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rmmwilg -> RE: Feature Request (8/6/2021 1:40:45 PM)



John I agree with the loads of fun, and while we all can hope for a patch, it just seems that the developer is just not interested in updating, patching or working on this anymore. And for good reason, he had a major health scare, and with the craziness of the world lately I think a lot of realize that what really counts in life is not our beloved hobbies, but those around us and close to us.

Great answer sir. Yes, if there's any silver lining to the last year or so, it's been that realigning of perspective.

Peter Fisla -> RE: Feature Request (8/6/2021 2:32:53 PM)

I'm getting better all the time, I think mentally I have pretty much recovered. Physically I'm almost there, I would say 95%. For the most part, what I wanted to accomplish with the project since the beginning I think I have achieved that. It took me around 12 years of passion and dedication to get where the game is today. Sure, it's not perfect but what is? I can't be adding new features forever. At this point, the source code is very complex. Remember, my game is not ASL. It is like ASL but it is not ASL. If I change something in one area, I could break something somewhere else - it's not easy. My life priorities have changed - I don't know what the future holds, that's the truth.

Big Ivan -> RE: Feature Request (8/7/2021 4:14:07 AM)

I hear ya Peter!!

IMHO what you have delivered so far is incredible! If I keep my scenarios small to medium, watch the visibility and the victory conditions and the game turns, I still get immersion playing your game.

There are also a lot of other great scenarios out there by other designers that in their context play well.

I thank you for that sir!! I still have fun with your game every time I get into it.


Zovs -> RE: Feature Request (8/10/2021 2:33:38 AM)

You too John!


Can't argue with you there Don. Life, family and health take precedence over any past time.

Take care and stay safe!


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