their fuel rtb is hit
#10323 [Build 776] Escort Refueling Logic
#4388 Add Magazine
#10289 Abrupt slowdown and crash
#10291 [B775.11] ARMs not homing on emitter
#9767 Gunnery with Fire Control Pretty inaccurate
#10286 Sonobouys are not working
#8896 Sonobouy and Patrol Aircraft Logic: Replacement aircraft coming on station aren't communicating with existing sonobouys
#10148 AAW gun attack logic that accounts for tail guns
#10279 [775.10 RC1] Repeatable slowdown to crash with Missile Strike
#10272 [B775.8] TALDs fly through mountains
#9310 [677]Minor Text Issue in Unit status Menu
#10256 Game throws up error
#10184 Event Editor Dialog Fix
#10249 Rockeye is doing no damage
#9447 Lua: Add facility. Some inconsistency when adding south of the equator
#10246 Boats Dialog needs links to database viewer
#10242 UUV and Minesweeper behavior: UUV's deployed in transit vs. in the zone
#10244 Remus UUV being dragged and facing is weird
#7668 Range Ring colors listed
#4927 Beta Tester wants to able to show all patrol zones on the map. Not just the active ones.
#5783 Turn on/off display of patrol zones
#8071 Request for toggle for mission zones: All, selected, none
#7362 [517]OOB Dialog: Unit listed under missions and tasks can be clicked an the map will center on them
#10214 [757.12] Concurrency crash
#10212 Formation Editor Request: Stations marked as Relative or Fixed
#10241 Options Dialog: Scheme spelled wrong
#10141 Remus 600 ROV tether logics: cannot recover ROV if it runs out of fuel
#10227 [B775.3] Slowdown and crash
#10238 DLZ Test- Units freeze in place but time ticks on
#10232 Crash in Renders DLZ Test
#10217 Ship surviving nuclear SSM hits with no damage
#10175 DB3k: Israeli Arrow 3 Corrections
#10143 DB3k: Add German Heron (2010) Leased
#10125 DB3k: Add KC-46 Japan (2020)
#10122 DB3k: Text fix for AS-4 loadout
#10165 [B775.1] Jamming may have been overcorrected
#10164 DB3k: Add Type 901 Tanker (China 2017)
#10130 DB3K: Shivalik Update
#10104 DB3k: Kamorta Updates
#9884 ZTZ-99A main battle tank
#9881 Add Chinese Type 59-II Tank
#9857 DB3k Update: Egyptian Army Equipment
#9743 [1.08 RC5]Minesweeping area should be marked on a map like patrol missions
#9946 post 1.09 request: "Unit is classified" event trigger
#4614 Event Editor: Unit detected/classified/identified" trigger
#9485 Add "minimum classification level" criterion to "unit detected" trigger (Was: Event fired by premature detection)
#10183 [B775.1] Moving groups with Lua does nothing
#10180 [B775.1] ScenEdit_SetUnitSide ungroups units
#9785 Lot of Goofy behavior with Ferry Missions
#10186 [B757.12] - afterburner crash?
#10221 - [775.2] Player can change allied turnaround settings
#7809 - Submarine acceleration stats
FIXED: Unit was dropping manual-created salvo after salvo timeout
FIXED: Erroneous miss distance reported for unguided weapons when using meters
#10278 Message log hotkey
#8363 [B5xx - 578] unguided bomb drop speed
#9309 Ukraine Escalation Issue: Cub EW seems to be Jamming a Satellite far away
#8519 [606] Minor UI: New Scen -> Ctrl-S saves over old scenario
#7135 Radar sites in Iceland (DB3K)
#6774 Release list of db component ID numbers
#10259 [775.8]Tarantul traveling at 5kts general hit by one bomblet when any cluster bomb dropped on it.
#8351 Iron bombs better at tank busting than RBK antitank cluster bombs
#6712 - ID'ing targets at too long (?) range
#7476 - [B523] Minimizing Command in some instances causes Message Log to disappear
#10348 Change Iron Bomb CEP to 50m
#10347 Kfir gun name weirdness
#10318 Su-35S mixed R-27/R-77 loadout (operational in Syria)
#10299 MAWS systems should scan at 60 sec intervals
#10351 [Build 775.16] Everything slows down and then an error message
#10261 Flickering Unit Status
#10234 [B775.3] - Incomplete update of the Database Viewer window
#10131 DPI Awareness
#9642 Alt/Speed window is too small in 125dpi
#10357 DB3k: Add Brazilian Scorpene (2018, S40 Riachuelo)
#10355 DB3k: SAAR 4.5 Just receiving Barack 8 bump IOC a year
#10353 DB3k Update: Quick fix on HMNZS Endeavor
#10349 J-7 loadout issue
#9882 Krasukha-series mobile jammers
#7613 Scaling issues with UI
#10358 Kh-35UE (dual-role ASM)
#10354 DB3k Update: Add KH-35U to SU-34 Loadout
#10330 DB3k Update: Alfa could not operate as deep as perceived
#10135 Su-35 for PLAAF
#10058 RuAF Su-34 loadouts should have R-27 instead of R-77
#10092 SAP-518 DECM on Algerian Su-30MKAs
#10442 Mike's Imports -> Includes Port Orientation
#10391 Peru Bell 47 year is incorrect
#10360 DB3k: SU-35 Loadout Errors
#10423 D3000 Pier capacity
#10418 Enable Naval Docks to be like Piers
#10416 DB3k: Additional SU-34 Loadouts
#10405 DB3k: Slight fix to 2968 Add another gun
#10337 DB3k Update: Add SA-1 to DB3k. Not Phased out until early mid 1980's
#09996 DB3k: Danish Aircraft Updates
#10387 Build 1.11 Stand Up Scenario Update
#10158 DB3000 F-35B AAW loadouts range discrepancy
#10102 DB3k: F/A-18C/D HARM loadout Issue
#10013 DB3k: F/A-18 Fuel and payload discrepencies
#10009 DB3k Update: F-35 Updates
FIXED: [B775.17] Replenishing mount magazine not working

ojms -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/14/2016 10:41:26 PM)

Great work as always, thank you.

ExNusquam -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/14/2016 10:56:12 PM)

This is wonderful, and only a few weeks after 1.10. I'm convinced that you guys never sleep!

Dide -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/14/2016 10:59:28 PM)

Fantastic update, thanks again!!!

JPFisher55 -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/14/2016 11:10:19 PM)

Just downloaded, will be trying it out tonight. Thanks, devs.

Randomizer -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/14/2016 11:20:39 PM)

Excellent, you guys just keep raising the CMANO bar. Many Tanks.


Patmanaut -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/14/2016 11:42:01 PM)

Excellent job guys.
Thank you for keeping us happy.


PD: Please, whenever you can, adjust the fuel consumption rates vs altitude of B-58´s. Right now it guzzles more fuel at high altitude than at 300 mts. Thanks!

renders -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 12:36:14 AM)

The best of luck!

quertice -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 1:22:44 AM)

just tried with first scenario of northen inferno with my old pc core duo T9300 4gb ram, I've seen a big performance improvement, kudos to developers [&o]

Excroat3 -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 1:37:45 AM)

Great news! Is there an option to download the RC1 the same way it was done with 1.10, with opting into the beta on steam?

Kitchens Sink -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 2:35:40 AM)

This is probably the best update yet. Some "super large" scenarios I have written run like clockwork now....and all the new options and gizmos should keep me busy for a long while.

Thanks much for making the game better and better.

Eggstor -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 3:48:40 AM)


ORIGINAL: Excroat3

Great news! Is there an option to download the RC1 the same way it was done with 1.10, with opting into the beta on steam?

It's the same procedure as the later 1.10 RCs - just download and unzip.

leo321 -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 4:00:26 AM)

THX a lot, great job!!!

magi -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 6:00:10 AM)

huge deal..... i can tell it runs faster after a couple of minutes...... thank you....

jun5896 -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 6:37:19 AM)


RoccoNZ -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 7:39:33 AM)

#10353 - refuel rate seems very high

(Otherwise BZ, great update)

bradinggs -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 9:38:55 AM)

Not finding it in the Steam beta section, drop down just has NONE as option?

ComDev -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 9:41:43 AM)



#10353 - refuel rate seems very high

(Otherwise BZ, great update)

Please post DB errors in the database thread, and game engine bugs in the Tech Support subforum:


dsatya -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 10:03:40 AM)


ORIGINAL: bradinggs

Not finding it in the Steam beta section, drop down just has NONE as option?

you have to update it manually..
just download the zip file from link at the first post and replace the older files at your installation folder.


by the way, this is really great update!!
thanks dev !!! [&o][&o][&o]

anxiousbob -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 11:03:30 AM)

It's here already?! You guys are great.

Dysta -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 12:07:00 PM)

Now I am benchmarking with it, noticed the obvious smoothness and very little shuttering than the older version. It still only use 1/4 of a 6-core CPU at max, maybe I need a much bigger scenario than one from standalones.

SASR -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 1:35:16 PM)

Wow that was fast. Excellent job!

Raptorx7_slith -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 2:29:36 PM)


bradinggs -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 2:30:10 PM)

Thanks dsatya.

Vici Supreme -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 3:14:30 PM)

Amazing! Thanks for the ongoing support!

FIaps -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 3:21:19 PM)

In the strike planner, are the greyed-out boxes that say 'attack method', 'target distr' etc not implemented yet? Or is there a way to activate them?

BrianinMinnie -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 3:31:01 PM)

Played Havana Dreaming, worked great with tons of weapons in the air, Thanks All

tjhkkr -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 4:07:14 PM)

Thank you! [8D]

AlGrant -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 6:01:30 PM)

(Closes eyes and takes a deep breath)
Resist, stick with the latest official build ...
Resist, stick with the latest official build ...
Resist, stick with the latest official build ...

Can't resist .... downloading now!

anxiousbob -> RE: Command v1.11 Release Candidate (CURRENT: RC1 - B802) (3/15/2016 8:46:39 PM)

Working great so far!

A few things though:
-What happened to the cavitation alert in the throttle window from 1.10?
-Would it be possible to add a toggle for the hosted aircraft icon? It's a little weird to have it on my own ships all the time.

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