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jimkehn -> Combat Question (12/18/2015 5:16:20 PM)

OK I went to do a combat and when I clicked on list of eligible attackers, there were no eligible attackers. I had four units adjacent to the enemy in three different hexes. One Panzer regiment was hurtin and had only 49 AP's, 89 supply, 80 morale but only 21 readiness so I get that.
Another Panzer regiment was 100 supply, 91 AP, 99 morale and 99 readiness??? Cant attack (I should mention here that the HQ was within three hexes, well within command range and was at 100 in all categories and hadn't moved). But another regiment in an adjacent hex was 91 AP, 100supply, 99 readiness and 99 morale and cant attack? Yet another regiment in the same hex as the second Pzr III had 82 AP, 100 supply, 85 Readiness, and 100 morale. A third hex contains an Inf III that has 89 AP, 100 supply, 99 readiness, 100 morale. when I try to add each of these units individually, The check mark to confirm is greyed out and the tool tip says I don't have enough Power Points? I cant find Power Points described and how you get them or what they do. Seems odd that units with such high Elan can not attack???

Edit: sorry I mentioned one panzer regiment twice above.

Edit 1.1:I did a search in the .pdf manual for power point and it isn't mentioned.

Vic -> RE: Combat Question (12/18/2015 7:14:55 PM)

Do you have a screenshot of the situation?

I fear you are missing very "obvious".

Did you maybe choose 'free setup'?

Or are you playing the Trappenjagd campaign where only units in Crimea can move?

Or did you order an artillery attack instead of a land attack?

Best wishes,

jimkehn -> RE: Combat Question (12/18/2015 8:55:42 PM)

Sorry Vic I am playing Kharkov 42. No these are two Inf regiments and one panzer Regiment of the 14th Panzer XX. Plus one Inf regiment from the 60th MOT division. No Artillery. I didn't choose free set up as I am on the next to last turn. And I confess it probably is something very obvious lol, I just don't know what it is. I saw in a post in another thread that sometimes POwer Points refers to the attack factor, but jeesh I have 83 strength factors and the enemy has 21, so I doubt I didn't hhave enough "power points" I DID take a screen shot AFTER my 60th regiment moved a hex, but you can still see the situation.......I just don't know how to upload it into the message.
I am enjoying the game, Vic...just trying to understand some of these anomalies.

P.S. Thinking about getting Barbarossa. [8D]

jimkehn -> RE: Combat Question (12/18/2015 9:30:30 PM)

Hmmm.....I know I played some sort of defensive card there, but I thought it was the prior turn....I think there is a defensive card either at Corps or army level that seriously hinders your ability to attack....I bet that's the problem. Anyway....havin fun with the game.

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