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jacozilla -> Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 4:51:18 AM)

I have disasters and random events off. I assume character dismissal is not part of that but just in case, I've disabled that.

Anyway, question - is there any rhyme / reason to how or why one of your characters are dismissed / removed?

Spies make complete logical sense - you lose a spy when you undertake risky mission, or just bad roll of the dice. Either way, it is for me to decide whether my spy has a lower or greater chance to survive a mission.

But it seems, almost always early in the start of game, one of my fairly important characters is always dismissed 'for incompetence and grumpiness' or something like that lol.

Like my chief scientist or my good colony governor. It's random, but very consistent in that someone you really don't want to lose, just gets randomly dismissed.

So :
a) is this dismissal in any way controllable by the player?
b) if not, is it just truly random who it picks and when it does the dismissal?

CyclopsSlayer -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 3:16:03 PM)

Partially race based. XHumans seem to dump characters left and right, one of the achievements is for one of the races to win with the same ruler in place they started with.

I have had scientists dumped that were inspiring and heavy bonused, while the git with Traitor is kept forever.

SirHoraceHarkness -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 4:56:43 PM)

Certainly an annoying feature of the game and one I hope is either refined or removed from dw2.

RiftHick -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 6:04:40 PM)

Some governments draw from existing character pools. Technocrats elect scientists, Monarchies draw from Governors, Dictatorships draw from Generals/ Admirals. Some governments don't draw from an existing pool but effectively replace an existing leader with a character that didn't exist until it was brought in to replace the older leader. Some races like Ketarov have a race event which replaces a character with an intelligence operative (It's called Security Concerns and is Race Event 15 I think). There is also assassination but that is straightforward, other than these I can't think of anything that would cause random and automatic dismissal of characters unless you are allowing the AI/ Automation to police your characters. The only time I've seen characters dismissed that weren't killed or kicked out by myself directly was when the Automation was turned on for that part of the game and that is me speaking as someone who regularly as sandbox matches that last 200+ years.

jacozilla -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 6:07:48 PM)

I've been playing a mix of mostly ikkuro, ackdarians, and humans (with the DW Extended mod) - so many races to try but for now my xp with these three have been mostly same:

-game starts, within first year it seems or fairly soon, random guy gets dumped.
-may just be coincidence but never had a guy with no / unrevealed stats. Like if I lose a spy (as dismissal, not kost in spying), it will be the one I got decent stats on and leveled up a bit, never it seems the useless spy that hasnt earned anything yet

-maybe its an ikkuro thing but when i have a leader and colony governor, the governor almost always plots and schemes against the ruler, and after my leader has gotten some good level ups - the coup d'etat happens and the governor kills the leader.

But then it kind of settles down, some more random dismisals later in game, but it seems the early ones almost seem scripted.

It reminds me of the hero shuffle in endless space, except there, you never lose a hero you actually picked, just the ones in your unpicked pool. If DW had a pool of chars you could pick from at game start, I'd much prefer that - and have the random dismissals be from the shuffle pool.

HerpInYourDerp -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 6:07:52 PM)

Check empire policy to see if it's set managing characters to auto.

RiftHick -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 6:32:29 PM)

Coups, Elections, Replacements are all just leader change events. The only real reason for the 3 distinctions is a combination of RP/ Thematic and temporary impact, in the game elections are typically marked by periods of bonus and growth, replacements are sort of indifferent and Coups are followed by a period of negativity and instability. Each government type as differing intensities on these (Monarchs have a disruption of 0.4 but Feudal is like 1.6 but both are coup governments). Republics will never have replacements or coups only elections, Hives never have anything other than replacements and Monarchies are always coups...etc. That said it is fully possible to mod governments so that Democracy is changed to be coup based, have both bonus and disruption and draw from scientists only if you wanted to.

As for character pools, some mods do away from scratch random characters and replace them with more realistic premade characters some even go as far as to make the characters come in some sort of order or chronology. As for "eternal leaders" that requires changing race file info, Gizurean and Visareen are the only widely known races that operate with eternal leaders but you can make any race have them but it can lead to some "balance" issues on occasion depending on character skills.

It really does sound however that you have some measure of automation that is making these calls for you, I agree with Herp double check your automation settings.

SirHoraceHarkness -> RE: Any logic to character dismissal? (10/13/2015 6:47:11 PM)

You can turn automation off but the real issue is the ai seems to randomly dismiss competent or even critical characters instead of the deadwood which makes the feature pointless as no real empire is going to get rid of a yamamoto or einstein or lincoln because he was having a pissy day. Assassination otoh would be fine as they are prime targets of any rival empires.

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