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Leibst -> ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/11/2016 9:01:31 AM)

Dear players,

The new patch 1.02RC is now available here.
This patch includes previous 1.01RC Patch so you just need to install this if you have no patch installed.
It will also work if you just install it over the 1.01RC patch.

If you find any issue, please report as usual.


TYW Patch 1.02RC
Summary of changes

Added two new RGD: Plunder and Improve fortif.
RGD Raid now needs <50% loyalty.
Fixed RGD for Bethlen Gabor Advanced negotiations. Now if succesful it is removed from game the RGD.

Changed events concerning LIGA Forcepool in 1620.
Added event of diseases during Sieges for both sides.
Better tunned the Mantua war event.

Added Hire Colonel Option to The Danish Phase Scenario.

Added autogarrisons for the Protestants in Bohemia, Lusatia, Moravia and Silesia.
Revised income from Regions and Countries for both sides.
Revised foreign help for Catholics in TYW and Swedish Intervention.
Reduced the cost for Protestant Artillery.
Buy Arms option now can be played twice per year.
Revised productions of sites, more balanced for first years.
Some changes in Protestant Forcepool until 1622.
Now we can see a bit more losses on battle.
Supplies: some small changes here to make life a bit easier.

Some Kyphausen regiments are now unfixed in the Danish deployment during the Great Campaign.
Fixed Danish surrender, there were an issue with some regions to became blocked.
Fixed an issue on event for Koeln High Diplomacy
Fixed Issue in Yearly decissions event, now Protestant receive RGD for influencing Sweden and make possible its intervention if loyalty is low.
Fixed an issue with the removal of Wallenstein.
F9 screen with the strategic map issue fixed.
Fixed issue with Hamburg and Luneburg garrisons in Danish setup.
Gregory XV options fixed.

Improved AI for Protestants after Bohemian Crushed Rebellion Event.
Improved Protestant AI for Brunswick and G.Frederick setup.
Improved AI behaviour during winter months. Now she can look for a city to pass the winter months if she has supply problems.

Fixed HRE flag for Polish cossacks
Fixed flag for croats in F1.
Fixed issue with HRE garrisons.

Lunebeck is now called Luneburg

New end of turn sound.

Miguel (TYW, HQ designer).

Ripster8 -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/12/2016 5:50:59 PM)

The link is broken...

Leibst -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/13/2016 11:01:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: Ripster8

The link is broken...

But there are some issues to fix as reported in the ageod forum. Im working on that.

edit: After checking the patch is ok.
Any issue, report as usual, thanks.

Ripster8 -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/14/2016 9:40:02 AM)

Senor Leibst, thank you for attempting to improve TYW. I downloaded and installed the 1.02RC patch with no problems once the link was fixed. I played the GC as the Imperialists up to late 1629 when the game became unplayable for the following reason:

The Mantua War event fired in August 1628 and transported Wallenstein's army (1400 combat power) to Pavia. Unfortunately it fired again in September 1628 and again in October 1628 transporting a total of over 3500 points of combat power (80% of my field forces) along with 1000 points in fixed garrison units to Pavia. When the 'Troops to Poland' event fired in May of 1629 it sent another 1000 points in fixed garrison troops to Gydnia. So now I have just Tilly and his army (1400 points) to try to defend what's left of my rapidly crumbling empire. Oh, and the units in Pavia and Gydnia are starving to death since there are no depots in those locations so you might as well have sent them to Mars, since they are dead to me anyway. Game over...

Obviously the Mantua event is broken. At the most 1000 points of combat power should go to Pavia (and they should be Spanish at first with Imperial troops appearing only in 1630) and there should be a level 4 depot there to supply them while they are gone. The same is true for the Poland event. And the troops should return to either Wien or Munich, not left stranded in the mountains right before winter (like it is with the Poland event). These are game-ending events for the Imperial player as they are currently written, but they did not have the same level of negative impact in the actual Thirty Years' War. At worst they simply slowed the pace of Imperial victories, victories that were not stopped until the intervention of the Swedes in 1631.

Additional problems:
- Not all Bohemian forces are removed from the game when the 'Bohemian Rebellion is crushed' event fires.
- The AI is doing somewhat better but still moves around extensively in the winter and it often fails to maintain sieges to a successful conclusion.
- Sieges by single units (regiment/squadron) should not be allowed (the AI is very fond of them). Additionally, all fixed garrison units should become active when an enemy unit enters their province, and not simply wait for their inevitable demise.
- It is still not clear to me when a province is going to receive a garrison unit and when it is not. I have lost several cities that I thought would have a garrison (level of loyalty, military control, level of depot, etc.) but ended up not getting one. It would be better to have all garrison units on the map as soon as they are available.

There is more but until the Mantua and Poland events are fixed the GC is a pointless exercise. Hope you can fix it soon....

Leibst -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/14/2016 8:01:51 PM)

Thanks for reporting. My apologies for that terrible mistake with the Mantua war.
It should be fired just one time and that is enough for an army to hold there without depot.
- The Bohemian event is crushed event is WAD, some units should remain.
- Regarding the sieges i cant change that kind of things of the Ageod engine. I am just designer and its not so easy to change things of that kind, but i agree with you. The same applies for fixed untis, they have to be attacked in order to be released.
- Regarding the garrisons what i have tried to do here is to force to garrisons not friendly cities. So Bavarian, Linz, Wien and a few others dont need to be garrisoned, but i use to leave small garrisons in key cities when i play. Garrisons dont fire always anyway.

In order to fix the Mantua event in a fast way, just add this file decompressing it manually into the events folder.

Ripster8 -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/15/2016 2:38:36 AM)

Thanks for the quick response and your efforts to improve TYW. I will give your hotfix a test drive and get back to you.

Ripster8 -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/16/2016 10:03:58 AM)

I applied your hotfix, Senor Leibst, and I am sad to report that in my next game as the Imperialists in the GC the 'Troops to Pavia' event fired in May 1628 and this time it immediately took all three of my main field armies (Wallenstein, Tilly and Bucqoy) and teleported them to Pavia simultaneously (along with some garrison units that were currently under siege by the Protestants). So, once again, the game is over for me at this point. I have no idea if the event continues to fire after May 1628 since I have no field forces left to be teleported. I would venture to say that you have not fixed the problem...

Leibst -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/17/2016 6:23:48 AM)

Can you upload the saved game please?

Ripster8 -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/17/2016 5:25:37 PM)

The Forum is not allowing me to upload the HST file - says it is not one of the supported file types. How can I get the file to you?

Leibst -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/17/2016 9:43:26 PM)

do you have account on the ageod forum?
or in a rar file maybe

marcpennington -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/17/2016 11:15:13 PM)

There's been a similar post over on the AGE-OD forums, but I think there may have been some confusion in the response. I've started a fresh GC with the RC patch playing as the HRE, and I am aware there are no units to build in the start of the scenario. But come January of the next year, previously one was able to build infantry and cavalry, but now all that is available are artillery units. I think the response to the initial report thought the poster was talking about turn 1 of the scenario, not in January when a wave of new units to be built is released.

In addition there are numerous cases of wrong unit graphics/ unit type, but these have been reported in detail on AGEOD.

Ripster8 -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/18/2016 5:53:35 AM)

I registered at the AGEOD forums (same name: Ripster8) and posted the save there. Thanks for your help!

vasper -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/21/2016 3:53:15 PM)

Sorry, How use patch? Just copy new fils in folder TYW?

Leibst -> RE: ---> TYW patch 1.02RC available NOW! <--- (3/25/2016 11:18:22 AM)


ORIGINAL: vasper

Sorry, How use patch? Just copy new fils in folder TYW?

Yes, just overwrite.

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