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DOCUP -> New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 3:25:55 AM)

Wars on the Horizon
BETA Version 5.5 Scen 90 Updated 4-19-20 :
Art Link:

This is an alternative history scenario. The bases of this mod is that most everyone seen war coming and started to prepare for it a lot earlier than in real life. This mod is based off of John 3rds Between the Storms. A big thanks goes out to those who are listed and others I can't think right now for their help. John 3rd and his team, Symon and his team, JuanG, Skylands, Paradigmblue, Koniu, Gary Childress and others.

Back Story

Washington Naval Conference (LNT) happened late in 1922. A 5:5:3 ratio in battleships was achieved. Mutsu was already in service by this time. Japan argued for the Amagi class battlecruisers. Japan got to keep on Amagi class BC, while the US got 2 Lexington class BCs, and the British got 2 G3s. Two experimental carriers were allotted to each of the countries. US got two Kitty Hawk (Omaha Scout cruiser conversion), GB got an extra Hermes, and Japan built 2 Hosho's. Again 2 BC were converted to CVs.
London Naval Conference (LNT) was held in 1930. Japan and Britain didn't want any limits on the number of cruisers. The big 3 agreed that cruiser must be under 10,000 tons and guns would be under 8 inches. Carriers under 10,000 tons would not be added to CV tonnage. No limitations where placed cruiser hybrid. One extra CVL was allotted for each of the big 3.

After World War 1, Germany was allowed to keep its colonial possessions around the Bismarck sea. They started to build Rabaul into a moderate sized base. Plan Z was put into effect in the mid 1930s to prepare for the next war. The world threatened Germany for remilitarizing, but did not follow through with any of those threats. With a good portion of Plan Z competed the KM sent a potent raiding force to operate out of Rabaul.

Japan just like Germany started preparing for the next war in the 1930s. Japan knew that she needed resources, so she started looking around for them. They found some of them in China. In the early 1930s they invade Manchuria. In the late 30s they invade China. Japan was unable to get all the resources they needed, so they started looking around again. What they needed was controlled by the British, French and the Dutch. Japan was not able or willing to go to war in the 1930s. They needed time to prepare, equip and something else they just didn't know what else yet.

Japan leaves the LNT around 1933 after it was found to be building 2 new battleships (Fuso replacements). With resources coming in from potential enemies Japan decided not to build 4 super battleships and uses those resources to build a better military. The navy starts with 2 new 16 in gun BBs, and 2 new CBs (12 8in guns), with, 2 BCs (B65) and a fast 16 in BB being built. CVs, CAs, and CLs are standardized in the late 30s and early 40s. Hybrid cruiser/carriers are the new trend in the early and mid 30s. Japan turns the Chitose class seaplane carriers into G6 carriers, giving Japan 5 CAVs. Two old CLs are converted into CLAAs. Japanese aircraft are streamlined towards the Zero. Some research is put into long range bombers. Germans supplied the plans for a high speed fighter the HE 100. Even with a new modern navy, some of the best aircraft in the world. While watching Germany in Europe they form the first tank divison in China and accelerate another tank division. Japan needs something else to happen.

The world holds its breath as Japan and Germany prepare for war.

Britain was able to build 2 new G3 battlecruisers, an extra CVL after the WNT. During the 20s they converted all 5 Hawkins class cruisers to cruiser/carrier hybrids. With 5 CAs now hybrids GB decide to build 5 new CAs. They built the Surrey class CA in the early 1930s. With Germany, Japan, and the US building new large cruisers Britain builds the Drake class CB (12 9.2 in guns). Hermes and her sister ship Apollo are stationed in the Pacific. Force Z has been augmented with a CAV. A G3 is hunting for the German commerce raiders around Australia. Britain wakes up after what happens to the French in Indochina. Britain decides to prepare Malaysia for war. Singapore sees an increase in supplies and forts as do some other locations on the Malaysian peninsula. The RAF sees some modern planes in the form the long range escort fighter (Westland Whirlwind) and the hurricane.

With Germans sitting across the Bismarck Sea Australians built up several bases to watch the KM. After the start of the war the AIF tried to assault German bases. They suffered several defeats at and on the ground. They decided to contain the Germans and wait for help. Australia and New Zealand each buy a CAV in the mid 1930s to help protect their commerce fleets. The 7th Australian ID is at Sydney resting from its tour of duty in the middle east. Australia 1st Armored Division is planned to be formed in mid 42. With these two units resting and being formed an offensive is being planned against the Germans.

While watching the Germans start to rearm, France strengthened the Maginot line. War industries started to ramp up in 1939. During the phoney war period several frontline fighters and bombers are put into production. Germany attacks threw Belgium and the Netherlands. With these two countries putting up a stubborn defense, causing the Germans to eat up more supplies than they had planned for and enabling Britain and France to develop a second line of defense. The main units of the BEF and French army are not caught flat footed in the Flanders region. With supply lines strained and a an allied army in front of them the advance stalls. Germans and Italians launch a coordinated offensive on the 10th of June. The French gov realized that they could not stay in France. They decided to evacuate. With the help of the British and the close proximity to allies. They started to move the gov, industries, specialists and key military assets to England or North Africa to continue the fight.

Oct of 1940 Thailand invades French Indochina. Thai forces begin to get the upper hand on the French troops. Japan sees an opportunity with this new war. They start to openly send military assistance to the Thai's. Japanese combat units start to show up in northern Indochina cutting off the main supply route into China. This move draws criticism from both England and the United States. With supply lines stretched to the max and not enough military equipment to send they decide to sue for peace. As peace talks breaks down the French start to withdraw as much of their military forces as possible. The evacuated troops where slowly sent to Noumea. As newer and better equipment was delivered to French force in North Africa the older equipment was sent to the troops in the pacific. A small fleet of warships is dispatched to Noumea. Because of its aggressive actions towards France an embargo is forced upon Japan.

During the 30s the Netherland gov watch two potential adversaries start to either rearm and modernize their militaries. The Dutch realized that they couldn't rely on their neutrality or the help of a larger country to protect them. They decided to slowly build up the military of both the homeland and the DEIs. They bought a CAV from Britain and started building their battlecruisers and the Gerard Callenburg destroyers in the mid to late 30s. Several fighters and bombers were advanced. With some reaching the KNIL. The full mobilization and revitalized military helped the Netherlands hold off the Germans for over a week. This in return helped saved France from a quick defeat. After the defeat and occupation of the home land the KNIL started looking for arms suppliers. The US didn't hesitate to send what it could. KNIL was able to field 5 mechanized brigades.

Unites States did not sit by as everyone else prepared for war. They also took heed of the ominous signs. US built a few more cruisers in the 20s and 30s. Watching the Germans and Japanese put large cruisers in the Atlantic and Pacific, they decided to build 3 of their own Alaska class CBs. Five CLVs are built by the US 3 of which are serving in the Pacific in 1941. The military notices that 2 potentially hostile forces are between the US west coast and the Philippines. They decide to boost the land, naval and air forces of the US Far East Forces. Philippine ground forces are mobilized earlier, better fighters are present along with dive bombers, several more cruisers and a CVL (Kitty Hawk) are on station. The USAAC notices that it is deficient in front line fighters. They also see that they will need high altitude interceptors. The P39 is produced with its turbo supercharger. Giving it a better altitude and speed. USAAC also adds another fighter to its arsenal the P50 Skyrocket. The USN gets worried when they see that the fast Kongo class and the new BBs being produce can outrun and gun their best BBs. The Big 5 (Tennessee, and Colorado Class BBs) are extensively modernized. The results are they have better armor, AA, and speed.

Changes from BTS

PPs different for both sides. Both sides have some different or altered TFs.


Scharnhost BC
2 Deutchland CBs
6 DDs
4 SS
Support ships
2 Squadrons BF 109s
2 Squadrons of Stukas
1 Patrol Squadrons
3 Inf RGTs
1 BF
2 Art unit
Merchant raiders in * TF at Rabual

HE 100 (50 in the pool)
1st Tank Div ready to be formed in China
Accelerated 2nd Tank Division
2 DDs
2 Izum CBs (12 8in guns)
2 B65 BCs (14in guns)
1 BB (30Kt 16in gun)
2 CAVs
More Shokau Kai CVs
More CVLs/CA/CLs Later game
2 Old CLs now CLAA
Settsu remilitarized


1st Tank Div
7th ID at Sydney


Big 5 BBs modernized (27kts better armor, AA)
3 Alaska class accelerated
Other ships accelerated
P50 Skyrocket
P39 with turbro supercharger
Several AC are accelerated or run longer or have more produced
USMC CD Bns changed
Accelerated CV/CVB


1 Drake CB (12 9.2in guns)
Surrey CAs
Westin Whirlwind
Maylasia better supplied more forts less disruption for some troops
Some AC have higher productions runs


200th Tank divison
Map changes
several Corps at or close to full strenght
Some units
Supplies added


4 Gerard Callenburgh DDs
1 1047 BC
5 Mech BDEs
GI Fokker Fighter
Fokker Torpedo Bomber


4 Inf BDEs
1 Tank Bn (no replacements)
1 BF
1 CD unit/BF
Nomeau built up
AC Upgrade path
2 Fighter Squadrons (MS
2 Bomber Squadrons
1 Patrol Squadrons


Disruption has been lowered
Fighters changed
A24s present
Supplies added


This mod uses the DBB extended map.
I also have stacking limits in my game.
Juan G's aircraft purchase program is used in this mod.
This is a PBEM mod. I don't know how the AI will work with the changes.

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 3:26:17 AM)

Japanese: Posted below is a picture of ship production. I have used it as a guide, I hope its somewhat accurate.


DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 3:26:26 AM)

Change List:
1.02 1/30/16
British Training Squadrons (fighter, bomber)
Pearl Harbor has an Inf Div ready to from on day one.
I believe all the planes have art work. Some of them is the wrong nationality.
Buna/Oro Bay is now in Ozzie control.
Sydney's repair yard is no 40k.
Dutch KNIL Bns can form into Rgts now. 6 in total.
CVL Kitty Hawk gets better upgrades.
CVL Milton art work fixed.
DDs at Pearl have been fixed.
Cooktown now has a Base Force with supply.

Jack is back.
German Units moved from Buna.
Truk gets a 20k ARD.
Jap ID moved to Truk.
SAG just south of the Aleutian Islands.
Added some early Oscar/Zeros into the pool.

1.03 Update
Mine pool and production increased
Added 2 Eendracht CLs and another 1047
Am Mauler has been introduced
Some art work fixed again

Mine pool where already increased from BTS
Added 2 Taskin CLs and another Scharnhost BC
Added a portion of the Thai AF and Navy. 4 PGs and 9 TBs with 5 Fighter units and 5 Bomber units
Advanced the arrival date for some Japanese LCUs

Adds that I have remembered.
Clemson Class DD gets an xAKL (banana boat) conversion
Another banana boat added
B-18 transport/trainer squadron added in the PI.

CL added to the production que
German raiders have movement bonus
Fixed float planes or Orion

I have done some other things, but I cant remember what I did.

Updates later.

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 3:26:34 AM)


ny59giants -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 3:42:39 PM)

From my current experience playing BTS Lite vs John, I see a few things I would change for Allies taking into account your 'what ifs.'
1) More LCUs from USA deployed in Hawaiian Islands as USA realize they will need control of this area to contend with a better equipped Japan long term. Thus, reducing the possibility of Hawaii falling to Japan in early 42. Maybe a slightly built up Christmas Island (Line Islands) and Pago Pago to ensure a more secure SLOC to Australia.
2) Right now in late Nov 42, the Allies have plenty of Matilda and Grant tanks that the Aussies cannot use. Hope you have found a way to use them in Oz and/or NZ and maybe alter upgrade paths of the armoured formations in India.
3) SE Pac has a few of the potential size 6 AF be able to go to size 7 so a player can upgrade airframes.
4) Add Brit fighter training group in UK. I've added a 16 plane group to BTS Lite.

Good Luck, sir!! [:)]

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 5:50:40 PM)

NyGiants: Thanks for the info. I have been following your AAR. I moved the IR (I don't remember the name, it completes the ID with the 2 IRs already present ) from San Fran to Hawaii. I have the Marine IR moving to Pago Pago under protection of a SAG. I can upgrade Chiristmas Is and others.

That's a good idea having the Oz armor division using the Gramts and Matilda's until the Sherman's production kicks in.

I can add a training squadron in England. I will have to look at the map for the AFs. I am on my phone right now.

Anymore ideas from you guys. Chime in JFBs

ny59giants -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/2/2016 7:25:12 PM)

Just a Fan Boy, but for Japan how about bringing back the Jack? Maybe Japan realizes that the 7.7mm and 12.7mm MGs don't have enough hitting power against Allied planes and for a model or two, they are removed and more 20mm cannons added.

Move the American troops that start on Annette Island (next to Prince Rupert) down to Christmas or Hawaii. Lahaina, Hilo, and Kona should each have an infantry rgt stationed at each with a BF.

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/3/2016 3:28:49 PM)

Looking into the Jack. I have moved another IR to Pearl. I also made an IR temp restricted. Its up to the player to fortify the Hawaiian Islands. I believe that most of the brass thought the HI were to far from Japan to be invaded.

While messing around with the Matilda tanks, I found 2 mistakes. The Australian Cav rgts had MH lt tanks, in the editor they didn't have a production run (next Cav unit upgrade was in 44 I think) and they didn't have range, penetration, or effect filled out.

I found 2 Australian tank Bns that can take Matilda's. The Aussie tank divison has Grant/Lees until the mid 44 or so in my mod.

John 3rd -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/3/2016 9:30:10 PM)

Damn. You have put in a lot of work with this. WELL DONE! Greatly appreciate you basing most of your work on the TM--RA--BTS Designs. Hope it works out for you.

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/4/2016 1:02:52 AM)

DOCUP, looks interesting. Do you have it posted anywhere for DL? As you know, I helped and am helping Para with his Focus Pacific mod and would like to take a look....GP

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/4/2016 1:30:30 AM)

John 3rd: Thanks and your welcome.

Gen Patton: I do not have it up yet. I posted this to see what would come up. So far it has helped. I am hoping to start some test turns tomorrow. Also I will have to figure out Drop box. Do you have any thoughts. I have been following Focus Pacific, if you can't tell.

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/4/2016 2:09:20 AM)

Does anyone care to share how to change or have any new load screen pictures?

BillBrown -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/4/2016 3:06:03 AM)



Does anyone care to share how to change or have any new load screen pictures?

Replace the file OpenLoadScreen_1024.bmp found in the ART folder.

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/5/2016 12:17:37 AM)

Thanks BillBrown.

Link to game files in first post.

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/8/2016 12:00:55 PM)

DOCUP, DL'ing now. Hope to have some time to look at/play test. sometime today. I'll let you know....GP

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/8/2016 12:06:13 PM)

Without looking at the game, I would say the air art hasn't been added to the film strips in the 3 types. 1. Top 2. side 3. ?????
Not sure the exact terminology, but you need all three. Para has figured it out. Send him a PM....GP

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/8/2016 1:07:22 PM)

OK, First of all, I can't get the scenario to populate on the scenario list. I'll do some more digging to see if I can find the issue. I don't think i'm missing a file, as they are all accounted for.

The air art is as suspected. They need to be installed into the film strips. You do have all of the 3 types. Someone has posted a rotating art mod that may help.

The JapShip_Transp file was missing from your download.

Once I get into the scenario, I'll post more....GP

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/8/2016 3:52:04 PM)

I took a brief look at the editor to look for the usual offenders and found the first 3;

Air unit ID# 025, Change available date to 8/42
Air unit ID# 026, Change available date to 8/43
Air unit ID# 027, Change available date to 8/44

Still can't get the scenario to populate the scenario list....GP

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/9/2016 3:08:43 PM)

First I have fixed my problem with the scenario not populating, so it runs now. I have reinstalled a fresh AE and installed just the scenario files and have a question. Why do the Germans/Japanese occupy Buna on the NE side of Papua, New Guinea? If the Aussies attacked and failed but the Germans didn't counterattack, that base should be occupied by OZ. It's within there boarders. Also, in the sticky section above, look in the scenario stash. At the bottom is a section with tools for putting air art together. Ship art too....GP

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/19/2016 3:56:42 PM)

Sorry everyone. Unexpected real life events have stopped me from doing much. I will be hit or miss with post and updates for this mod for an unknown period of time, but keep posting idea or bugs, I will get around to fixing or looking at the ideas.

GP: thanks for taking a look. I thought you could add a air folder and the air art would cross over. Ok I will start putting them into the strips. I hate that. I will go back and upload the Jap transport file. Buna I will have to look at that one. I might of got a little crazy on that. I will fix that.

I have ran a few turns and I have changed a few things. I will mention those later.

Thanks Guys.

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/19/2016 5:07:42 PM)

DOCUP, Real Life, what's that!!! Hope everything is good.

Anyway, use the Rotating Art Mod in the list of scenarios up above. It's towards the bottom. Once the Japanese naval art is together, let me know and I'll start another test....GP

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/19/2016 10:03:27 PM)

GP: I might be able to get the art work up later tonite. I have fixed Buna, thanks.

I have made a few changes. Sydney's yard has been increased to 40k. Japanese gets a 20k ARD at Truk.

I was looking at the Dutch. I have made Mech BDE. I got to looking at all th KNIL Bn's. These could be arranged into RGTs. I figured out that Sumatra can have 2 RGTs, Java 1 RGT, Borneo 1, and Ambon area 1 also. This would leave the militia Bn's alone and can be spread out for colonial duty.

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/20/2016 12:58:02 AM)

I would think maybe 2 or 3 reg on Java. I will check in the morning after I send Sid my turn....GP

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/20/2016 12:59:55 AM)

Take a look at Focus Pacific for Dutch OOB ideas....GP

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/20/2016 2:51:30 PM)

Updated 1/20/16

GP: Has it been updated recently. The date in the mod thread is the same, as the one I have now.

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/20/2016 3:29:39 PM)



Updated 1/20/16

GP: Has it been updated recently. The date in the mod thread is the same, as the one I have now.

That's the latest, as far as I know.

Don't forget a change log every time you update. That way, for example, I'll know if you made changes to anything I or someone else posted. I would use one of your reserved post areas....GP

btd64 -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/23/2016 12:56:08 PM)

DOCUP, Here are my Dirty Dozen for your update 1.01 dated 1/20/16. These are mostly suggestions;

1. Move 5948 D Coy/NG Rifles to Buna with some supply.
2. Make Kokoda (98,129) a level 1 airfield with some supply.
3. Add some supply to Terapo. (96,127)
4. Set Milne Bay to a level 2 port.
5. Make Woodlark Island a level 1 port and airfield.
6. Add a New LCU to Shortlands and add some supply.
7. Add Cooktown BaseForce and supply. My thought here is, Cooktown is closer than Carnes and good for backup. Also set the port and airfield to level 2.
8. CVL Kitty hawk- I would make an upgrade on 4/42 to include Radar and some AAA improvements and keep the other upgrade to further improve AAA.
9. CVL Milton- needs upgrade image. Also the tonnage is off I think. 1456 Tons. Maybe add a zero or boost up to say 10000 ton.
10. Their is damage on 3 DD's at Pearl. Shaw, Downes and Cassin.
11. I would add 4 to 6 BETTER DD's to San Diego for CV escort. The DD's that are present are not good enough.
12. PM Para and ask for his air art for NZ, OZ, French and Brits. He has Buffs, SBD's(for CV's) and all kinds of other stuff.

Well, other than the air art, That's it for now. Will check some other things later....GP

DOCUP -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/30/2016 9:27:20 PM)

GP: Thanks for your input.

I have a problem. I keep wanting to add stuff. I want to add the bre 700, BF 110, and maybe move up the Nick. So far I haven't. Any JFBs have any ideas?

Reg -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/30/2016 10:59:50 PM)



Art for some of the French and Dutch planes isn't displaying. I am not sure whats wrong with the art. If anyone wants to take a look and tell me what I did wrong, I'd appreciate it.

Your problem is that the aircraft artwork is supposed to be bitmap file format. The distribution contains a mixture of jpeg and png files which will not show up in game though the file names are otherwise OK.

Refer to which can be found in post #1 here (


Reg -> RE: New mod Wars on the Horizon (1/30/2016 11:08:52 PM)



GP: thanks for taking a look. I thought you could add a air folder and the air art would cross over. Ok I will start putting them into the strips.

I would not bother doing this (messy, prone to error and a pain to update). Refer to post above and just convert the separate air art files to bitmap format and it should work. [:)]


ORIGINAL: General Patton

Someone has posted a rotating art mod that may help.

That will be mine. [:)] However, it won't be of much use unless you intend to cycle aircraft/ship art on a date basis. It uses an expansion of the basic methodology of separate art files as described in the post above and just provides the tools to automate the compilation of the artwork file package.

Plus some display tools so you can admire the end result of your efforts... [:D]
(and check for errors and omissions..) [:'(]


ORIGINAL: General Patton

Still can't get the scenario to populate the scenario list....GP

This is the scn035.cmt file. It looks like it has been included in the 20Jan update. [:)]

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