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WarHunter -> Soviet 16th Army (12/19/2015 4:37:22 PM)

16th army is a unique Army for the soviets. Its one of the smallest with only 6 divisions.

My latest game since the patch. This Army was given the prestigious defense of Vitebsk.
Imagine my surprise when only 1 division showed up for muster. This can only be the fault of its commander.
LtGen. Mo Fo Lukless.
Alerted to the situation. Khrushchev has been dispatched to take care of the problem before it gets any worse.

Anyone else with a luckless commander on either side?


elmo3 -> RE: Soviet 16th Army (12/19/2015 4:52:26 PM)

That's some impressive rolling of the digital dice!

Speedysteve -> RE: Soviet 16th Army (12/19/2015 5:39:52 PM)

Lol. Who'd have thought it!

willgamer -> RE: Soviet 16th Army (12/19/2015 5:53:17 PM)

About 1 chance in 4,000, if my statistics are correct.

Math: .8 x .2^5 = 1 over 3906.25

You could'a won big money in Vegas at those odds.... [:D]

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