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Iorwerth -> What GC settings for a new player? (3/4/2016 9:00:46 AM)

I was wondering what would be the best settings for me to start my first grand campaign aginst the AI with? I have played a few scenarios, and have got a grip on most of the main concepts, though air warfare is still a bit of a work in progress, I haven't used HQ build-ups, and a few other things. Are there any self-imposed limititaions I should be thinking about?

What about blizzard - I see there is a reduced blizzard option. Is this because the original blizzard rules are somehow flawed or overpowered, or is it more to do with player v player etc? Is normal difficulty a good idea, or do i want to go one level up? What about Soviet combat bonus - is it better for the AI to have +1 attack or +1 defence? Should I tweak the level modfiers to help out the AI in any way?

In addition, I see there are a number of different GC campaign scenarios - normal, alt CVs, altvc260, bitter end, sudden death. Which of these gives the better experience?

Any advice would be much appreciated![:)]

swkuh -> RE: What GC settings for a new player? (3/4/2016 12:32:43 PM)

Suggest you play the original 41' campaign game w/plain vanilla options, balance factors, at least through Dec '41. Try out different set ups to find your preferred game. When you try H2H you'll want an informed position on all these choices.

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loki100 -> RE: What GC settings for a new player? (3/4/2016 5:00:16 PM)

to the different versions of the GC, they all have slightly different issues. The alt260 is a variant of the standard game with a lower threshold for an axis automatic victory. Its handy in PBEMs as it gives the German player a realistic focus for 1942 and ends the game with a clear win without having to take every last city on the map.

Sudden death adds a series of intermediate points where each side needs a minimum number of VPs or the game ends - designed to stop run away attacks. Bitter end has no natural end point than the end of the game but adds a useful set of metrics. AltCV is good for learning as the on map CVs will show the impact of leadership etc. So there is much less variation of cv as a combat is processed and you'll see the gains of a well constructed chain of command. Combat is still variable due to the allocation of support units and random aspects

A lot of the options around game play reflect the PBEM community. So there was a feeling the old blizzard rules were too favourable to the Soviets etc. In a vs AI game you can change the settings as the game goes on, so its possible to experiment or run a turn again under different rules and so on.

Iorwerth -> RE: What GC settings for a new player? (3/4/2016 7:47:39 PM)

Thanks for the replies.[:)]

AltCv seems like it might be useful to start with, just for learning more of how the behind the scenes system works. My worry with using that version, though, is that after playing for a while I may well want to not have all the extra info, less I become too dependent on it. So not sure which way to go on that one at the moment.

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