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U.S.A. -> FBD 5 (3/8/2016 1:57:03 PM)

Just started playing a new game vs. AI after a few years (1.08.07), and I'm wondering when FBD 5 shows up.

I know I had it when I played last game a few years ago, but I'm into Turn 4 of the new game and I have only 4 FBD's (1 in AGN, 2 in AGC, and 1 in AGS).

I don't see anything in the reinforcement schedule showing FBD 5, so just wondering what's happening. As I recall in last game I played, it was attached to 11 Army.

Thanks for any help.

morvael -> RE: FBD 5 (3/8/2016 2:08:09 PM)

It will appear in 1942, just like in history.

U.S.A. -> RE: FBD 5 (3/8/2016 2:21:33 PM)

Thanks morvael!

I'm confused because my recollection of the first time I played the game was that I had FBD 5 in 1941 because I never got past Nov. 1941 and I was certain I had 5 FBD's. As I remember I had FBD 5 trying to repair rail toward Sevastopol while FBD 1 was working from Kiev to Kharkov.

Anyway, it wouldn't be the first time I recalled something incorrectly.

Thanks again!

morvael -> RE: FBD 5 (3/8/2016 2:29:39 PM)

It was moved to 1942 in a patch from the 1.08 series.

U.S.A. -> RE: FBD 5 (3/8/2016 2:31:06 PM)

Thanks again!

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