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markcab -> Bridging idea (3/8/2016 9:52:12 PM)

It may have been mentioned here before, but I think there should be an option for a unit to bridge (as opposed to the normal Hold/Screen/Resupply) when they reach a waterside hex.

A side note, I need to learn to RTFM: I found out the hard way that yes, you can bridge over water hexes and not just water hexsides. The carnage was . . . like whoa.

IronMikeGolf -> RE: Bridging idea (3/9/2016 5:41:10 PM)

That sort of orders queuing will be in the next version of the game engine. You can do a workaround and lose only a few minutes' time: move a unit to the desired bride site and set the way point delay so it arrives just before your next order cycle. Then, give the bridge order. Elapsed time will be greater than if you could stack the orders, but the unit's time exposed at the bridge site will be the same as a stacked order.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Bridging idea (3/9/2016 6:37:41 PM)

We are also planning to add discreet generic engineering units to the game and they would have the chained engineering functions.

markcab -> RE: Bridging idea (3/9/2016 8:09:36 PM)

Also, how do you bridge over water hexes? I got the first half built. What do I do to get the second half built? The unit won't travel over the bridge or build another in the same place.

CapnDarwin -> RE: Bridging idea (3/9/2016 8:37:29 PM)

If you have an amphibious unit, you can swim him over to the other side to build the other span. [;)]

IronMikeGolf -> RE: Bridging idea (3/9/2016 10:10:17 PM)

Tutorial on this here.

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