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Odin -> Tipps for Marianas (3/11/2016 11:55:36 AM)

Ok guys,

after victory at Guadalcanal i plan to start Marianas scenario, hopefully this weekend.

Lot of ships and ground units at Pearl harbour..

I ask myself if its possible to invade all 3 islands (Tinian, Saipan, Guam) at one attack, or is it better to secure one and built it up,
returning the amhip convoys back to PH and pick up troops for the next island?




Uncivil Engineer -> RE: Tipps for Marianas (3/11/2016 12:39:54 PM)

I haven't played that scenario in a couple years, but since Tinian is lightly defended it should be possible to assault there first, then hit Saipan a few days later. You can probably get some fighters onto Tinian to help with CAP, so it doesn't have to all be provided by your CV's. I'm fairly certain that your initial ground force at Pearl is insufficient to take all 3 islands simultaneously. You do get infantry/marine reinforcements later in the game (with barely enough time to get them to the Marianas before you run out of time), IIRC.

BBfanboy -> RE: Tipps for Marianas (3/11/2016 3:50:02 PM)

You do not have the shipping needed to put troops on all three islands simultaneously.
Check your troop prep before deciding targets.

I put a landing on Pagan to provide air cover/bombing support and it worked well except I ran out of time to take the final target (Saipan). Saipan is most heavily defended and has a nasty fort.

Japanese forces initially are short of supply and TOE, so they send convoys from Palau and maybe from Iwo Jima. If they get that supply they will become much stronger.

Eniwetok is a key naval base for you but it will run short of supply and fuel quickly - make sure you deliver.

Japan has a lot of subs - make lots of ASW TFs and go after them aggressively.

Shred his LBA before you get in range where they can escort the bombers. I think the Zero can go out to 14 hexes with DT.

Look closely at your LBA in the Gilberts and Marshalls. There are HB on a lot of airfields too small for them and too many fighters on large AFs.
Set your pilots training - they have poor to mediocre stats.

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