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aaatoysandmore -> and another thing! (11/28/2015 1:37:27 AM)

Why do gas miners have a luxury excavator on them in the pre-builts and also more than one fuel storage tank....mines can't move and gas mines can't mine minerals last I heard from the science officer. [:D] They don't have a mineral excavator on them. I found one gas mine that was mining on this one planet that wasn't a gas planet. That struck me as very strange and why I started to investigate this game.

I notice they have the whole inventory list of items when they are first built. Is this what they start with or what?

Regular mines have no gas extractors on them yet they extract gas products like casion. How, is this possible without the proper equipment?

Some of this stuff is sooooo confusing. There's not enough information about how's and why's the economy works or not. How much does a cargo box hold? I build a ship with 10 cargo holds but I have no clue how much it's going to fill or what. I'l like to know how the economy works so I can maybe make more money. I always am eons behind in the economy game. If it weren't for selling gas mines I'd be broke all the time.

I notice mines have a cargo space of 20 cargo boxes. If I build a ship that will hold 20 cargo boxes full of stuff will I make the max profit? What if the mine can't build 20 cargo boxes full of stuff? Then my freight ships are a waste. I wanna see dollars and cent figures not just a yearly profit bs counter. With what am I making this number the most with. I want to see financial record sheets monthly. I want to see the product inventory list with what has sold the most that month and how much. You know, like Sid Meier's Railroads. That game was/is a blast with the financials you saw monthly. You know it had a train page that showed you what each an every train made that month. I always got good information and feedback from that game and never was at a loss for what I was making and why and how.

As for the mineral miners mining gas I have no problem with that but they should at least have to have 1 gas extractor on them.

RiftHick -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 2:57:26 AM)

They have luxury extractors because gas mines are intended to also be used on Ice worlds and Ice worlds have Tyderios (a gas) and things like Vodkol, Ivory and Terallion which are luxury materials. Mines have an inventory of assorted materials which as I recall is probably meant for them to hold for the purposes of retrofits.

RemoteLeg -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 3:05:30 PM)

Some luxuries are found on gas giants, so that's why gas miners also need luxury extractors on occasion.
I don't believe mining bases can mine Caslon from gas giants - only a base with gas extractors can do that.

If you put too few fuel tanks on a mining base, the static energy requirements will soon bleed it dry. The base will still operate without fuel, but now freighters will keep stopping by to deliver more fuel - such a waste of resources. Better to add enough Energy Collectors to balance its static energy requirements so you don't need much fuel.

If a mining base fills its cargo hold it stops mining. Better to give it plenty of space (20 boxes is good), but your freighters will keep moving cargo away from the base so you don't need the full 20 boxes on your freighters. I usually go for 8 boxes on my small freighters, 12 on medium, and 18 on large.

When a base is first constructed it takes all the leftover cargo from the constructor. This is intended to allow it to upgrade later without needing more cargo. My personal opinion is that it's a waste of cargo space, but those are the rules.

aaatoysandmore -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 4:50:05 PM)

Wow, some good information here. So, gas miners can be used on regular planets huh? Maybe that is why I'm seeing casion on mineral planets then. I didn't know about the dump of all freight after building it. The tutorial, (was there one?) didn't give much information about how all this stuff works and that encyclopedia ingame is worthless for the most part.

I should think though that mineral miners could mine gas on mineral planets if they had the gas extractor. After all there are gas pockets underneath the ground in our own world. I see all these ships hauling casion though a lot to this one planet. But, it has that fuel icon on it. How and why does that appear? If there is any casion in the system or on that planet? Sometimes I will get the icon but I can't get my ships to go there and get gas and I always mine casion gas planets every time I find one because middle game the AI gives ridiculous amounts of cash for them. Last game this one race had so much money I got like 18mil from him out of selling gas stations that were in his system that I had gotten before him. I was able to make pretty much unlimited ships after that. My puny income of like 125k a month from taxes didn't seem worth a squat then. [:D]

And one game I got silicon locked. Like being land locked in Magic the Gathering (if you've ever played it). There wasn't any silicon planets to be found in my area for a long time. Then I finally found one and the lord forgive me (gotdam) Guardians beat me to it.[:D] I did finally get some but it took forever. All games afterwards if I see silicon I'm mining it. Make the AI pay me for some.

Game still crashes a lot though. I'm on a 10 minute autosave now cause I never know when the next crash is coming. A window pops up with why it crashed with a bunch of information only a programmer could understand and then I click the OK button and get thrown to desktop.

It's a shame a game like this doesn't work better. Even with all the flaws and bad AI it's still fun, especially smearing the Dhraut *who stomped me last game I might add* on extreme/aggressive vanilla. Even with all the money I had, I couldn't keep up production with a war with them. I think I only had 2 starports also in that game. Key to lots of ships is lots of starports I'm finding. The 15x15, 400 planets, normal is working out nicely now for good spread for everyone. Most everyone gets about 10 colonies. There's always a couple that only get like 1 or 2. It's fun to watch them breakout though. The dogfaces are real good doing that and the Akdians.

Also, one more question. Do troop transport ships get a bonus to hauling troops over a star fighter hauling the same amount. I find my star fighter troop ships hardly ever take a planet but my troop ships do. I put 3 troop carries on star fighters and 4 on troop carriers sometimes. Same amount of ships and getting them to all land at once is a pita for sure. A handful at a time landing gets me massacred pretty quickly. I have them set to assaut immediately. How come some times they just stand off out in the distance?

Bingeling -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 4:58:01 PM)

Are you running a mod? The game should not be that unstable.
Also, which version are you running?

aaatoysandmore -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 5:06:09 PM)

No, I'm not running a mod now. In fact I re-installed the whole game just yesterday. It ran fine for awhile and then the crashe started coming after a few hours. Now, they come regularly.

RemoteLeg -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 6:49:07 PM)

Just to clarify:
- gas extractors can only mine gas giants
- mineral extractors can only mine solid planets
- some luxuries are gaseous and some are solid, so luxury extractors can mine both

I'm not sure why your game is crashing. Mine never does.

I don't think troop carriers get any combat bonuses. They're just buckets for hauling meat around.
Research the tech for stronger soldiers and you should fare better.

aaatoysandmore -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 9:57:34 PM)

It seems to crash the most just when I discover something. You know a window pops up and tells you what you discovered. I tried to turn events off but they still keep popping up. This last crash was during an autosave. It just crashed right in the middle of saving. I didn't get that save either but thanks to 10 minute autosaves it's no biggie until I really get tired of restarting the damn game over n over.

One screen keeps saying null void object not found an another says object in use. To summarize what the whole pages say in programmer lingo.

Don't forget this is the old vanilla version not UNIVERSE. As I was reinstalling the game yesterday I didn't know we didn't get all the settings till Shadows came out. As I loaded each expansion seperately I kept noticing that a lot of the infantry tech selections weren't in the first 3 expansions. I didn't get all the tech until I installed Shadows. The other thing was the Extreme difficulty selection and the number of planets we got to select.

btd64 -> RE: and another thing! (11/28/2015 11:31:23 PM)

aaatoys, After each part was installed, did you run the updater before installing the next part?. Also, start to post all issues here in one thread so it will be easier to figure out the problem. And keep the insults about the developers and Beta testers to a minimum please. I'm one of the Beta testers and I will try to help you....GP

aaatoysandmore -> RE: and another thing! (11/29/2015 7:41:04 PM)

Too late. I'm done with it. I've reloaded my last time. I count like 4 crashes just this morning alone. It gets frustrating having to reload the damn game all the time. I have 100's to a thousand other games and I don't have issues with them like I do just this one. Its faulty programming and wasn't tested enough obviously or these issues would have been seen. I've been in beta testing and worked for some of the best and beta testing is not what it seems it should be. Most peeps just want a free game and hardly do any beta testing and that I got from the developer himself.

btd64 -> RE: and another thing! (11/29/2015 8:25:43 PM)


ORIGINAL: aaatoysandmore

Too late. I'm done with it. I've reloaded my last time. I count like 4 crashes just this morning alone. It gets frustrating having to reload the damn game all the time. I have 100's to a thousand other games and I don't have issues with them like I do just this one. Its faulty programming and wasn't tested enough obviously or these issues would have been seen. I've been in beta testing and worked for some of the best and beta testing is not what it seems it should be. Most peeps just want a free game and hardly do any beta testing and that I got from the developer himself.

Well that's fine. Keep in mind, the only one who has these issues is YOU. I do understand the Frustration. Any game can be frustrating. Now, I can try to help YOU or YOU can uninstall the game and forget about it. Your choice. And by the way, The Beta testers I worked with on Distant Worlds Universe were very involved and earned everything they got. So, the choice is yours, Get it running or uninstall and forget about it. But you will show some respect on these forums....GP

SirHoraceHarkness -> RE: and another thing! (11/30/2015 6:05:08 AM)

Seems from the other threads aaatoysandmore has started he is looking for things to complain about as his issues don't really seem to happen to anyone else. [:'(]

Bingeling -> RE: and another thing! (11/30/2015 9:03:44 AM)

Admittedly, there is probably not many that currently run Shadows and post here.

I will see if I can set up an idle Shadows game to run, which would reveal if there is a very common and eternal crash thing going on. I did run a version of the latest patch with no issues, but I may not have run it for very long.

btd64 -> RE: and another thing! (11/30/2015 11:40:46 AM)

The question I have is, Did he run the updater after each part was installed? There are bug fixes with each of those, and aaatoys declined to answer that question. That alone could be the problem. Many years back I loaded the game up to Shakturi without the updates( I forgot to do it ) and had a bunch of issues after about 10 to 15 years in. Don't remember the details, but there you go....GP

Bingeling -> RE: and another thing! (11/30/2015 1:02:28 PM)

If that fails it is a very ugly error with the installers. It should never, ever, be necessary to install updates for anything but the latest version.

I am quite sure that I have not used the patching for each version, and I will make sure to do a fresh install before starting a long, fully automated game tonight. With the install chain of: Base game, Shakturi, Legends, Shadows, shadows patch.

Shadows was very stable, but it is possible that it was somehow broken with the latest patch.

Bingeling -> RE: and another thing! (12/1/2015 7:06:14 AM)

The game started crashed once in 342 years by the time I stopped.

So at least patch can be quite stable. The single crash did not repeat itself. This does not rule out the possibility that a specific game can create a situation where it starts crashing repeatedly. It just shows that it is possible to avoid that happening.

To put things into perspective, in 342 years "my" Gizureans had over 2000 civilian ships and bases, about 80 of which were mining stations. The sheer number of ships in the galaxy makes saving take a very long time.

And no, I did not run more than one patch while installing, I just added the latest Shadows one.

btd64 -> RE: and another thing! (12/1/2015 2:21:17 PM)

Well that's good to know. Must be something on his end then. He is obviously happier complaining about the game rather than getting it working so that is that....GP

Bingeling -> RE: and another thing! (12/1/2015 8:17:09 PM)

The error he reported in the tech forum a while ago, looks like a genuine game crash. It could be something wrong with his install, but it is likely that the cause is not connected to his computer.

As I said, a single game could get corrupted, but the likelihood of it happening should be low.

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