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RangerX3X -> A Thin Tan Line (12/13/2015 3:39:13 AM)

Just curious more than anything: there is no scenario in Flashpoint Germany named this. There is however a scenario named "Thin Blue Line".

As it is the same scenario, I am curious as to the name change when the briefing mentions that it is a conversion from the original game with the "same" name.

CapnDarwin -> RE: A Thin Tan Line (12/13/2015 10:52:00 AM)

That's because the counters in FPG for the British were blue and now we use tan. So a little name change to go along.

cbelva -> RE: A Thin Tan Line (12/13/2015 11:20:37 AM)

Jim got it right. "A Thin Blue Line" in FPG is "A Thin Tan Line" in FPGR. The quote from the briefing is about it being a conversion from the original game with the same name is a reflection on the scenario designer and his lack of attention to little details like that [:-] and not the scenario overall.

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