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Deathtreader -> An idea or 2..... (2/28/2016 11:34:06 PM)


For southern Storm:

1/ More game colour slots for subordinate formations. With a tendency to larger scenarios 8 is becoming too few.

2/ Someway to merge remnants. Many times I've seen a sub-unit remnant with transport left but no passengers. Stacked right below it is another sub-unit remnant with passengers and no transport left. When it comes time to get out of Dodge I always think that it's too bad I have to abandon the foot sloggers to their fate because the guys with the tracks/wheels APC's etc.can't give them a ride out.

Just my 2c. [:)]


CapnDarwin -> RE: An idea or 2..... (2/29/2016 1:05:04 PM)


For Southern Storm we are planning to change the unit command tracking to a color and line type spiderweb function. That way 7 to 8 colors covers division down to sections.

I'll leave it to Jeff to jump in and chat about the whole merge issue. It's not a simple case,but has been discussed and will continue to be as Southern Storm is coded.

IronMikeGolf -> RE: An idea or 2..... (2/29/2016 6:40:58 PM)

We need to be precise on addressing "remnants". Even the term has a doctrinal meaning I think you don't mean here. I think what you are talking about is dealing with passenger type subunits in excess of a unit's surviving passenger capacity. We have been discussing rules and doctrine for this and for infantry squads operating independently of their carriers/IFVs (example: IFVs go forward and conduct counter-recon while the infantry digs in). One of the issues we currently have is when a mech unit attacks and takes vehicle casualties. It can end up in Leg mode (possibly temporarily, until some dismounts are KIA or fall out) and that is not what would happen with actual units. Those squads or sections or teams would be left behind to move on leg mode or to defend in place while the rest of the unit continues to execute the assault order. We are looking at mechanisms to handle the above and those would easily be extended to either shuttle "pedestrian" subunits or other transport could be used.

Merging remnants is a reconstitution activity and we feel that is properly handled in the Depot phase of a campaign. We have some exploration to do on that topic.

HobbesACW -> RE: An idea or 2..... (2/29/2016 7:23:54 PM)

Deleted post - daft idea I had!

Deathtreader -> RE: An idea or 2..... (2/29/2016 10:42:06 PM)

Sounds good!

Thanks for the responses guys [:)]


markcab -> RE: An idea or 2..... (3/7/2016 11:46:54 PM)

I like that idea about remnants. Yeah, too many times I'm let with penny packets.

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