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Crossroads -> A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:24:57 AM)

A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To

Updated 6/12/2016: Video Tutorial Available! Mod Enabler Tutorial Video

CS:Middle East is rather picky about the file coherency underneath, so any mods you want to put in place you're adviced to use the free JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (from now on: JSGME) courtesy of the game install. You have been warned.

Worry not. If you're not familiar with JSGME before, here's a quick how-to for getting up to speed with it.

First, locate the JSGME.exe at the game's root folder. For me, that's

C:\Matrix Games\Campaign Series Middle East

For easy access, you might want to create a Shortcut to your desktop, next to CS:ME shortcut


Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:25:57 AM)

Then, when running the JSGME.exe for the first time, accept MODS as the game modification folder:


Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:28:46 AM)

Next, you should have the JSGME window open.

On the left hand side box, select the mod you want to enable. Enable is JSGME lingo for installing the modification into the game folders.

With a vanilla CS:ME 1.00 installation, there's the one mod in place that ships with the game: NATO Icons w. White Background. If you want to try it out, select it, and move it to the right hand side box with the Right Arrow button, top middle.

I now realise I forgot to put the mod help text in place for it. Sorry about that.


Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:29:50 AM)

That was easy, wasn't it [:)]


Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:31:42 AM)

For more information on how to use JSGME, the full distributable is included in game's ...\tools\JSGME folder, including a JSGME User Guide.


Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:35:39 AM)

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the mod manager is that easy. There's not many issues I've seen. To start the FAQ section, just ask!

Here's the one I see most often:

1. Relaunch your game to see the activated Mod in place

CS:ME reads most of the files at start up, at the time you hit Play Scenario or Play Campaign at the main menu. So the sequence is: 1) Activate a new Mod (or deactivate one); 2) Relaunch the game.

Once you have them in place, you can forget them. They stay activated until you remove them with JSGME again.

2. I packaged my mod to \mods folder but after activating it with JSGME I do not see any of the changes to take effect

Did you get the folder structure right? Under \mods you should first have

  • A folder with the name of your mod, for instance: \mods\MyNewMod

    Then, under that folder you should replicate the folder structure as it is at the place where JSGME.exe is, for instance

  • \mods\MyNewMod\graphics <- All your new graphics files here
  • \mods\MyNewMod\OOBs <- All your new OoB files here
  • \mods\MyNewMod\scenarios <- All your new scenario files (map, org, scn) here

    See JSGME User Guide for more information.

    3. JSGME only enabled some of the files I have in my mod folder

    Likely, some of the files were locked by another programme.

    The likely culprit is often the Unit Viewer. See the picture below. For this particular case, at least the following graphics files are locked:

  • Icons7d.bmp <- NATO Icons
  • Icons 7d23.bmp <- Egyptian 2D Unit Icons
  • Up238009.bmp <- Egyptian SA-6 3D sheet with the six 3D facings for the unit.
  • P230000.bmp <- The default unit picture for Egyptian units, if no unit specific pictures not available. And there isn't any.

    So the one thing to do if you've been testing your mod with Unit Viewer, is to close it before enabling/disabling mods.


    4. "Enabling this mod *may* have adverse effects on your game" Warning


  • Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 9:36:46 AM)

    And that's it! May there be many mods in the future.

    Modders Welcome!


    budd -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/26/2015 11:02:51 AM)

    Only problem i've ever had was when the mod wasn't made JSME ready then you just have to get the folder structure right to set it up yourself.

    Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (9/27/2015 6:49:44 PM)

    Another comment: game engine reads most files at start up, so to see a mod take effect you need to exit and launch the game again.

    Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (6/12/2016 8:32:38 AM)

    "Enabling this mod *may* have adverse effects on your game" Warning

    What happens sometimes is JSGME gives a warning there's an earlier mod now activated which has already altered some of the files the mod you are activating next will touch as well.

    Here's an example:

  • middle_east_102_cumulative (1.02 UPDATE Open Beta) has already touched a good few files including the 3D unit graphics unit base files.
  • Alternate 3D Bases now gives a warning it will now alter the listed files too.

    What to do? As always, it depends. If you want to keep the earlier mod (in this case the 1.02 Open Beta) in place, does the new mod have an "adverse effect"?

    This time: No. 1.02 Update improved the stock 3D unit bases, but since I want to replace the stock bases with the alternate ones, I am good to go! I will select [Yes] next


  • Crossroads -> RE: A Quick JSGME Mod Manager How-To (6/12/2016 8:35:36 AM)

    As a result, the earlier Mod (1.02 Open Beta) is graeyd out, as there was a later mod causing cumulative file layers on top of the original content. I will need to deactivate the mods in reverse order however:


    So, should I want to deactivate the 1.02 Open Beta, but keep Alternate 3D bases ON, I'd need to:

  • Deactivate Alternate 3D Bases.
  • 1.02 Open Beta becomes available again, I will Deactivate it next.
  • I will Activate Alternate 3D Bases again. As there's no earlier mods there now that have touched the 3D bases files, there's no warning and the Mod is activated immediately

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