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kaleun -> RE: Wake invaded (1/11/2016 9:10:14 PM)

March 15th

Twenty four Oscar fighters sweep over Chittagong at 20,000ft and find no allied fighters coming up to tangle with them.
Thirty Sally bombers, escorted by thirty four Oscar hit troops near Akyab.

March 16th

25th Infantry Division unloads at Pago Pago. CM Oglala ordered to proceed to Tahiti and lay a minefield while a DM will do the same at Pago Pago. Both minelayers will return to Pearl once their task is completed. One ACM is also dispatched to Tahiti.
At Geraldton, the motorized support elements of the 6th march north to rejoin their mates at Carnavon.
Near Akyab, Twenty nine Sally with an escort of twenty two Oscar Ic get bounced by ten Hurricane IIb. Two Sally destroyed and one damaged, two Oscar destroyed, at a cost of two hurricanes.
Chittagong is not so lucky. Twenty Sally bombers hit the airfield, unmolested.
Tahiti now sports a size three airfield.

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March 17th
Pig boats to Dutch Harbor!
SS 42, 44, 45, 46, and 47 are ordered to proceed to Dutch Harbor. The underwhelming performance of the Mk 12 torpedo has crippled the US submarine efforts. Until such a time as the torpedo is fixed, the best torpedo is the obsolete Mk 10 carried by the S boats. Their short range however makes them almost useless in the long distance patrols required for their strategic deployment. A sub tender at Dutch Harbor will allow them to conduct patrols in Japanese home waters, at least in the important lanes linking the home islands with Sakhalin and the oil and resources found there.
In the Burma front, the 23rd Indian Division has reached the vicinity of Akyab and is ordered to bombard and recon the enemy forces there. The 23rd, together with 43rd Cav regt, and 7th armored brigade exchange artillery fire with the 16th Guards rgt, 5th Cav rgt and Imp Guards/B division.
AVG 1, at Chittagong begins to patrol the air above the base with their spanking new P40 E, Capt Torres is happy to report that 25 of 27 machines are operational. That won’t last long, he fears.
Indeed, the new fighters are soon put to the test. Thirty Oscar Ic sweep the skies over the air base; 5 Hurricane Ib and all 25 of the P40E roar into the air looking to do battle. Three Oscar fighters spin out of the sky in flames, but two P40 and one Hurricane are lost too. A very underwhelming performance. The top pilots in AVG are 1Lt Prescott, R.W with four kills, 2Lts Sants R.H, Wolf and Wilcox with three, 1st Lt McGarry, Capt Sardell and Major Boyngton with two.
Over Suva, the enemy carrier air strikes again, while the 21st Divisin, 4th Brigade and 2 Tank regiment attack the defenders. The attack is repulsed, but the fortifications are partially destroyed.
KB II continues its operations off Exmouth hitting xAK Bengal with two bombs.
And worst of all, off Lahaina, SS I-26 scores one torpedo hit on Hornet. The carrier will survive, of course, but will need to repair for a while. An anti submarine surge by all the DD in Pearl is ordered. Yorktown still has 8 days to go before repairs are complete. Since she will have to wait for Hornet, she will also upgrade her 50 cals for Oerlikons in April.

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March 18th
Capt Torres watches as a large formation of enemy bombers, 21 G4M1 in fact, with 18 Oscar come in to attack merchant ships unloading in the harbor. 6 Hurricanes and 6 P40E rise to meet them and score one bomber and one enemy fighter destroyed, with no allied losses.


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The last defenders in Java surrender.
Hornet arrives at Pearl Harbor. Estimates indicate that it will take 28 days to repair. While in shipyard, she will also receive new Oerlikon AA guns and upgrade her obsolescent Helldivers for the only less obsolete Dauntless dive bomber.
The British commander orders an attack on the forces north of Akyab for the morning hoping to turn them back, away from the India border.
The population of Melbourne turns out to receive the airmen and sailors of CVL Hermes.
AS Canopus disbands at Townsville.
At San Franncisco, the 164 Infantry regiment begins to load. It’s destination Melbourne, the plan being to reconstitute the Americal Infantry Division that will join the 24th in Australia.


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March 20th

General Blaney’s report for today is short. Allied submarine action around Exmouth, O-24, sighted by Mizuma’s escort and damaged by five depth charges, and Nadi, Haddock, missing on Yukikaze. More ominous is the spotting of an enemy task force, 240 nautical miles NE from Exmouth, heading SW.
“It may be an invasion force,” he tells the Prime Minister.
“Where do you think they are going?”
“Anywhere they want, I fear,” Blaney responds, “and there is not much we can do about it.”

On other fronts, the Japanese have retaken Katha in Burma.

March 21st

Norfolk Island invaded. Suva falls. CV Formidable arrives at Cape Town and promptly joins CL Hobart and Newcastle, DD Paladin and Panther, and departs for Melbourne.

3/102nd Infantry battalion loads up at Balboa headed for Penhryn Island.

NW of Akyab, the 23rd Indian Division, the 7th and 254 armored brigade, and the 43rd Cavalry battalion are ordered to attack the Imperial Guards A and B regiments, and the 16th guards regiment together with a Guards Cavalry battalion.

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March 22nd

It probably was predictable. Allied forces, whether British, Indian, Australian, or even US, are still no match against the Japanese in anything resembling even numbers. A full Indian Division, two armored brigades, and a Cavalry battalion, not only fail to dislodge three regiments and a Cavalry battalion, but do so with heavy losses.

At Sidney, CVL Hermes enters dry dock. Repair estimate is 58 days.

March 23rd

SS I-157 spotted near Perth, comes under attack and suffers 4 hits. Maybe she’ll sink. I-169 comes under air attack near Geraldton. The Japanese (via de Swiss ambassador) send a bill for the captain’s treasured sake cup that broke during the attack.
Near Katha, the 1st Burma and the 17th Indian division repel a Japanese armored attack, but their counterattack stalls.
Geraldton now sports size 2 fortifications.

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March 24th

Defending Australia against a determined Japanese assault is difficult, probably impossible. Australia’s defense is based on hope. Hope that the Japanese will find themselves otherwise occupied, hope that the strategic value of the country is not enough to tempt the enemy into seizing it. At this time, the best Australia can do is to pray, and to reinforce 6th division at Carnavon. Easier said than done. Beyond Geraldton there is only a dirt track that swallows up as much supply as it lets through. The Japanese own the ocean, and prove it by destroying a small supply convoy with carrier aircraft.
Perhaps sending the 6th to Carnavon was not such a great idea.
Or perhaps the enemy might focus his attention elsewhere.
For instance, New Zealand.
18 Zero fighters sweep the skies over Auckland. Two plucky Buffalo fighters climb to meet them but the encounter settles with no losses on either side. A victory for the Buffs when you think about it.
Lord Howe Island invaded by the enemy.

In India, the orders come through. AVG 2 and 3 will upgrade their machines to P40E.

Mike McCreery -> RE: Wake invaded (1/25/2016 4:18:05 PM)

I think I am playing the "C" mod of Dababes with reduced cargo.

What I found was that if you manage to hold Sydney and Melbourne with about 1000AV each that you can hold out pretty much indefinitely on their supply and production. I managed to remain around 500,000 supply between the 2 locations and the area in between.

The problem for the Japanese is that this is about as far from their home as possible so all supply and fuel must be carried a long way.

The Japanese can pretty much take the rest of the continent at will, you are correct.

However, it requires all or part of the KB to be at the location to prevent reinforcement supply convoys escorted by carriers.

This gives you a strategic advantage at other areas of the map.

kaleun -> RE: Wake invaded (1/25/2016 5:34:59 PM)

Thanks for the comment wargmr. It's true, Japan needs to make choices as to how far and where to go, and live by them.
Australia front will pick up speed soon. Stay tuned

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March 25th

Any hope Australia had of being spared the full brunt of Japan’s might vanishes on the 25th. A PBY 4 from Carnavon spots an enemy invasion force approaching. They are coming. The question is where exactly will they land. Perth is well garrisoned, but Geraldton is weak. Trying to defend everywhere means being strong nowhere. Blaney has concentrated most of his available infantry at Perth, with the unfortunate exception of the 6th that repelled the enemy at Carnavon but that, now, appears utterly exposed.

The enemy carriers attack Auckland harbor.

Yorktown will be available in one day, Hornet in 3 weeks. But a single US carrier, or even two cannot stand against any of the two enemy carrier forces, even if they could get there on time.

Ramree Island invaded, Raoul Island invaded.

At Pearl Harbor, Nimitz can only observe developments.
“There is no intervention that we may safely take, that will in any way affect events in the South Pacific, or Australian thearer” he telegraphs to his superiors in Washington DC.

kaleun -> RE: Battle of Perth (1/26/2016 2:32:37 PM)

March 27th

Yorktown returned to service at Pearl Harbor. The mighty ship remains tied up to the pier with no mission. While she waits for Hornet, her pilots train, her crew alternates training with shore leave, and meanwhile, the war goes on.

8th Division at Perth receives new equipment. The men are glad of their new toys, but the officers worry, will it be enough? The presence of enemy carriers offshore Geraldton cannot be ignored; the marching orders, ordering the 8th north to Geraldton, even less.

Subic Bay finally falls.

Attu Island invaded. The Japanese effort in the Aleutians, probably a diversion, cannot be ignored however.

March 28th

All over Australia, civilians find their rail schedules disrupted, the trains taken over by the military, to move massive amounts of men and material west. The list is endless: 44th Australian battalion, from Kalgoorlie to Perth. 24th US Division, from Alice Springs to Perth. 132 and 182 US regiments, from Melbourne to Perth. US 259 coastal artillery from Melbourne to Busselton, US 70th AA and 754 Tank battalion, from Melbourne to Perth.

S-36 scores two torpedo hits on xAK Eiko Maru #2 at Exmouth.

14 A6M2 Zero fighters sweep over Perth. 8 angry Kittyhawks IA, the best machines in the RAAF, rise to give battle, and die; 5 Australian fighters destroyed at no loss to the Japanese. Three heroic Hudson I bombers find the enemy carrier CVL Ruyho near Geraldton. Despite the 23 Zero on CAP, the three bombers get through, and miss. One is lost to flak, and two damaged machines return to base.

32 Zero escort 19 Val dive bombers attacking a task force at Perth. xAK Empire Kamal takes 3 bomb hits, and xAK Clan Lamont another three. DD Fortune, one, and AMC Chital 6. A second, larger raid, hits the TF again. 47 Zero, 56 Kate bombers and 12 Val power through the 8 Kittyhawk CAP, suffering only two dive bombers damaged. DD Fortune 2 bomb hits, xAK George Livanos one, xAK Clan Lamont three to add to the morning’s three, and BB Ramillies two.

S-36 attacks xAK Akasan Maru on the surface, scoring one torpedo and fifteen shell hits. When the submarine surfaces that night to recharge her old batteries, Lcdr Mc Knight jr receives orders to return to Perth.

In the evening, muted celebrations in the officer’s mess as squadron leader D. Holmes celebrates his first kill.


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March 29th

The news comes all too soon.
“Bloody hell!” Blaney curses, the dispatch crumpled in his fist.
It is Geraldton. Poorly defended Geraldton where the Japanese decide to land. Frustrated at their attempt to take Carnavon, the enemy’s plan B is actually better than their plan A. The five PT boats stationed at the small harbor attempt to tangle with the invaders losing two of their number.
Over Perth, the morning sweep of 14 Zero fighters meets 4 Kittyhawks killing two of them. The evening brings 31 Zero, 38 Kate and 39 Val to hit the harbor. Only 4 Australian fighters manage to rise, but they damage six dive bombers while losing two of their number.

Australia scrambles to meet the threat. There is no chance of retaking Geraldton. The orders from Government House are to hold Perth at all cost. Blaney agrees.

At Cloncurry the 5th Australian Division reassembles, climns on railroad cars and sets off for Port Augusta.

Two squadrons of B17 bombers at Melbourne, the 7th BG/9th BS, and 19th BG/28thBS train incessantly, but lacking adequate airbases cannot operate in the West. They lack the range to get there, and there are no airfields big enough along the way for the big machines to stage through. The 50th PG/12PS with 24 P39D, the 8th PG/35PS with 25, and the 58th PG/67PS with 25 P400 disassembled, mount on trains and set out for Perth.

The main question remains: How many divisions are the Japanese bringing in?

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (1/28/2016 2:20:49 PM)

March 30th

The PT boats at Geraldton continue their David and Goliath struggle. They attack, and die, but score one torpedo hit on DMS W-16 sinking her. To no avail, as Geraldton falls later in the day. The defenders flee south with the enemy in pursuit.

In the other side, the 8th Marine Defense battalion, originally scheduled for Suva arrives at Pago Pago.

8 destroyer minesweepers depart Pearl Harbor for San Francisco. There is an acute shortage of escort vessels in the West Coast, shipping sitting in harbor, lacking escorts to protect the convoys. Soon KV and SC type vessels galore will arrive to carry out this menial, but essential duties. Until then, the allies will use whatever they have.

March 31

S-39 scores one torpedo hit on AKE Tatin Maru off Carnavon, later missing on TB Kami.

The 19th Indian Division arrives at Chittagong.


kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (1/29/2016 2:34:33 PM)

April 2nd

The air war in China continues to be one-sided, only less so. Over Henyang, on the first, 32 Oscar Ic sweep and find 10 H81A3 and 10 P40E of AVG 2 and 3. 2 Oscar and 2 H81A3 destroyed. On the second 36 Oscar come and meet 15 P40E. Two Oscar destroyed and 3 P40 lost. Later in the day 69 Sally with 25 Oscar escorting come calling. Only two P40 are available to meet them but the two manage to kill one enemy fighter at a cost of one P40 lost and one damaged.
Both AVG 2 and 3 transfer from Henyang to Chungking to recover.
Meanwhile, Perth is hit by carrier air and swept by A6M2s from Geraldton, now an operating Japanese air base.

The constant naval air presence offshore Perth requires TF 42, bringing the 7th Australian Division from Aden to reroute. Instead of Perth, the task force will make for Adelaide.

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (1/30/2016 6:16:05 PM)

April 5th

While Prime Minister Curtin rails at General Blaney, the pre war defense budgets, and the world in general because of the Japanese raiding Perth unmolested, the last casualty being CL Marblehead, “You know our American allies are not going to be happy about this, don’t you?” on the other side of the world, that being Ceylon, Lieutenant General Pownall orders all troops to get out of Mytkyvina and out of Burma.
“The place cannot be supplied, or defended. Let’s save what we can. We shall return later, and we’ll see what we shall see.”

Carrier one finds no enemy shipping in Adak, weather prevents an attack on the harbor. At dawn, the carrier turns around and sets a course for Pearl Harbor.

April 7th.

24 Sally bombers hit 6th Australian Division south of Carnavon as the division marches south.
24 Zero sweep over Perth. 4 Kittyhawks, 34 P39D and 6 P400 rise and kill two enemy machines, at a cost of one Kittyhawk, one P400 and four P39D! A second sweep by 21 Zero meets one Kittyhawk, fifteen P39D, and one P400. One zero destroyed at a cost of four P39 and one P400.

Over Chittagong, two P40E tangle with a sweep of 32 Oscar. One P40 lost at no cost to the enemy.

One division, the Australian 8th, and two regiments, the 132nd, and the 182nd (of Americal Div) arrive at Perth and begin unpacking. The civilians that have not been evacuated east are cheerful and optimistic, as are many of the Australian servicemen. Yes, there may be many Australian fighting abroad, but here are American GIs, and behind them the power and resolution of a great country.
Overhead, the enemy aircraft fly by, unmolested.

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (1/31/2016 11:06:33 AM)

April 8th

Despite the American air reinforcements, the Japanese air superiority over Perth is undeniable. The allied fighters are swatted like flies and the carrier airplanes have their way. Land based bombers, Sallies, based on Geraldton now hit the 6th as it retreats south. Enemy forces spotted NW of Cunderdin. General Blaney moves all he has to reinforce Perth and Kalgoorlie.
“Perth must be held, and the rail line kept open, otherwise the Americans may move their forces to New Zealand/ Tahiti, or even give up the South Pacific altogether.”


kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (1/31/2016 11:11:15 AM)

April 9th.

The daily Zero sweep at Perth, twelve planes finds itself, for once, with the same number of opponents. One lone Kittyhawk, eight P39, and three P400. Even so, only one Zero destroyed at a cost of one P39 and two P400.

The Japansese carriers venture into the formerly protected waters south of Australia. Shipping scrambles to get out of the way.
Carnavon finally invaded.

A bold attempt by the Japanese to close the East-West rail line fails. The Yokohama SNLF parachute drops on the small town, seeking to capture the vital intersection. They fail utterly and the assailants are annihilated.

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (2/1/2016 6:04:39 PM)

April 10th

Carnavon falls.
Kumming’s fortifications reach level 4
At Perth, the 11th Australian Brigade is rebuilt.

April 11th.

I-19, spotted near San Diego, comes under attack and two depth charge hits are reported, the submarine escapes and is spotted once more later in the day escaping once again.

Over Burma thirty Oscars sweep over Chittagong meeting a single Hurricane and two P40E. One British and one American fighter are lost in the ensuing scuffle.

The 6th Australian Division comes under her daily air attack, this time courtesy of the naval G3M2s. The 182nd Infantry regiment is attacked by Sally bombers. A heavier flight attacks Cunderdin while Perth comes under carrier air attack again.

Attacks by the 48th Recon battalion and 6th tank battalion north of Perth are repelled by the 754th Tank Batallion. The 8th Australian Division repels attacks by the 2nd Recon and 4th Tank regiments at Cunderdin.

Blaney takes a deep breath. At least for now, the Perth defenders will not be isolated.

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (2/4/2016 2:57:14 PM)

April 12th

Carrier one, Yorktown arrives at Pearl Harbor after its futile cruise into the North Pacific. At Tahiti, the 164th Infantry regiment prepares to move to Australia while at San Diegeo, the 6th and 7th Marine regiments load up on their transports. At Anchorage, the 27th Infantry Division has arrived and, now that it’s there, the men mill about waiting to see where they are going to go. The old hands grumble and curse the brass who doesn’t know where to send them. Unbeknownst to them, the brass themselves wonder where to send the 27th. The Japanese offensive along the Aleutians seems to have stopped of its own accord at Adak. Maybe the 27th doesn’t really need to be in Alaska, and could be better used elsewhere.

Elsewhere, the 754 tank battalion moves towards Cunderdin.

April 13th

They did not make it. The 754 gets destroyed NE of Perth.

This does bring some clarity to the US Pacific command. The 27th Division at Anchorage begins to prep and embark for Tahiti. Yes sergeant, the high command has no clue what it’s doing.

The 7th Australian Division begins to unload at Adelaide. The first, rebuilt at Port Augusta begins to pack for Kalgoorlie. The 4th, when all are present, will also reassemble at Adelaide and proceed to Kalgoorlie, if the Japanese haven’t taken it by then.
At Perth, Ramillies is scuttled. It is too big to fit in the shipyard and cannot be moved in the face of the enemy’s vast, superior control of sea and sky.

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (2/4/2016 7:02:52 PM)

April 14th

Pivot to Burma.

31 Oscars meet 5 P40E at Chittagong. One P40 lost.
The 1st Burma division and 1st BFF destroyed at Wazarup.
Calcutta welcomes the 18th British Division, prepping for Ledo.

Meanwhile, back in Oz.

One piece of good news is that the enemy carriers appear to have left the vicinity of Perth. At least they, and their aircraft haven’t been seen for a few days. While they are away, there is an opportunity to evacuate the US 182nd regiment, that hastily begins to load up on transports and will depart soonest towards Melbourne. The 132nd will move to Albany from where, Gods of War willing, it will also be evacuated.

April 15th

I-173 scores a hit on TK Talay Aken fleeing Perth. The tanker sinks outright. Carrier aircraft once again appear over Perth’s skies. 30 A6M2 fighters sweep the city meeting a determined, if futile defense. 4 Kittyhawk Ia, 19 P39D, and 1 P400 rise. Two P39 and two Kittyhawks are lost. The enemy escapes unscathed.
Kalgoorlie hit by 41 Sally bombers creaming the crowded airfield. The only positive note is that the 192nd seems to have gotten away unnoticed.

In the north, 21 Sally and 13 Zero raid Dutch harbor causing severe damage in the harbor. SS S-45 and 47 sink outright.

North of Akyab, the allied counteroffensive sputters. Allied forces shall withdraw to India.

The predictions of the NCOs, as usual are true. Yesterday it was Tahiti, now it is Dutch Harbor. S-34 scuttled at DH. The intact submarines leave the harbor for what may be the last patrols based there. S-18 will patrol north of Unmak island, 23 south of it, 46 under commander Smoot will proceed to Adak Island and attack shipping in the harbor or vicinity. 35 will patrol to the south of Adak.

Most aircraft leave Kalgoorlie. Only fighters remain to defend the small airfield. To everyone’s surprise, no orders are given to expand the little, inadequate airstrip.

At Calcutta the 18th British Division boards a train for Ledo while the US 32nd arrives at San Francisco on the 16th.

April 17th.

AVG/3 upgrades to P40E and transfers its old machines to AVG 2.

At Chittagong, the men of AVG 1 throw a party to celebrate 2nd Lieutenant Burgard’s transfer to the Training Command being formed back in the US. They also celebrate the arrival of replacement fighters


The small, cratered airfield remains open for business as most of Australia’s fighting forces assemble in the small outpost. Two enemy units are reported 80 miles west, straddling the railroad to Perth.


kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (2/5/2016 6:46:38 PM)

The 7th, finally unloaded from their transports, loads up on trains for Kalgoorlie.
The enemy carriers show up South of Albany, creating havoc on a tanker task force fleeing Perth, but the troop transports carrying the 192nd pass unnoticed.


kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (2/5/2016 6:47:05 PM)

April 18th

Japanese domination of the air is total. 29 Zero sweep Perth and find nothing. 24 Sally and 31 Zero hit the 2/100 armored battalion near Cunderdin
The 7th Motorized Division gets into trains heading to Kalgoorlie.
There is an uneasy feeling in Blaney’s gut. Perth is lost, there is no question about that. The question is how many troops he can get out of there before they are cut off entirely. How is he going to present that to Curtin, the PM? But there is another thing that gnaws at his stomach and fills his mouth with bile. Kalgoorlie, a tiny excuse for a town, with wide open spaces around it. A minuscule dirt strip, no fortifications to speak of, and at least four enemy divisions, may be more.

Cape Town.

USS Houston arrives at Cape Town together with four Clemson class destroyers, Bulmer, Paul Jones, Parrott, and Pope. All the ships promptly disband into the harbor for repairs and, in the case of the obsolete destroyers, for conversion into Destroyer escort which might be a better use for these old hulls.


32 Oscars sweep over Chittagong. Two, very brave P40s rise, and one does not come back.
At Ledo, the 18th British Division arrives under the command of Major General Bedwith-Smith. The men expect to unpack, to go into camp but they do not. Their gear remains packed, only the barest essentials come off the train wagons. Rifles, a modicum of ammunition. Everything else remains in the train cars that are driven into a rail siding and heavily camouflaged against air attack. Bedwith-Smith wants to have the ability to move his men fast, wherever the Japanese decide to come. His men will be able to board the train and depart at a moment’s notice.

kaleun -> RE: Geraldton Invaded (2/7/2016 6:16:33 PM)

April 20th


The 27th Infantry Division unloads at Dutch Harbor; the men’s comments cannot be transcribed here.


7th Australia Division is unpacking at Kalgoorlie. Not a day too soon as reports come of up to ten enemy units spotted already inside Perth’s limits. The 4th Division arrives at Kalgoorlie in the evening and also begins to unpack.
All serviceable aircraft at Perth fly off. The unserviceable ones are destroyed. No one expects the airfield to hold out long enough for them to be repaired. The papers are all filled with the success of Operation Guinea Comfort: All forces in New Guinea, withdrawn to Buna have been successfully evacuated by seaplanes. No news from Perth, and if anyone notices the 182nd Infantry Regiment, recently from Perth, unloading at Adelaide, no one mentions it.


Two divisions board trains, the 26th India at Madras, ordered to Dimapur and preparing for Kohima, and the 70th British near Karachi, also ordered to Dimapur, but preparing for Imphal.

The morning patrol at Chittagong brings 32 Oscars to be met, this time by 7 Hurricanes. One Oscar and one Hurricane destroyed.

At Cape Town AS Griffin sets sail for Cristobal and hence to Kodiak Island.

Two P40 groups, 49PG/8PS and 49PG/9PS, and one SBD VMO 151 load up in ships destined for Tahiti.

kaleun -> RE: Perth falls (2/8/2016 5:57:54 PM)

April 21 42

Pearl Harbor. Evening.

Admiral Nimitz sits at his desk. Capt Ito Watanabe enters.
“You wanted to see me sir?”
Nimitz tosses a message form in front of the Japanese American officer.
Watanabe picks it up, “That didn’t take long.”
“No it did not,” the Admiral concurs, “What do you suggest now?”
“If Perth fell like that, it is doubtful that our allies can hold on to Kalgoorlie. We should withdraw the 32nd Infantry, and the two Americal regiments to New Zealand. It is imperative that the New Zealand-Tahiti-West Coast route be kept open.”
Nimitz nods his head slowly, “Yes, we need to do that; 182nd regiment is out at Adelaide already; we’ll have it take train to Melbourne and from there to NZ.”
Watanabe reads Nimitz’s expression, “The 24th and the 132nd regiment are trapped behind enemy lines?’
Nimitz sucks on his pipe, “They are marching towards Albany, but, yes, that is the long and the short of it.”
Watanabe looks at the map, “may I make a suggestion sir?”

pws1225 -> RE: Perth falls (2/9/2016 12:35:32 PM)

I am just catching up on the AAR. A great read and written in a wonderfully concise style. Subscribed! [:)]

traskott -> RE: Perth falls (2/9/2016 4:57:37 PM)


Ah! Perth, never worth the effort of be defended....

kaleun -> RE: Perth falls (2/9/2016 9:23:47 PM)

April 22nd

Near Busselton, Japanese forces cream a taskforce of merchantmen.
Japanese aircraft
A6M2 Zero x 66
B5N1 Kate x 30
B5N2 Kate x 27
D3A1 Val x 39

Japanese aircraft losses
B5N2 Kate: 1 damaged
D3A1 Val: 2 damaged

Allied Ships
xAP Klang, Bomb hits 2, and is sunk
xAK Jarapa, Bomb hits 9, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Weltevreden, Bomb hits 6, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Silverbeech, Bomb hits 12, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Tarifa, Bomb hits 8, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Glenorchy, Bomb hits 5, heavy fires, heavy damage
PC Bingera, Bomb hits 2, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Tjikandi, Bomb hits 8, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAP Koolinda, Bomb hits 8, heavy fires, heavy damage
PC Kybra, Bomb hits 5, and is sunk

Signals detects aircraft from Zuikaku, Ryuju and Shoho.

Same carriers seem involved in other attacks in the vicinity of Albany:
xAK Neleus, Bomb hits 4, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Bantam, Bomb hits 4, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Kooringa, Bomb hits 6, heavy fires, heavy damage
xAK Liran, Bomb hits 8, heavy fires, heavy damage

AVP Pollux, Bomb hits 5, and is sunk
AS Holland, Bomb hits 6, heavy fires, heavy damage
The evening brings many more such attacks.

Meanwhile in the North, a lone USN carrier finds Adak empty of shipping and hits the airfield instead. Fifteen Wildcats escort 36 Dauntless and 15 Devastators against a CAP of 18 Zeros. One Zero destroyed at a cost of one Wildcat, two SBD 3 and one Devastator.

Capt. Watanabe hands his hastily drawn up plan to Admiral Nimitz. He studies it carefully.
“Do you think the Aussies and Brits will be OK with this?”
“They will do anything that keeps our help flowing,” Watanabe replies.
“We’ll call it Restore Hope,” Nimitz orders.


kaleun -> RE: Perth falls (2/9/2016 9:37:21 PM)

April 23rd.

Carrier one ordered to return to Pearl Harbor.
Chittagong hit by 27 Sallies escorted by 12 Oscars. 31 Hurricanes rise and destroy one Oscar and damage two Sallies. Even with numerical superiority the Hurricanes’ results are, underwhelming Torres thinks.
Later in the day 57 Sallies pummel the airfield unmolested by 25 Hurricanes that flit and hover about the bombers and achieve nothing. A third wave of 36 Sallies and 30 Oscars meets 25 Hurricanes and destroys one of them.
Torres wonders, not for the first time, how these pilots won the Battle of Britain.
At Melbourne, the 182nd regiment loads up for Auckland under the surly eyes of the Australian waterfront workers.

Kalgoorlie’s fortifications reach level 3.

April 25th


General Blaney enters PM Curtin’s office. The politician reads the general’s somber expression.
“What is it now?” he asks.
“Mr. Prime Minister, we fear we will be unable to hold Kalgoorlie.”
The head of the Australian government looks up from his desk, stunned. “What?” he exclaims.
“If we put all our forces into fortifications in around the town, we shall be outflanked; if we spread out, the enemy will simply march in. They have air superiority, flying out of Perth, Geraldton and Cunderdin.”
“Why have we not enlarged the field at Kalgoorlie?”
“Precisely because we feared the enemy would take it and use it against us.”
Curtin shakes his head, “And the Americans?”
“They have created a plan, Restore Hope, they call it. It is rather complex, and will take a while to implement, but they want to try to save their 24th Division and 132nd Regiment. They will need our cooperation and the Royal Navy too. Can I promise them that sir?”
“No sense pissing them off,” Curtin reaches for a bottle of Johnnie Walker and two glasses.

At Pearl Harbor, Hornet upgrades her fighters to F4F-4

kaleun -> RE: Perth falls (2/11/2016 8:40:32 PM)

April 26th

Operation Restore Hope begins to take shape. First the retreating American forces will be picked up at Esperance instead of Albany. The better equipped harbor will allow the infantry to board faster and this will be critical considering the presence of two engined bombers at Perth. As a result 132nd changes direction heading for the intersection between the coastal trail north of Albany.

The two RN carriers at Melbourne will join up with Hermes from Sydney and wait for the two US carriers that will set out from Pearl Harbor soonest.

Troop transports will congregate at Adelaide ready to make the dash to Esperance and pull the men out.

Meanwhile, at San Francisco the 32nd Infantry Division loads up, together with 641st Towed anti tank battalion. They are headed for New Zealand. The 147 Sep Infantry Regiment will wait at San Francisco for transportation.

The enemy carrier aircraft hit Esperance, as if guessing the role that that harbor will have on allied plans. 39 Zeros escort 9 Val dive bombers meeting 8 P400. No allied losses and one Zero and three Val destroyed. xAKL Tatung takes two bomb hits.


kaleun -> RE: Perth falls (2/11/2016 8:53:25 PM)

April 27


A sleepy backwater under the command of Lieutenant Tomlin who has, until now, spent the whole war wondering when the next beer delivery would arrive. Today, his boring routine is interrupted by a messenger on a bicycle from the telegraph office. His outpost considered so unimportant that it does not even merit a wireless. The telegraph boy hands him a telegram.
The orders are terse, curt, only seven words:
Tomlin scratches his head, how do you make an airfield? He wonders.

Alice Springs

It appears that the Japanese are not going to march south from Darwin, or at least the brass doesn’t think so. The third Australian Division is ordered to pack up and take train to Kalgoorlie.

Akagi et al hit a small task force near Esperance, 26 Zero and 13 Val hit the small merchants that had just delivered desperately needed supplies to Esperance. 6 P400 intercept and destroy one bomber losing one Airacobra. Two xAKL sunk and two heavily damaged.

However, carriers recovering aircraft are committed to steaming in a fixed direction and, who can blame their lookouts for paying slightly less attention than they should to the surrounding waters? Not Lieutenant Commander Van Dulus in the conning tower of 0-21. Had the lookouts been more alert, he might not have hit Akagi with that torpedo now, would he?

In India the 26th Indian Division begins to unpack at Chittagong.

At Pearl, Hornet is now repaired but she must still wait for Yorktown steaming south from the Aleutians thus she is ordered to upgrade her AA guns to Oerlikons. It will take a week.

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