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Marshall -> Japanese aircraft development (12/13/2015 4:53:08 PM)

Hi there,

I decided to drop in the issue I am contemplating for some time now.

What is the fastest route to develop the :
-N1K1-J George

My development for now, is developing the engines needed of course with 6 to 7 factories of 30 in size
next to it, I develop the A6M5 Zero, then jump to the SAM.

The George, i basically do the same, basically star ton the engine as much as possible entry to get as much time off as possible, so I can get have it operational in feb'43.

Especially the SAM takes a lot of time, but is this route the fastest? how fast can i develop the sam, and what amount off effort would this take.

Last but not least,

Ki-49-IIb Helen vs the Ki-67-Ia Peggy.
Is it worth moving to the Peggy? more range, but higher service rating, 30mph faster, but is it worth losing the payload?

i think we should have a little Japanese aircraft discussion corner setup on this forum :)

You can PM me if you don't want to share directly in the forum of course [:D].


GetAssista -> RE: Japanese aircraft development (12/13/2015 5:29:42 PM)

With those fighters no way other than starting with as many 30 size R&D factories as you can spare right from Dec 7, 1941.
Plus getting Ha-45 into 500+ by the time first George factory repairs.

There are diminishing returns wrt how far you can advance the date of arrival, so assigning more than 8-10 factories is a waste, unless you have absolutely positively nothing else to research at all (which is hardly ever the case). When on PDU On I personally would assign more factories to George than Sam as the former has a chain of R&D and comes earlier for more impact.
Can't comment on Peggy, have no relevant PBEM experience. Seems like all IJ land bombers lose their importance in the primary rola by the mid-end of 1943 because of increasing Allied fighter presence. But torp Peggy is interesting

Edit: I did some R&D modelling for Sam arrival given # of factories in that thread http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3926297

Lowpe -> RE: Japanese aircraft development (12/15/2015 2:29:38 AM)

Peggy T -- in actual use greatly delayed by the need to train pilots.

Lilly Divebomber is a better army solution...

Read some of El Lobo's AAR where Pax Mondo and I go off on r&d strategies very recently.

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