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Flaviusx -> Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 6:19:07 PM)

My fourth try as the Axis versus AI, again historical, normal, no cheats. Started this a couple days ago so it is with the current patch.

This time I nailed it. Moscow just fell, Rostov and Leningrad fell last turn. The Red Army is down to about 700k effectives and cannot possibly take any of these back.

25 HQs and 382 divisions in the deadpile. There will be more.

Now I just need to run out the clock.

Of course a human opponent is a much tougher proposition, particularly when that opponent is Micheal T. But mastering the AI is a nice first step.


Speedysteve -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 7:45:29 PM)

Well done. I'm on my 3rd try at present[:)]

willgamer -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 8:46:39 PM)


ORIGINAL: Flaviusx

Now I just need to run out the clock.

Differently, my game ended the very next turn after I took all 3 with decisive victory. I wonder why yours does not?

Flaviusx -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 9:23:19 PM)

Lol, it did give me the sudden death when I came back and finished the turn later.


Flaviusx -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 9:25:35 PM)

That's a relief, really didn't want to grind out the rest of it. Forgot about sudden death. So I saved the game thinking I'd get around to it later.

battlevonwar -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 11:06:55 PM)

(Most Impressive)

I played 2 human opponents. One is newer the other experienced. Didn't last 7 weeks vs the Human Soviet Player. (every unit was set to neutral posture just about and it was like walking in quicksand)

I have noted all your units are exhausted. Seems you cannot ever put on a rest and wait on your Panzers/Motorized. the minute they stop encircling and run out of fuel you lose the only thing the Germans have the ability to flank and surprise. Run and run ponies...even if they near lose 50% of their strength this game isn't about the long game. It's about the short...

Plus I need to update Versions C:

Flaviusx -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (12/19/2015 11:23:03 PM)

I actually rested all the panzer groups at least once.

But that's not enough to keep them from pooping out on you if they're very active, as was the case here.

VirtuaKim -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (7/14/2016 3:37:52 AM)

I sit here in awe.

No idea how you did that. Is there any video or something else to give me a hint? Don't want to spoil my experience but atm if have no idea how to do anything like that.

As the German i usually manage to take Narva, Smolensk and Kiev by mid August and destroy around 100 (?) Russian divisions by encircling them, while losing no German unit. Of course, i do suffer the usual wear & tear, esp. Panzers.

Afterwards, my front line is long and thin and i cannot assemble a sufficiently large assault group for more encirclements, while the Russians get more and more divisions. The area of Leningrad is full of enemies and the way to Moscow almost swamped with Russians. In the south the Russians have a stable, albeit weak, line of divisions. Side question: How to take Odessa if Gercke is not exactly a bosom pal? I have no clue.

wadortch -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (7/14/2016 5:09:41 PM)

Hello Falviusx
It is great to see that you are still into this game.
I have played all of about 10 turns against the Soviet AI and wonder what kinds of stacks it made in your game here?

demyansk -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (8/27/2016 12:42:01 PM)

I am about to chuck this game into the dustbin, I can't get anywhere as the German. Now, I am playing a game against the germans and getting crushed, opponent has Leningrad, surrounded Moscow and driving into the Caucasus and the units look to be full strength on the German side. How the heck does this happen?

VirtuaKim -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (8/27/2016 1:11:51 PM)

Don't despair, bro!

I can see your frustration, but isn't it great to have such a competent AI playing? At core that's a challenge.

Head over to the Steam forums (Op Barbarossa, thread "logistical nightmare"). We're having a lively discussion there, you may want to read and participate in. There you'll find screenshots, tactic ideas aso., all down to earth.

Keep trying!

demyansk -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (8/28/2016 4:29:53 PM)

I was playing a human and lost on turn 29 as the soviets

jjdenver -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (11/18/2016 11:50:01 AM)

Will the AI present any challenge playing as Germany? As SU? When I played this PBEM at launch it heavily favored Axis I think - how is it now?

Thanks - just trying to keep in touch with status so I can decide if it's worth playing.

HvMoltke -> RE: Practice Makes Perfect (7/22/2021 9:54:47 AM)

Hi Faviusx
You succeeded winning as German DC Barbarossa, I try to do the same. Up to now I didn`t win or anything near.
I have a question concerning the role of the Russian HQ`s.
If I kill a Russian HQ does that hinder the subordinate divisions to activate.
In WitE it is much easier to close Armies in and subsequently destroying them. That is not the best way in DCB. But chasing HQs seems the better way.
You have more experience with this game and maybe you have the same impression.

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