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LiquidSky -> A few Random Tricks/Exploits (2/19/2016 10:09:53 AM)

1) When rebasing aircraft, if you rebase to a non-red airbase, you can do another hop and keep most of your miles.

2) You can use Shift-O (twice) to view AA in units as a poor mans recon. It will even show you 'flak' at sea for units in transit.

3) Set your naval patrol to fly only on the enemy phase to try and prevent sea invasions. He wont see it when he opens his turn...not until he executes his air phase.

4) Set your naval patrol to fly only on your phase if you want to stop supplies from flowing. No point in getting shot down for nothing on his phase.

5) A multi-role unit in an HQ as support units will have 1 mp when you pop it onto the map. It can move one hex, regardless of mp costs.

6) Paratroopers can drop 8 hexes from a supplied unit. The island of Jersey covers almost the entire Contentin Peninsula.

7) Disbanding NF squadrons gives you pilots for your Day fighters.

8) If you are only intercepting with your fighters, put them on REST on your turn to gain MORALE. Then put them on DO/DN/NO on your ground phase.

Harrybanana -> RE: A few Random Tricks/Exploits (2/19/2016 6:38:43 PM)

All very good tips. I will add 3 more. As LS points out Air groups gain morale only after your air phase and before your ground phase (if I am wrong about this I hope someone corrects me). Therefore:

1) Always set your transport aircraft to "rest" during your air phase so they can gain morale as these air groups never fly during your air phase anyway. Then during your ground phase reset them to D/N so they can perform air transport missions (both unit and freight).

2) During your air phase you will, of course, want to set low morale air groups to "Rest". But Resting air groups can rebase without affecting their resting status (ie they still gain morale). So as the Allies, when you only have a limited number of airfields near the front, it is good idea to rotate these Resting air groups to rear areas to free up the closer airbases for the active air groups.

3) For the same reason, during your ground phase you will want to reset all your air groups that Rested during your air phase but now have decent morale back to active status (ie D/N) and rebase them closer to the Front. This way they can participate in Ground Support missions on your turn (at least I think they can) and the fighters can intercept on your opponents air phase. At the same time you want to set your air groups that just flew in your air phase but now have low morale to "Rest." Not so that they will gain morale (they won't until the end of your next air phase) but so that they will not fly Ground Support missions or during your opponents air phase. If air bases near the Front are at a premium you should also rebase them to rear areas to make room for your active air groups.

Chuske -> RE: A few Random Tricks/Exploits (2/21/2016 10:52:33 AM)

Nice thread, added link to this in the sticky Tutorial thread

LiquidSky -> RE: A few Random Tricks/Exploits (2/28/2016 4:38:39 AM)

Another one for the axis:

For the divisions that are withdrawing in the near future....you can set them on static, and gain admin points. You will lose them again when the unit switches to 'withdrawing' from 'static', but then I always spend them all.

For the allies:

Put all your commando units in one Amphib HQ They will support any attack made adjacent to that HQ (on the coast)...all of them together is like a division.

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