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U.S.A. -> Movement Point Issue (1/23/2016 1:32:37 PM)

Hi. I'm playing as German vs. AI.
Start of Turn 2:
4th Panzer Div. and 17th Panzer Div. are both starting Turn 2 stacked in same hex.
Both Panzer divisions have same number of movement points: 48.
Both Panzer divisions have 97% fuel supply.
However, 4th Panzer can move 4 hexes further east than 17th Panzer.
Doesn't matter which division I move first. 17th Panzer always ends up 4 hexes behind 4th Panzer.
Why can't 17th Panzer move as far as 4th Panzer when they start stacked in same hex with same MP's?
Thank you for any help on this.

loki100 -> RE: Movement Point Issue (1/23/2016 1:37:45 PM)

I'd suspect morale. At certain morale levels moving into enemy territory is cheaper so I'd guess your 4 Pzr has a higher morale?

U.S.A. -> RE: Movement Point Issue (1/23/2016 1:45:27 PM)

Thanks very much loki100!
4 Pz is at 90 morale.
17 Pz is at 85 morale.
I didn't realize that small a difference in morale would affect movement as much.
Good to know and good to keep in mind.
Thanks again very much!

loki100 -> RE: Movement Point Issue (1/23/2016 1:58:02 PM)

thanks for the pm ... [;)]

Key is its not the absolute gap but that there are critical thresholds. So as an eg the difference between say 62 and 66 is meaningless (for this reason .. important for combat performance though) but there are set increments at which you move quicker into zones of control or enemy controlled territory.

Its one reason why altering the morale % in the game set up can have more of an impact than is immediately obvious.

I don't think these rules are especially well documented which is a problem when starting as some players seem to have spent an age studying the issue and very much shape their play around the potential.

Its a clever rule as it captures the difference between early/mid game mobility of the two armies without silly rules like giving the Soviets a lower default movement capacity ... it simply costs them a lot more to move into combat etc

swkuh -> RE: Movement Point Issue (1/23/2016 7:59:36 PM)

+1 Loki100!

Glad I am that someone can address such issues. For me pushing pieces is hard enough. Let's see, Axis go East, Soviets West, right?

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