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Yaab -> Merchant ship - cargo capacity (3/11/2016 5:33:02 AM)

DaBigBabes-C scenario reduced cargo capacities on xAK ships for a more historical play.

A WWII brochure on Liberty class ships said a Liberty ship could transport 250 medium tanks. Let's say Sherman M4 (device 1180) is our medium tank.

In DaBigBabes,Liberty class ship has the capacity of 4167 points. Sherman M4 tank has the load cost of 16 points. Thus, 260 Shermans will fit on one Liberty ship. That is very close to the historical figures.

In stock, Liberty class ship has the capacity of 6250 points. That would translate into 390 Shermans loaded onto one Liberty ship. Well, I thought, DaBabes team is right, and stock scenarios are too generous with their cargo capacities.

But then,I went to check the load cost of Sherman M4 in stock, and it seems to load cost is not 16, but 23! This means 270 such Shermans fit into such stock Liberty ship.

I checked other devices and it seem all non-squad devices have greater load cost ins stock scenarios. Squad devices have the same load cost.

Thus, it seems, in DaBigBabes C, reduced cargo capacity means:

- non-squad device shipment volume identical to stock scenario
- squad device shipment volume lower than stock
- supply shipment volume lower than stock

So if you are moving a tank battalion consisting of tanks and mot support by ship, there is really no difference between the two scenarios.

obvert -> RE: Merchant ship - cargo capacity (3/11/2016 12:23:43 PM)

Very interesting. So it's supply transport that is really reduced, not ability to transport units.

I think the lowered cost of moving devices also causes some large devices to suddenly by air liftable which obviously would not have been able to be carried by transport planes during the war. Things like light AFVs, maybe motorized support, maybe some artillery pieces.

Yaab -> RE: Merchant ship - cargo capacity (3/11/2016 12:40:27 PM)

Assuming you do not cross-load troops into cargo space on xAKs, then yes, it seems what really got reduced is supply transport. This may be interesting for players who use xAKs to haul fuel as cargo - their fuel build-up suffers in the Pacific. It may affect Japs more since now they expend more fuel per ship moving less cargo.

Dili -> RE: Merchant ship - cargo capacity (3/11/2016 9:17:08 PM)

These are the analysis that i like being done.

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