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bairdlander2 -> shipping lanes mediteranean (10/2/2015 2:41:30 AM)

At what point after taking Sicily and Sardinia do you stop naval air patrols to protect shipping to the islands?Does it have to continue?

LiquidSky -> RE: shipping lanes mediteranean (10/2/2015 4:37:53 AM)

I have lost 2/3rds of my cargo ships in my game (its turn 69, or late Sept 1944)

While it sounds like a lot (and it is), I have reached a sort of equilibrium where the numbers of cargo ships entering the game are about the same as the amount I am losing.

That is with my coastal planes flying on automatic.

For those who might want numbers...I have lost 2980 cargo ships. (or points..or whatever they represent).

I have about 1900 left. Of which I only use around 1000.

Essentially it means if you leave interdiction on....ignoring the naval planes...they will do their thing. And you wont suffer for it...even though the numbers may suggest otherwise.

You aren't going to run out of pilots....and the production centers are going to give you enough replacements for your naval you might as well leave them on.

KWG -> RE: shipping lanes mediteranean (10/2/2015 12:43:14 PM)

The coastal air force has to do something. The ai does sea interdiction off and on and no telling what human might do and when. I usually keep one shipping lane protected until the next invasion launches.

spooq -> RE: shipping lanes mediteranean (11/28/2015 11:03:38 PM)

Where are the lanes? If there is interdiction, do they just change to go around it? As Axis, I've been interdicting right next to the landing beaches in Sicily, it would be really good to be able to move away from there and still have an impact.

loki100 -> RE: shipping lanes mediteranean (11/29/2015 6:58:31 AM)

I've found that if you keep 4-5 PA squadrons in North Africa to fly auto it does reduce losses when you are transferring units to northern Italy or to Europe.

Turns when I don't do this, I reckon I can lose 2-3 'ships', when I do I rarely lose any and certainly no more than 1.

So I think the AI routine prioritises the N African coast line

spooq -> RE: shipping lanes mediteranean (12/3/2015 8:54:48 PM)

Doesn't seem very useful in my current game, I've stopped doing it.

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