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TommyBoy987 -> PBEM Don to Danube Anyone? (CLOSED) (2/16/2016 12:19:06 AM)

I am looking to play a PBEM game of the GC 41-45. I would prefer to play using the version before the most recent version (In other words this version 1.08.04). I don't like having to relearn how to play the game every few weeks with 100's of pages of new information to digest. Also every update, the new info is listed in no order whatsoever, and is hard to find, and there IS SOOOO MUCH of it. It seems to me version 1.08.04 works excellently! The game will never be perfect in every way anyways. I mean, even after all the updates so far, German bomber and fighters in 1941 have a moral in the 30's often. How accurate can that be?!!??
Ok, I am done ranting now haha. I want to be the Axis player. Also, I am open to other possibilities regarding what Campaign (or even a medium length scenario) we would play. Thanks. Bye.


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