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Radiance89 -> Just Another Mod (JAM) for DW:Universe = new Races/Tech/Ships (8/31/2015 2:08:14 PM)

first of all please excuse my English because, well, I'm doing what I can...

I post here the mod I have created. I'm sorry if I am disappointing the astonishing modding community that is present here, but I don't change any major gameplay element of the game with my mod. So my mod is nothing but a joke when it is compared to the incredible works that some of you have done.

I just added 4 races with their respective ships and, sometimes Governments and Tech. These races are the Covenant and the Forerunner from the Halo universe, the Ancient from Stargate universe and the Infestation from Warframe universe. I have also modified the existing Human race to make it fit the Halo universe.
The other modifications are a modified Hive Mind government, to make Insectoid race very very nasty, and I added some completely overpowered high tier techs accessible to every race (near-teleportation Hyperspace, Kill-in-one-shot weapons, etc...). Due to these overpowered techs, I'm not sure if it is possible to play correctly to the game. I'm affraid the first race that will get one of these techs will just instakill everybody else.

So, if you are planning to play with this mod please be carefull, it is just kind of a pre-pre-notoptimized-pre-alpha release. I know that I have to balance and correct a lot of things. I am also planning to add more races with their techs in the future but I'm currently lacking time and I can't mod seriously.

Last important thing: I did this mod during my free time just for myself because I felt it fun to be able to play with my favorite SF races. So if some of you want to take sprites, race files or anything else from me for your own work, please feel free to do so. Any opinion or comment is also welcome. I am glad to share what I've done with you [:)].

Have fun and see ya in some distant worlds.

If you are not familiar with mods, all you have to do is to Download it, unzip it and paste it inside the customization folder of Distant Worlds (Matrix Games/Distant Worlds Universe/Customization)

EDIT: Apparently I am not allowed to post link and the file is too big to be uploaded directly on the forum... I will wait until I can post link (the file is on rapidgator) and then Edit my message one more time. Sorry for the inconveniance...

BattlestarEnterprise -> RE: Just Another Mod (JAM) for DW:Universe = new Races/Tech/Ships (8/3/2019 10:12:23 PM)

Where is the link?

rjord1 -> RE: Just Another Mod (JAM) for DW:Universe = new Races/Tech/Ships (8/6/2019 3:26:10 PM)


ORIGINAL: BattlestarEnterprise

Where is the link?

Just a note here...... Radiance did return to the forum the day after he posted the above..... however he did not return after that so we will not likely see the link to his mod.

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