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Erik Rutins -> War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 11:50:50 AM)

In conjunction with the Operation Torch release, we have a major free update for War in the West owners. The update is available here: [download link]

Here's the full change list:

V1.01.01 – 30 September 2015

• New Features and Rule Changes

1. Starting with this version, use of a non-official scenario or data file in a game is noted to the players. If a game is using a modified file, the following message will appear on the Load Scenario, Load Save, and Multiplayer screens when a game is clicked on: ***Modified scenario and/or data files. In addition, all scenario files and data files released with this or later versions may only be loaded with this or a later version. Versions prior to 1.01.00 may not load these newer scenario and data files. Old saves may be loaded with this and newer versions.
2. Multiplayer (section 3.3.9) – There is a new messaging capability now built into Multiplayer. You can use this when setting up a Multiplayer game, to better describe the Challenge and also to communicate with your opponent each turn without needing an e-mail address or other contact information. Messages can be up to 255 characters in length and will be visible to all players in a Multiplayer game. When setting up a challenge, note that you can click on the text box near the bottom right of the screen and enter a message of up to 255 characters. Press enter after completing the message, and the message will appear in the message section of the screen. This will show the most recent messages from all of the players. When you start your turn, you may see a message that you have an unread message from your opponent. F12 will bring up the message interface. When you hit End Turn, you will also have a chance to read messages and add your own message, before the turn is completed and uploaded to the server. Operation Torch users that are able to set up multiplayer games with more than 1 player per side, may also set messages to be sent as public (visible to all players) or private (only visible to players on your side). You can also filter the messages in the list by clicking on the. Players can also filter the messages displayed in their list by player or by turn. There is a maximum of two messages that may be added after loading a save from the server. Any Multiplayer game created while using the 1.01.00 version (or a later version) should only be accepted by a player also using 1.01.00 (or a later version). Ongoing Multiplayer games can be continued. Additional information on Multiplayer features can be found in the Operation Torch Scenario Notes manual.
3. Multiplayer (Torch ground/air commander split) – Air commanders may only compose messages prior to beginning the air execution phase. Once the air execution phase has completed, the game will be uploaded to the server for the next player to download. The air commander will then be placed in Air Review Mode where he will be able to look over the map and view the results of the air execution phase. This is purely a review phase for the air commander since the game has already advanced the turn to the next player. To exit the air review phase and return to the main menu, press the end turn (F12) button.
4. New Feature (section 26.3.6) - Air Weather Forecasts - On the weather screen you will see two dates at the top, the current date on the left and the next turn’s date on the right. When you select the next turn’s date, you will see the forecast air weather for that turn. The Axis have no early forecast information on Polar Maritime, Tropical Maritime, and Polar Continental fronts until they have arrived on the map. The Allies have no early forecast information on Polar Continental fronts. For these fronts without early information, they must already be on the map before they are included in the next turn’s forecast. The forecast is just that, an estimate of where the fronts will go, along with the knowledge of the dominating weather that will exist in each climate zone during the next turn. There are no forecasts for ground conditions.
5. New Feature/Editor - Player Triggered Early End - Any short scenario can have one side designated in the editor so that if that side captures all of the objectives of both sides, the scenario will immediately end. Points will be awarded as if the player held the objectives for all of the rest of the turns of the scenario and will score end game objective points as well. In addition, all units deemed isolated on the side that does not hold an objective will be destroyed and counted in the victory point casualty count. Note that the Victory screen states at the bottom that the game may end early if it is a scenario set up for this. Scenarios that have the possibility of an early end have this noted in their scenario description text on the Load Scenario screen.
6. Support Unit Attachment – Now, independent brigades may attach 2 support units. Other support limits are unchanged, so they are:
a. Divisions – 3
b. Independent Brigades – 2
c. Independent Regiments – 1
d. Division Breakdowns (brigade or regiment) - 1
7. Changes to the Eastern Front Option:
a. East Front APs - In games where the EF option is on (only campaign games), the Axis player will receive 1 additional AP point per turn.
b. East Front air groups that have the potential to upgrade will only do so 10% of the time.
c. East Front air groups that are sent west now only have pilots equal to their number of aircraft when they arrive in the west.
d. (section 25.1.1) The East Front Advance Axis Penalty VPs are now ½ of what they were. The front line differential is now multiplied by 5 instead of 10 to determine the number of victory points scored.
8. Air Battle Victory Conditions – Victory points scored for aircraft losses in Air Battle scenarios are now divided by 10. We found this was needed after the Victory modifiers were added in the 1.00.29 version.
9. Air Transfer (F10) – Changed/improved Air Transfer interface functionality. It is now called the Air Navigation Panel to reflect the increased functionality, although air transfers are still executed from this panel. See OnePageGuide4a for complete details.
10. Changes made to the air game rules that are documented in the OnePageGuide 4b:
a. Added ability to active/deactivate air directives.
b. Added air phase toggle for air superiority and naval patrol ADs allowing ADs to be set to fly in either the friendly or enemy player air phase only, or in both.
c. Added night Air Superiority/Intruder missions.
d. Added code which enables "Wilde Sau" (Wild Boar) tactics for the German JG 300/JG 301/JG 302 groups starting from July 1943.
e. Added detailed info regarding aircraft losses into the supply event log in the air execution section, which is now exported (all air execution data) after air execution into a txt file in the dat/saves/logs folder.
f. Historical pilots are designated on the air group detail screen (pilot tab).
g. Added new airfield fog of war info functionality.
11. Added strategic recon display - You can now toggle the Show Recon button (shift-t) to either show ground recon values or strategic (city) recon values (or no recon info). When strategic recon is toggled on, rollover info will display factory info, and every enemy city hex on the map will be shaded based on the number of turns since the last strategic intel for the city (darker the hex, the longer it’s been).
12. Added how long has it been since the last recon photo in the hex popup when factory location toggle is turned on.
13. Changes to air and flak combat:
a. Max speed altitude bands were not hooked correctly. Now aircraft should perform different on various altitude.
b. Added code which makes harder to intercept fast bombers by slow fighters
c. Made A2A more lethal and AA less dangerous
d. Increased intensity of night combat
e. Tweaked night detection formulas
f. Damaged planes have more chances to participate in the air combat.
g. Made interception numbers less predictable (i.e. not exactly equal to number of bomber).
h. Added unit resupply code during flak fire
i. Adjusted flak ammo usage
j. Added flak ammo usage info to the air execution log
k. During maintenance phase pilot accumulated fatigue is not reduced to zero, but divided by 4, unless group is set to rest or is idle.
l. Slightly reduced air ops losses on landing.
m. Adjusted a2a/flak damage
n. Increased AA bonus for mobile flak guns
14. Air and ground unit HQ attachment flags are now automatically cleared at the start of any scenario so units can change their HQ attachment on turn 1.
15. Air groups which fail to fly out from captured base will show up immediately in the NR with zero planes and pilots.
16. Difficulty levels now have an impact on the air portion of the game as follows:
a. Morale level: impacts air group morale level when calculating available mileage
b. Morale level: impacts air group NM morale level when gaining morale
c. Morale level: impacts pilot skill level in all air combat and air attacks
d. Admin level: impacts aviation support level when repairing AC
17. Editor - Named pilots to specific units in Editor - Added the capability to add "real" pilots to units via editor:
a. Added a pilot list for the air groups. It is possible set some pilots as historical. When set it can be modified by editing name, experience, fatigue and delay. Delay is a new parameter which works exactly as other delays: decreased each turn till 0 when pilot arrives to the group or to the pool. All "historical" pilots appear on the top.
b. It is also possible to delete pilots. If average pilot experience differs from the one set for the group, a new entry appears in the parenthesis displaying average pilot experience. When clicked it will try to adjust pilot experience to match as much as possible the value set for the air group.
c. Also, to change aircraft type for the air group you need to click "Aircraft:". Removed previous string to save a space on the bottom.
d. Made a fix for the CUT/PASTE function for the air groups - it should re-link pilots to the air group's new slot.
18. Editor - Updated pilot CSV/CR list screen:
a. Added new columns: hist, delay.
b. When pilot is attached to the group, you can click his name to open air group detail screen (pilot tab).
c. Added pilot nation filter
d. Added "active" filter with values - all, active (in group), reserve pool, delayed
e. Added historical filter
f. Hooked aircraft type filter (the same as on for the air group)
19. Editor - Make Set All City Control account for the starting location of the EF box by making hexes and cities Soviet controlled based on the start date of the scenario.
20. Editor – The remove all off map units function now sets the delay of off map air groups to 250.
21. Changed sound playback engine to choose generic wave parser.
22. Set map key scrolling to follow preference setting (as scrolling with mouse).
23. Made enhancements to map draw functions (units/air bases).
24. AI Improvements – Improved use of artillery support units.
25. Added ability for all players to load a finished multiplayer game.
26. Rule Correction/Clarification – During the air execution phase, flak support units attached directly to HQs will act as if they are in the HQs hex for firing at air units (i.e. they will only fire at units that fly over or in some circumstances adjacent to the HQs hex). When they commit to a ground combat, support flak units in HQs will fire at enemy ground support aircraft (they will also participate in the ground combat and their CV will be included).

• Bug Fixes

1. Fixed build group function in editor.
2. Fixed CR navigation from air group tab to air base hex when coordinate link is pressed.
3. The SE France Garrison zone only extends to hex column 110. It needs to extend to column 113 (inclusive) for French nationality hexes in order to take in all of France east of Nice. Fixed.
4. EF victory points are listed in the Turn column on the victory screen, but are not being included in the Turn total that is summed up on the victory screen, or in the turn graphs. Fixed.
5. Fixed Reset All City Control so that it works on Air Battle scenarios like Weakest Link to reset the East Front front line at the start of the scenario.
6. Allied AI moved units from Italy through Yugoslavia. Fixed.
7. Eastern map edge is not visible when air navigation panel (f10) is on. Fixed.
8. Fixed EF metric graph for the Allied player.
9. Fixed flak fire reduction when unit is low on ammo
10. Fixed bug when flak fire could cause negative ammo usage (overflow).
11. Fixed flak fire on diving bombing planes.
12. Fixed air campaign VP scoring calculation for a/c losses.
13. Fixed bug where the Channel Islands were being considered as part of a garrison zone and could trigger the "Allies in two garrison zones rule". It should never be considered part of a garrison zone.
14. Fixed a bug that allowed the Axis AI to warp move isolated units from near Reggio Calabria to an area outside of the isolated pocket.
15. Fixed a bug where OKW was listed as having no HQ (should always look as if it is attached to itself).
16. Fixed a bug where enemy armies were being listed as having received freight in the logistics report.
17. Fixed CR navigation to air the air base location when sorting is on.
18. Changing the Min-Fly Weather option causes the Fly Phase to change. Fixed.
19. Fixed shading for off map hexes with air bases in air transfer.
20. Fixed and adjusted air to ground AP attacks (rockets will be much less accurate, chance of destroying entire mech squad with AP weapon much reduced)
21. Fixed VP bar draw function.
22. Fixed text overlap on victory screen.
23. Fixed victory display for the air only scenarios.
24. Short game result is not displayed correctly on server game screen. Fixed
25. Fixed map centering when loading air only and short scenarios.
26. Fixed MP screen refresh when accepting or leaving a challenge.
27. Fixed air directive execution progress bar to account inactive air directives.
28. Fixed unit display when resolving AI turn (several fog of war items not fogged up as they should have been during AI turn).
29. Fixed new air base creation routine.
30. Map art draws incorrectly when loading scenario. Fixed.
31. Off-map airfields should not appear in the unit detail screen for HQs that are in a scenario. Fixed.
32. Fixed range calculation error when creating strike flights.
33. Fixed air ground targeting routine (no fly).
34. Changes to sound playback to try to reduce/eliminate crashes due to sound codec issues. Changed the WitWSoundfxconfig.dat file to fix typos in some of the artillery sound file names.
35. Registry key was not closing correctly when reading game file version. Fixed.
36. Auto upgrades were occurring for aircraft just starting production without the required delays. Fixed.
37. No longer are air orders and air execution allowed after a game ends.
38. Fixed onmap flak display values on water (neutral hexes).
39. Flak values on the map were not including support units attached directly to HQ units. Fixed.
40. Fixed commanding air hq set function during land combat.
41. Fixed ground support flights flying at night after AI air resupply
42. Fixed automatic staging base selection (Malta AD picking African stage base).
43. AFV factory total includes U-BOAT factories in the AD target priority count of factories. Fixed.

• Data and Scenario Changes

1. All Scenarios - Updated scenarios all scenarios to account for the US air profile changes. Minor changes to aircraft factories (Bf109G-6 and Wellington III/X). Changed Skopje and Nis airbases from Bulgarian nationality to German nationality.
2. Several aircraft photos and symbol changes to go with aircraft data changes.
3. Campaign 1943 & Battleground Italy - Added missing Italian Corps Commanders
4. May 1944 - Added small amounts of aircraft to the Allied pool
5. BttR - Bf-109G-10 production was decreased to the maximum, Bf-109G-14/U4 increased to the maximum, Bf-109G-6/R2 increased to the maximum, Fw-190F-8 decreased to the maximum.
6. Westwall – Changed to make the Fw-190A-8 factories identical. Magdeburg eliminated and Marienburg added. Also reduced factories for the Fw-190F-8 and Bf-109G-10 to their maximums. Adjusted the Bf-109G-6/R2, 109G-14/U4 and others.
7. Westwall and BTTR – Changed the Commander of LVIII Panzer Corps from the SS Officer to GENL Walter Krueger (Leader ID #291). Also changed the commander of LVIII SS Corps from Keppler to Heinz Reinfarth. Updated 324th FG in BttR. 1945 Campaign - Updated all FG’s in Italy in 1945 Campaign, and the 324th FG in France. Air improvements and pool adjustments to compensate for imports. Updated with better pilot names.
8. Introductory Scenario – Air Campaign has all aircraft type victory modifiers now set to 10 to offset the change in scoring to divide these by 10 in all air battle scenarios (so net should be no change in scoring for this scenario).
9. General Scenario Updates for all but Westwall and BTTR
a) 31nd and 52nd USAAF Fighter Groups now equipped with Spitfire IX in 1943 scenarios
b) Revised ANR Airgroups
c) Rebuilt all airgroups to utilize the latest naming revisions
d) Added a few missing USAAF Air Groups
10. Cleaned up some bad data in 43 campaign. Adjusted 2 US amphib HQ naval support forces.

1. Generic pilot names are more accurate to reflect country names.

1. Added German Helmuth von Pannwitz and British air leader Baker. Two British air leaders, McEwen and Brookes changed to Canadian nationality. Changed Brookes and McEwen ratings.
2. Added 2 Italian leaders, as well as resolved the Krueger issues (now 3 Kruegers in the list). Added some new late war German leaders.
3. Nueling last date changed to 8 44.
4. 0347 Vogel, Wilhelm -> Vogel, Emil Wilhelm
5. 0342 Mauchenheim, Anton Reicha -> von Mauchenheim, Anton

1. Changed OB 1448 (AI Combat Group) from Support to Multi-Role

1. Changed Sturmpanzer IV (0027) ROF from –3 to –1; discovered that the –3 ROF modifier gave the Sturmpanzer IV a modified ROF of 0.
2. Fixed the crew size and number of rifles of the German 105mm anti-aircraft gun.
3. Now shows new icon for the Easy 8 Sherman.

1. Added ranges to air to air rockets. Previously they all had ranges of 0 which was causing hit rates by rockets to me much higher than they should have been.
1. Increased Italian air and ground national morale in 1944 and 1945.

1. Changed some hexes in Tunisia to clear terrain (were rough) to match Torch scenarios.

1. Added 7 new Tunisian town locations.

1. Changed aircraft profiles which set max ready aircraft for each type of air unit as follows:
0030 US Generic - changed from 64-16-4 to 48-12-4
0031 US Fighter (assumed to be 3-squadron groups)
Default changed from 75-25-4 to 48-16-4
January 42 changed from 72-16-4 to 60-20-4
November 43 changed from 72-16-4 to 75-25-4
February 45 changed from 126-16-4 to 75-25-4 (I assume this huge size was only valid for rare 4-Squadron groups)
0032 US Light Bomber (assumed to be 4-squadron groups)
Default changed from 36-16-4 to 57-13-4
November 42 changed to August 42
February 45 changed from 96-16-4 to 96-24-4
0033 US Medium Bomber (assumed to be 4-squadron groups)
Default changed to 64-16-4 to 57-13-4
January 42 changed to August 42
February 45 changed from 96-16-4 to 96-24-4
0034 US Heavy Bomber (assumed to be 4-squadron groups)
Default changed from 48-12-4 to 35-8-4
January 42 changed to August 42
November 43 changed from 72-16-4 to 48-12-4
0035 US Troop Carrier (assumed to be 4-squadron groups)
February 45 changed from 110-16-4 to 100-25-4
2. New aircraft profiles:
0080 US Dive Bomber - special profile for A-36 (assumed to be 3-squadron groups)
0081 US Patrol - for Long Range Patrol Aircraft to have them stay at 12-ship squadrons (assumed to be 3-squadron groups)
0082 US Very Heavy Bomber - for B-29 and similar types (just for the record) (assumed to be 3-squadron groups)

0012 Bf 109G-6 - upgrade changed from 109G-6 '44' to 109G-14, end date to 5/44, build limit -3 to 42
0632 Wellington X - build limit +3 to 8 (3 -> 2 factories), available 1 month earlier in 11/44 (overlapping date to remove usage delay).
Some low-/max alt speed changes for late-war Bf 109s and Spitfires
Hurricane IIB (all): cruise speed -1 to 209
Hurricane IIC (all): cruise speed -7 to 203
0036 Bf 109G-10 - build limit -3 to 20
0063 Hs 126B - renamed Hs 126B-1
0184 Bf 109G-6 (IT) - imports -50 to 150, upgrades to new '44' version, ends in 6/43 now (43 campaign and certain scenarios already start with ~150 on hand)
0185 Ju 88A-4 (IT) - imports -140 to 60, ends in 6/43 now (43 campaign and certain scenarios already start with ~60 on hand, could not find deliveries to ANR)
0186 Ju 87D (IT) - imports -140 to 60, ends in 6/43 now (43 campaign and certain scenarios already start with ~35 on hand, could not find deliveries to ANR)
0242 Bf 109G-10/U4 (HU) - change import source to new German counterpart
0443 Bf 109G-6/U4 - build limit +10 to 40, expansion tripled to 3, extended 1 month to 8/44
0444 Bf 109G-14/U4 - delayed one month to 8/44, build limit +10 to 35, ends 12/44 now and upgrades to new G-10/U4
0449 Bf 109G-6 '44' - build limit -5 to 35, extended one month to 6/44
0479 Hs 126B - renamed Hs 126B-2
0616 Baltimore III - available one month later (date overlap removed, CW aircraft built in USA and shipped to UK)
0617 Baltimore V - available one month later (date overlap removed, CW aircraft built in USA and shipped to UK), remove imports from US version
0623 Baltimore IV - available one month later (date overlap removed, CW aircraft built in USA and shipped to UK)
0624 Liberator B.III - add 60 imports from B-24D
0625 Liberator B.VI - ends 12/44 now to prevent masses of imports in late war scenarios
0626 Liberator GR.VI - delayed to 12/43, ends 2/45 now to prevent masses of imports in late war scenarios
0642 Lancaster I Special - import source changed to Lancaster III, timeframe set to be from 5/44 to 12/44
0681 Spitfire VB (US) - upgrade changed to new Spitfire IX (US), ends 9/42
0694 A-36A Apache - air profile changed to new US Dive Bomber
0700 F-6D Mustang - imports reduced to 240 (Far East/Pacific use)
0701 F-6C Mustang - imports reduced to 80 (Far East/Pacific use)
0727 PB4Y-1 Liberator - air profile changed from US Tac Recon to US Patrol
0728 PV-1 Ventura- air profile changed from US Tac Recon to US Patrol
0729 PBY-5A Catalina - air profile changed from US Tac Recon to US Patrol
0746 F-9 Fortress - ends 5/44 now
0747 F-3 Havoc - available a year later in 1/44
Some date changes to Fortress II/IIA, II now upgrades to Liberator GR.V
New aircraft:
0189 Bf 109G-6 1944(IT) - 100 imports from German counterpart, runs 1/44 to 8/44, upgrades to new G-14; intended for ANR use
0190 Bf 109G-14(IT) - runs 8/44 to 12/44, 100 imports from German counterpart, upgrades to G-10; intended for ANR use
0466 Bf 109G-10/U4 - Vienna-built G-10 with 3cm engine cannon
0630 Liberator GR.V - B-24D based CW Patrol, 40 imports from Liberator B.III
0733 Spitfire IX (US) - 150 imports from CW version, 1/43 to 6/43, upgrades to new Spit LF.IX (US)
0734 Spitfire LF.IX (US) - 150 imports from CW version, 7/43 to 4/44, upgrades to P-51B-10 Mustang

carlkay58 -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 12:17:36 PM)

A note to everyone that the new version is NOT backwards compatible with the older version in multi-player mode. If one person updates, everyone with server games must also update in order to continue play. I did not see that specified above.

Helpless -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 12:21:08 PM)

Not only MP as save format has changed, so when saved with 1.01.01 you won't be able to open it with earlier versions.

Devonport -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 1:18:42 PM)

Do I need to download this and the Torch expansion?

Helpless -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 1:20:57 PM)

No need, but you can.. ;)

Joel Billings -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 2:30:24 PM)

The Torch installer comes with the 1.01.01 included, AFAIK, and will ask you to upgrade to 1.01.01 during the Torch install process.

freeboy -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/8/2015 10:49:44 PM)

looks VERY nice guys great job

whoofe -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 1:05:36 AM)

love the new update. weather forecast & air mission toggle are both very useful additions to the game

Seminole -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 1:09:16 AM)


26. Rule Correction/Clarification – During the air execution phase, flak support units attached directly to HQs will act as if they are in the HQs hex for firing at air units (i.e. they will only fire at units that fly over or in some circumstances adjacent to the HQs hex).

Seeking further clarification.
If a player leaves 50 AAA units in OKW and parks it in Essen, does this mean all 50 of those units will be committed to the air defense of the city, or does this have some kind of 'diminishing returns' aspect the way that attacking a hex with 15 divisions does (not all units get to fire)?

Helpless -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 6:14:35 AM)

All of them have chance to fire, but it is limited by ammo usage routine. So I don't think it will create the same salvo as if all of them would be attached to the same city.

LiquidSky -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 1:34:40 PM)

I will let you know when I try it. I don't like to put any units in cities that are being bombed to leave room for the construction engineers to do their thing. But I might put an HQ between the cities. And see what occurs.

KWG -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 1:53:40 PM)

Thats what Ive been doing since the start as Germans, take a HQ with no land units and assign flak guns to it and use it for factory/city defence. Easier to move your AA guns around like that.

Seminole -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 4:00:28 PM)


Thats what Ive been doing since the start as Germans, take a HQ with no land units and assign flak guns to it and use it for factory/city defence. Easier to move your AA guns around like that.

If there wasn't an admin point cost associated with making the city assignment, I wouldn't care, but since there is that seems like an unintended loophole. But it's efficacy may be mitigated by the ammo mechanics, I don't know.

I had noticed (and reported) some other AP exploits that should be patched soon, and this struck me as in the same vein.

KWG -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/9/2015 4:14:32 PM)

Ive never considered it a exploit, its just a different command structure of AA units. A Flakkorp under Luftwaffe or Wehrmacht control. Can move to a city, critical Rail/depots or to the front. Has its own negatives in supply, rail, fuel and vehicles. One Flakkorp was at Normandy.

Admin points - Allies got too much, Germans too little - and they blur physical limitations into abstract limitations.

shermanny -> RE: War in the West updated to v1.01.01 (10/26/2015 12:42:12 AM)

What I noticed right off is that air combat results were more reasonable. In a previous edition, even with the Allies standing down their bomber fleet most of the time and forgoing interdiction efforts, the Germans had shot down about half the Allied air force after a few months of combat in 1944, for the loss of less than half their own much smaller force.

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