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Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (2/5/2016 8:03:23 PM)

A few wishes/ideas/suggestions

1-Is it allowed to play 2vs2 by email? If possible would be cool an explanation in the game manual about how to do it.
2-In the 3D map I think blue color for streams and minor rivers is more appropiate (and prettier!) to distinguish them from roads and the typical desert terrain.
3-When three or more units are selected in the infobox, itīs difficult to see the terrain stats due to the contrast with the tank photos.

Iīll try to give more ideas for the next days. [:)]

Crossroads -> RE: Wishlist (2/5/2016 8:54:51 PM)

Regarding #1: yes, just share the passwords among the team.

Side A Player 1 begins, *saves* the file setting the pasword, passes the password and the saved file to Side A Player 2 who plays his part, then *ends* the Side A turn, sending to Side B Player 1.

And so forth. And fun as h*ll. Only thing more fun than a 2vs2 team game is a 3vs3 team game [:)]

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (2/7/2016 10:36:06 AM)

As other features I wish labels could be enabled/disabled by default every time I exit/enter the game.

Gribeauval -> RE: Wishlist (2/7/2016 1:00:10 PM)

With the new adaptive AI, could you change the smoke duration : the smoke dissipates after one turn for now, it could last longer.

In the 1970-1985 scenarios of the game , could you introduce counter-battery spotting and HQ spotting (allowing the player to spot enemy HQ's or enemy batteries that are not in LOS)?
Is this doable (for the programmer), is this realistic at this time scale and were these technologies used by israelis and the arab countries ?

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (2/8/2016 8:02:40 PM)

A suggestion:

In the infobox you can see several terrain features (morale mod, concealment, TEM, etc). Why not add to the infobox the terrain height (ie vineyard 2m; village 5m.)? It would be easier than consult the game manual every time you need it.

berto -> RE: Wishlist (2/8/2016 8:40:58 PM)



A suggestion:

In the infobox you can see several terrain features (morale mod, concealment, TEM, etc). Why not add to the infobox the terrain height (ie vineyard 2m; village 5m.)? It would be easier than consult the game manual every time you need it.

Not a bad suggestion.

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/2/2016 10:09:07 PM)

I miss more trucks in quick battles. I usually unload infantry units to carry HQs. Not an important issue but due to this the armyīs movement is slower.

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/4/2016 8:18:10 PM)

Today Iīve playing so many hours. Some ideas come to mind...[:D]

I donīt see very clear the selected units when I click the highlight buttoms (leaders, organization, headquarters, etc.), specially on 2D maps. Would be great a blinking on selected counters or perhaps a thicker red border.

berto -> RE: Wishlist (3/4/2016 8:35:50 PM)

Try: Options > Highlight Colors

There are sure to be one or more highlight colors in that list to solve your problem.

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/4/2016 9:00:57 PM)

It did the trick. Magenta seems to me a bit more clear in most of the maps.


Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/12/2016 12:12:21 PM)

Anyway, I think a bright colour for the selected units would be the best. Something similar to Tillerīs Panzer Campaigns.

berto -> RE: Wishlist (3/12/2016 12:36:51 PM)

Under Options > Highlight Colors, you have 16 colors to choose from, including white even. Surely there is a suitable "bright colour" among those 16?

berto -> RE: Wishlist (3/12/2016 12:40:09 PM)

Note also that different Highlight Colors work better on different maps, with different terrains and units. I vary my Highlight Colors choice, depending.

Actually, the Options > Highlight Colors feature was mainly introduced to help color blind players, who typically couldn't work with the magenta legacy standard default.

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/12/2016 1:43:20 PM)

Brilliant or shiny is what I mean: Shiny red, shiny yellow, etc. These are not available at the moment.

Big Ivan -> RE: Wishlist (3/19/2016 8:11:18 PM)

OK crying Uncle! Well maybe not that far...

Oh pretty please Dev Team[&o]

For future upgrades to CSME and the new solo EF & WF & RS,

Can we get rid of the movement sounds for motorized leaders, jeeps and light trucks? Darn sound sounds like a mixer or blender![:(]

Need to get some Jeep and Lt. Truck sounds. There is a good jeep sound included in Warhorse's Korean War mod which is not bad for starters.

Thanks for hearing me out.
Big Ivan

Warhorse -> RE: Wishlist (3/20/2016 12:39:40 PM)


Crossroads -> RE: Wishlist (3/20/2016 5:12:13 PM)

Certainly possible. I've wanted to have them changed myself for some time [:D]

76mm -> RE: Wishlist (3/20/2016 7:10:16 PM)


ORIGINAL: **budd**
After playing 5 or 6 scenarios and i'm 6 battles into an LCG i think it would be really nice to have more feedback and options after a battle. JTCS suffers from this also the after battle stuff is pretty generic and could use some window dressing. Maybe add some tabs so you could look at the numbers, KIA's for you and your enemy, ability to look at the map after battle, more personality in the battle summary. Not really sure what i'm asking for but the after battle stuff seems kinda blah.

I will pile in on this one, totally agree!

Crossroads -> RE: Wishlist (3/20/2016 8:23:56 PM)

^^Very high on our internal wish list as well!

Big Ivan -> RE: Wishlist (3/20/2016 8:37:46 PM)


Thank you O' Great and Powerful Oz[&o]

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/22/2016 11:26:51 PM)

I think a button in the toolbar for "assign opportunity fire" (instead of pressing Ctr-P) would be very practical. Whereas buttons like "human wave attack", "rotate map" or "Flares" are not frequently used.

berto -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 4:50:05 PM)



I think a button in the toolbar for "assign opportunity fire" (instead of pressing Ctr-P) would be very practical...

You mean like this (see new 6th button from left)?



Newly available in the forthcoming ME 1.02 Update (and beyond).


... Whereas buttons like "human wave attack", "rotate map" or "Flares" are not frequently used.

Maybe you don't use them, but others do. It was a long, complicated process deciding what to include, and what not to. We don't want to re-open the discussion. At all.

But note: We are trying to have a standardized toolbar, all games. So even if "Launch human wave attack" is not used practically speaking in Middle East, we still need it for other games (e.g., Banzai attacks in Rising Sun, human wave assaults in the future Korean War).

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 4:59:50 PM)

Wow! Thanks Berto. Thatīs great and came really fast. [:)]

I knew some people may use sometimes "Human wave attack" "rotate map" or "Flares". My idea was in case you were not able to add more buttons. But now I see all buttons can live together. Then much better, of course. The toolbar now is a bit larger and fits better with modern wide screens.

berto -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 5:23:46 PM)

We still need to accommodate people with older, less-wide screens. And if you add too many buttons, not only does it tend to look unsightly in the case of toolbar wrap-around, it can also get to be too much, too confusing. If not quite less is more, "just enough" is more.

Crossroads -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 6:01:35 PM)

Anyone with a better idea for an OP FIRE icon gets a free cookie, by the way [8D]

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 6:12:25 PM)

A pistol or a rifle? Perhaps a pistol is easier to distinguish from other buttoms.

berto -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 6:18:33 PM)

But opfire applies to all weaponry, including artillery. The image, if any, would need to be generic.

I myself am good with simply "OP FIRE". It could hardly be less ambiguous that way.

Jafele -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 6:27:54 PM)

OP FIRE works for me since itīs easy to see, however I wanna get those cookies [:D]

A black target?

Crossroads -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 6:34:30 PM)

Well, "Highlight HQs" uses text too, although now I added red highlight to it also when not toggled ON. I thought it would be easier to determine the "Highlight..." set of icons when they show the highlight color by defauld.

Targeting (in red) is the Toggle for the first Icon when on "Fire" mode, showing as a green "Move" arrow at the moment.

Yes, OP FIRE was all I could think of, was just curious if any of you guys out there once having a sniff of free cookies could come up with something better [:D]

Crossroads -> RE: Wishlist (3/25/2016 6:36:02 PM)

All original icons on show there are graphic art by Warhorse by the way.

I just did a quick refresh, while coloring the whole Toolbar row with a lighter hue of Sand color.

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