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3 July 1943 - 3 August 1945

---------------Historical Overview --------------

Unbeknownst to the Allies, after the disaster of the Battle of Britain a quiet 'Palace Revoltion' occurred in the Luftwaffe. Udet, Galland, Molders and others let Goring know who would run things. After tacit approval from Hitler, Goring retained the title of Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe as a paper leader and the innovators in the Luftwaffe and the German aircraft industry are allowed the freedom to pursue new ideas and technologies.~
The British and American Army have landed and they have come to stay. The liberation of Europe has begun.

--------------Scenario Overview-----------
Can the industrial might of the Allies overcome the technological advances and the Aces of the Luftwaffe? The Axis player will get certain aircraft one year ahead of their historical timeline.

Do335a, He162, Ta152h, Ar234b, Me262a2, Me2621a, Me2621a/u3

Scenario Length: 109 turns
Allied Admin Points per turn: 10~Axis Admin Points per turn: 5
There is no Axis player-turn on turn 1
Original Author: Trey Marshall - el hefe, Mod:KWG

The only thing changed is the arrival year of the aircraft. The way the production system operates, and with the warnings about messing with it given in the editor manual, it should intresting to see the outcome. Allied technology is the same as historically.

From what Ive experienced so far as commander of all German Forces in the West, you may have to fight the commander of all German Forces in the East for the aircraft.

For now Build Limit, Expansion Rate and Reliability are the same.
Let me know of any problems, missplellings, etc.

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