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kritter -> [ANSWERED] Weapon Ambiguity (11/18/2015 12:24:42 AM)

When I try and fire some weapons it will tell me the weapons down range ambiguity is larger than the 1x the weapon ambiguity. How do I know what each weapon ambiguity is and how does each weapon get calculated?

kritter -> RE: Weapon Ambiguity (11/22/2015 7:51:53 PM)

Anyone know what the answer is?

Dimitris -> RE: Weapon Ambiguity (11/23/2015 2:37:04 PM)

Manual, page 32-33:

Engaging Ambiguous Targets: Sets the AI behavior when considering using a weapon. Each weapon has certain tolerances calculated on-the-fly for down/cross-range; most direct-guidance systems want a precise target, most LOAL weapons have relatively strict cross-range tolerance (equal to the sensor swath) but relaxed downrange tolerance because of their BOL ability, area-effect weapons can tolerate up to their kill zone etc. If the targetís ambiguity figures are greater than the weapon tolerances, this is explained in the manual weapon allocation window and the weapon will not be fired. This dialog has four options:

IGNORE AMBIGUITY: An ambiguous contact is any contact with an uncertainly area. The AI will ignore the ambiguity when determining whether or not to launch a weapon.

OPTIMISTIC: The target uncertainty area must be smaller than 3x the weapon tolerance for the AI to launch the weapon.

PESSIMISTIC: The target location uncertainty must be less than the weapon tolerance for the AI to launch the weapon.

INHERIT: Posture setting is the same as the parent mission or side RoE.

TIP: This setting is of great help if you want to make the AI (both friendly and enemy) conservative & cautious with its fire discipline (fire only under a solid fire control solution), or conversely model a trigger-happy or poorly-trained unit, group or entire side that throws weapons right and left without much caution.

kritter -> RE: Weapon Ambiguity (11/23/2015 5:30:08 PM)

Thank you very much.

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