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jacozilla -> Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 12:26:46 PM)

The pre-set quick start game buttons include the various combos of expansions, with playing as either empire or pirate. In particular here, I see I can play
1. original storyline but no Shakturi or Legends (classic button)
2. original storyline + Shakturi but no Legends (Return of shakturi button)
3. original storyline + shakturi + legends (Legends button)

My question is, I don't seem to see when setting up Custom game an option to enable Legends storyline? I see checkmarks that let me turn on any combo of storylines except none listed for Legends. What I see are boxes for:
-Original storyline
-Shadows (for pre-warp starts)

Is Legends only playable via the pre-set game button? Not custom game setup?

Aeson -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 12:50:06 PM)

Legends didn't really have a storyline the way the other expansions did; its big feature was the legendary pirate armadas, pirate factions with up to several hundred highly advanced warships. There are basically no events other than the "we've encountered legendary pirates" event associated with a Legends storyline; the pirates just pop up at some point within the game and start (attempting) to devastate the galaxy. Somewhat unsurprisingly, this qualifies as a disaster (both literally and for game options; you need Disasters and Other Events to be enabled for Legendary Pirates to show up).

jacozilla -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 1:06:01 PM)

Oh ok, so to get the Legends expect 'feature', the Legendary pirates - I have to enable disasters and other events.

I'm trying to get that achievement and hadn't encountered any legendary pirates yet but i'd taken to turning off all disasters. So guess I'll need to re-enable that setting until I finally meet the legendary pirates, beat em and get the achievement.

ehsumrell1 -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 4:08:05 PM)

Also, an additional main function of the Legends expansion added characters
(Admirals, Ambassadors, Scientists, etc.) to the game.

jacozilla -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 7:34:21 PM)

Oh wait, ok - so you get some of the Legendary expac features even without turning on Disasters for the legendary pirates?

Because with most my games but a few before I turned off disasters as a norm, I got Admirals, Ambassadors, etc.

So sounds like you get all but the legendary pirates as a part of playing any custom game except the legendary pirates which have to be separately enabled.

Bingeling -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 7:45:33 PM)

The product page is there to help.


New character system, including Leaders, Admirals, Generals, Ambassadors, Governors, Agents and Scientists, all with defined skills and traits and the opportunity to advance and improve New modelling of borders and spheres of influence New expanded gameplay with race-specific events and victory conditions, as well as a new hidden faction! Expanded technology tree, including dedicated carriers, cutting lasers, rail guns, new planetary facilities and wonders Improved AI and an updated Diplomacy system with refuelling and mining rights as well as immigration policies Improved fleet management and automation, including fleet postures Improved modding support, including full race and character modding

Legends lacked the "big" headliner feature, but it was a massive improvement to the game. And that even if I dislike a couple of those features.

jacozilla -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 8:20:43 PM)

I self admit I am a sucker for not reading anything and just dive in and play, learning as I go.

Should probably read all those product pages so I know what all is the entire Universe package I bought on steam.

Although to be fair, Matrix does an oddly weird job in hiding a lot of them in fairly non-intuitive ways to get there. I see the Universe page easily but I had to google just now one by one each expect to get a brief description. Most didn't even end up on the Matrix product pages, it was usually review links.

Just now found a way to navigate through the Matrix product pages and eventually found each one but cumbersome.

Bingeling -> RE: Custom game options - Legends? (10/21/2015 8:29:57 PM)

To be fair, it is not really relevant for you if you could influence the research order in the vanilla game or not (that came in the first expansion).

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