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caldy -> german win easy mod (12/6/2015 2:09:54 PM)

I like win easy and i like win with germans so my question.
It will be possible to have a 'what if' mod with more german units?
I dont see any mods for this game,
are difficult to implents or simply none exists?

buchand -> RE: german win easy mod (12/6/2015 3:05:17 PM)

Cant answer the mods question but for an 'easy' win you can experiment with the options to either increase Axis supply,morale etc or decrease the Soviet.
These changes can be much more powerful than 'merely' adding Axis units.

cohimbra -> RE: german win easy mod (12/7/2015 4:49:48 AM)



I like win easy

Play HoI and you can take Washington with Regio Esercito [;)]

morvael -> RE: german win easy mod (12/7/2015 7:17:36 AM)

caldy, if you want more units you'll have to create a custom scenario where you'll add some units yourself.

zakblood -> RE: german win easy mod (12/7/2015 7:20:50 AM)

just play on easy and give yourself 400 of everything, should be able to make it a lot easier tbh

WITW pic shown as i don't have East on this test pc, but same box anyway


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