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Stimpak -> East German faction (Brüder Gegen Brüder) (12/15/2015 6:31:52 PM)

The old version of the campaign is long since broken and undergoing refurbishment, however this thread now serves it's purpose as the thread for my East Germany faction and updates towards it, as well as the maps and their remakes featured in the campaign. Don't forget to pick up the maps as I rebuild them!
Most Recent East German data folder is attached to my latest update within the thread.

Legacy post:


NOTE: The current uploaded version is an alternative, stopgap version designed to address problems within the campaign while I attempt to figure out a better workaround. If you have installed the campaign before, then you will need to re-install this version, as the old version is currently BROKEN.

0400 hours, 20 July 1989 forces of the Soviet Union crossed the border between East and West Germany near the town of Bad Neustadt, West Germany. The attack had been concealed by months of diplomatic maneuvering by the Soviet Union to get the world to believe it was pulling its combat forces out of Germany and promoting unification.

What was in fact happening was a plan to put all of Western Europe under Soviet control. The Warsaw Pact had been getting weaker and NATO was getting stronger. Cracks in the Warsaw Pact nations support for Soviet policies, along with Western economic stability has led Soviet leadership to assume a course of offensive action against NATO.

As the attack develops in the Fulda Gap the Americans are hard pressed to contain the offensive there. The entire operation in the Fulda Gap is a diversion and is intended to simply draw off the reserves and combat effectiveness of the NORTHAG.

Now, it is day two of the apocalypse. 2nd Guards Tank Army, and 3rd Red Banner Army advance to capture Bremen and several other ports along the German coast, and pave the way for Polish forces to seize Denmark. Standing in their way is the lone American 3rd Brigade, 2nd Armor Division...

But this is not the story of the American struggle against the Red Storm, this is the story of the East Germans under 5. Armee who's efforts help make the Soviet victories possible. In the coming days, they will fight a series of battles, some on the offensive, some defensive, and even some as guerillas. Opposing them however are not Americans, or British, but their former countrymen in West Germany. The Third World War pits Brother against Brother, and ensues in a bitter struggle for Victory as the world comes to an end.

Command the elite "9. Panzerdivision" and claim one final German victory, before Germany itself ceases to exist in the four (for now) part campaign, "Brüder Gegen Brüder"!

Included is:

-Four brand new maps based around: Faßberg, Bad Fallingbostel, Verden, and Vechta
-A new Warsaw Pact nation to choose from: East Germany, on the other side of the Iron Curtain
-Four (for now) challenging scenarios pitting you against everything NORTHAG has to throw at you
-A new campaign to claim victory in.

The Initial release version is, unfortunately, unplayable at the moment. A Stopgap version which for all intents and purposes is the initial release version, can be found here:

WildCatNL -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 7:47:39 PM)

Great job! Cannot wait for my holidays to start with this present.


JohnOsb -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 8:32:08 PM)

Looking forward to playing it.


Deathtreader -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 11:06:30 PM)

Absolutely awesome!! [&o][&o]


Now to download........


Deathtreader -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 11:11:14 PM)


Clicking on your download link is taking me directly to Google search.


Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 11:15:37 PM)

Works fine for me. Try again?

EDIT: Added alternative download link in OP.

Deathtreader -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 11:21:44 PM)

Yup.... tab address very briefly shows "filedropper" before switching to Google search.

Will you be uploading it to the OTS site? I'm sure they'd love to host it.[:)]


EDIT: Got it at your alternate site.[8D]

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/15/2015 11:48:51 PM)


ORIGINAL: Deathtreader
will you be uploading it to the OTS site?

The maps have been already, but not the campaign itself, as it now needs to go through the rigorous trial-and-error of player feedback and bug fixes [;)]

Mad Russian -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/16/2015 6:17:07 PM)

Another Christmas Present!!! [&o]

Good Hunting.


kipanderson -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/16/2015 6:30:36 PM)


Yup… very impressive. Looking forward to giving it a go over the holidays.

All the best,

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/16/2015 6:46:27 PM)


Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/16/2015 10:17:32 PM)

As a sidenote, you can also use this thread to AAR your playthroughs and provide me with feedback.

Thank you all for your support, wouldn't have been able to do it without your help [:D]

Cataphract88 -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/17/2015 2:36:24 PM)

Thanks for all your hard work. [:)][8D][:)]

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/17/2015 11:06:46 PM)

Unforunately, I have become aware of a large issue that severely disrupts every scenario: Using hours to restock fallen-out units breaks the R&W tab, causing failures in scenario design.
Furthermore, appended units do not spawn, even if no campaign hours were used. In Scenario 2, Panzerregiment 22 did not spawn at all regardless of what was done.

A stopgap version has been uploaded in place of the old files.

It pains me to reflect that these scenarios, otherwise, are poorly designed and balanced.

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/17/2015 11:13:01 PM)


Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/17/2015 11:59:42 PM)

The problem seems to have been identified, and it involves "Core Campaign Forces".

The only Core units that can be appended in a Campaign game are those that appear in the very first scenario. Attempting to add in core campaign units in subsequent scenarios will cause them to simply not spawn. The immediate consequence of this of course, is that said add-on units no longer carry over scenarios. Scenario 4, where I intended the full might of 9. Panzerdivision to be usable, will now be limited only to the initial Panzerregiment 21 + Panzerregiment 23 which spawns in.
As for VP replacement hours messing up the scenario design, that too is unavoidable and I'm not sure whether to replace the objectives with mundane, regular battles, or simply take away any option to refit units via hours.

I am going to have to overhaul the entire campaign. A stopgap version will be uploaded by tomorrow Now. I underestimate the speed at which I work.

As for the developers: I hope this is fixable before Southern Storm.

Tazak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 7:40:17 AM)

You have no control over taking away options to refit via hours, the most you can do is limit the total hours of the campaign but then you risk players not finishing your campaign as you intent i.e. missing a battle or having reduced time on the last battle, this can make the entire campaign challenging

If you go down this road you need to work out the VP's attainable in the first 3 battles along with a assumption of friendly losses VP and provide enough VPs on the last battle map to win/draw/lose

1 approach I'm testing at the moment is to space out the enemy reinforcements so that the battle lasts for as long as I want regardless of the player performance, then suggesting a limit on the amount of time used for repairs (destroyed are replaced via VP but these are often cheap enough not to have a major impact on the overall VP but repair time does impact scenario timings a lot - still trying to work out the destroyed/damaged ratio but using rule of thumb 40%/60% to work out time/VP costs)

battle 1 - 6 hours
repair time - 2 hours
battle 2 - 8 hours
repair time - 4 hours
battle 3 - 6 hours

total campaign time - 26 hours, if the player uses more time to repair then those hours are eating into the time on the 3rd battle (if the player reaches that far), this does present an additional challenge of limiting losses or working with reduced force

Don't expect to see any major changes until southern storm, already asked for more control over campaign aspects (adding or removing core forces over time, fixing amount of time allowed for repairs and ability to set a replacement pool rather than using VP)

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 7:45:24 AM)

That's a shame.
I suppose then I'll just have to work around the limitations. It'll take some planning, and of course, feedback.

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 8:51:07 AM)

That's what I get for rushing. You'll need to re-download a third time if you downloaded the older alternate version, as I mixed up the scenario files.

Actually, I'm going to start numbering these.
This is version 1.3B.

TheWombat_matrixforum -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 4:14:10 PM)

Hey, it's an amazing effort nonetheless, and I wouldn't get down on yourself for any rough spots. I think we're all impressed by this work, and Tazak's too, along with the other hardy souls who toil in these vineyards.

BTW, your name...Fallout, perhaps?

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 4:46:04 PM)


BTW, your name...Fallout, perhaps?

In a way. But quite before 4 was a thing.

ultradave -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 5:16:47 PM)

So far I like it. Started on scenario 1 (this is before this discussion about campaign structure). Ran into a costly unpleasant surprise pretty quickly. Not the scenario design, but me blundering about. I'll leave it at that to avoid any spoilers.

Not complaining though. One of the great things about this game is the view that it gives you. Higher level command with incomplete information and incomplete ability to rapidly influence or change things once set in motion. Having at one time been a brigade fire support officer, it's almost like being in the brigade TOC.

I obviously need to work on my recon skills.

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 5:24:23 PM)

What happened exactly?
Did you send your forces down the training range [;)]

TheWombat_matrixforum -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/18/2015 7:14:04 PM)




BTW, your name...Fallout, perhaps?

In a way. But quite before 4 was a thing.

Heh, I vividly remember firing up Fallout (the original, isometric one) for the first time, circa, what, 1997? Loved it from the first.

Tazak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/20/2015 8:54:20 AM)

Stimpak just had a thought, try using only the divisional HQ as the core force, that way you can add/remove/reinforcement the rest of the division as you want over the campaign, the game wont track kills per unit over the campaign but will track total kills/losses

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/20/2015 4:14:03 PM)

I figured I would end up going with my original model: The only core force is Panzerregiment 21, and you simply fight with units from the 5. Armee's other divisions.

The existing model is:

-Panzerregiments 21 and 22 are the core force
-Pak regiment 9 shows up in the second scenario
-MSR-9 shows up in the third
-Panzerregiment 23 appears in the fourth, thus having you fight with all 3 of the division's Panzerregiment
-??? Happens in the potential scenario 5...

ultradave -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/20/2015 4:57:48 PM)



What happened exactly?
Did you send your forces down the training range [;)]

Well, close. Down the road next to it. All looked fine until running smack into a company(+?) of Leopards. Lots of smoking wrecks in the town now. I did send recon first but they apparently were blind men.

battlerbritain -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/20/2015 7:47:52 PM)

I'm having problems even getting this Campaign started.

I've downloaded http://puu.sh/lZZnO/efc3cb2ee5.zip, extracted the files with:
Campaign files into the Campaign folder,
Maps files into the Maps folder and
EGerman folder (not under a Data folder in the zip) I've tried under the Data folder and under the FPRS folder and the game crashes in each location.

Error report is
A fatal error occured while loading the game: Sync error loading UNIT data object from file in Exception. This game version is 2.0.10. Do you need an update it to load this file?

Error log contains:
callstack crc : $1c3c563a, $5350ffa4, $5350ffa4
exception number : 1
exception class : EAccessViolation
exception message : Access violation at address 004537D5 in module 'FPRS.exe'. Read of address 00000004.

main thread ($1474):
004537d5 FPRS.exe System.Classes TList.IndexOf
00bab9f5 FPRS.exe uUnits 11048 +4 TMilUnit.SetSteps
00b8c6bf FPRS.exe uUnits 1906 +8 TMilUnit.ClearLstSubunits
00b8ff51 FPRS.exe uUnits 3057 +1 TMilUnit.Destroy
00670382 FPRS.exe GR32_Image 725 +4 TCustomPaintBox32.Destroy
006713e9 FPRS.exe GR32_Image 1329 +6 TCustomImage32.Destroy
0064e456 FPRS.exe LMDCustomControl 1419 +6 TLMDCustomControl.Destroy
0064ecde FPRS.exe LMDCustomPanel 192 +1 TLMDCustomPanel.Destroy
0064f91f FPRS.exe LMDCustomBevelPanel 319 +2 TLMDCustomBevelPanel.Destroy
00651bb0 FPRS.exe LMDFormDisplay 561 +2 TLMDFormDisplay.Destroy
00d3fedc FPRS.exe FPRS 67 +5 initialization

stack dump:
0012fd7c 70 7a 19 03 fa b9 ba 00 - b8 fd 12 00 d4 88 40 00 pz............@.
0012fd8c a0 fd 12 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 ................
0012fd9c 00 00 00 00 e4 fd 12 00 - c4 c6 b8 00 70 7a 19 03 ............pz..
0012fdac b0 c1 9f 01 02 00 00 00 - 56 ff b8 00 c8 fe 12 00 ........V.......
0012fdbc d4 88 40 00 e4 fd 12 00 - 70 7a 19 03 b0 c1 9f 01 ..@.....pz......
0012fdcc 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 - 00 00 00 00 70 7a 19 03 ............pz..
0012fddc 01 82 4b 01 70 7a 19 03 - dc fe 12 00 55 6f 4b 00 ..K.pz......UoK.
0012fdec 00 a9 aa 01 b0 c1 9f 01 - b0 c1 9f 01 00 3a 0f 03 .............:..
0012fdfc 19 f8 4b 00 b0 c1 9f 01 - 00 3a 0f 03 87 03 67 00 ..K......:....g.
0012fe0c b0 c1 9f 01 01 63 13 03 - ee 13 67 00 60 a1 a9 01 .....c....g.`...
0012fe1c 01 00 00 00 55 6f 4b 00 - 00 bc b1 01 60 a1 a9 01 ....UoK.....`...
0012fe2c 60 a1 a9 01 00 67 aa 01 - ec ba 58 00 60 a1 a9 01 `....g....X.`...
0012fe3c 01 63 13 03 d2 61 72 00 - c0 93 a3 01 01 00 00 00 .c...ar.........
0012fe4c 55 6f 4b 00 00 a7 aa 01 - c0 93 a3 01 c0 93 a3 01 UoK.............
0012fe5c 00 42 a7 01 19 f8 4b 00 - c0 93 a3 01 01 40 44 00 .B....K......@D.
0012fe6c 46 47 75 00 00 77 a3 01 - 03 00 00 00 55 6f 4b 00 FGu..w......UoK.
0012fe7c 00 99 aa 01 00 77 a3 01 - 00 77 a3 01 00 42 a7 01 .....w...w...B..
0012fe8c 19 f8 4b 00 00 77 a3 01 - 01 40 44 00 46 47 75 00 ..K..w...@D.FGu.
0012fe9c d0 60 0c 03 02 00 00 00 - 55 6f 4b 00 00 b7 b1 01 .`......UoK.....
0012feac d0 60 0c 03 d0 60 0c 03 - 00 00 00 00 ec ba 58 00 .`...`........X.

Are there some other files missing from the zip?

Stimpak -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/20/2015 8:13:52 PM)

I've been unable to replicate the problem when I downloaded from that pack.

It may be because I had done some tinkering with the NATO files as well.

Try replacing your existing Wgerman data files with this: (Remember to back up those files first!)


If the problem persists, you'll probably need a dev to look at it.

battlerbritain -> RE: "Brüder Gegen Brüder" Campaign (NEW!) (12/21/2015 5:46:49 PM)

Nope, that didn't fix it.

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