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Dino_SWE -> How to Multiplay? (10/22/2015 1:52:02 AM)

How do I create or join a multiplayer game?


Leibst -> RE: How to Multiplay? (10/22/2015 8:05:30 PM)

Here is some info valid for TYW.

Dino_SWE -> RE: How to Multiplay? (10/22/2015 11:23:51 PM)

Holy hell what a terrible system. Sorry, but thats a real shame :(

Thanks for info though

Leibst -> RE: How to Multiplay? (10/23/2015 1:54:21 PM)

Well, during all this years Ageod pbem system is that so i suposse it is no so easy to find another solution.
Maybe because the system of moving at the same time but no being online.

Dino_SWE -> RE: How to Multiplay? (10/23/2015 7:52:23 PM)

Im sure the Mailing and Copy/Pasting parts could be automated somehow. I dont know about the development budget however but considering the store price it should definitely be in there already imo. But I guess most customers get it for the singleplayer anyway.

Leibst -> RE: How to Multiplay? (10/24/2015 6:23:01 AM)

Not my case, as a player i love the pbem in Ageod games, not the system, the game i mean.

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