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aZmoDen -> Can someone lend me a hand please? (7/27/2015 11:54:29 PM)

Howdy, ive decided to experiment with creating my own components (components/research).
However i have run into a small problem.
My cannon research tree has no link between the 5th and 6th research entry even tho i have set the parent properly ( i think?).
This means that the 6th research option is now enabled instead of needing the 5th to be researched.
I have tried to force the 5th research option by setting Y(es) to parent (PARENTS :405, Y) yet there is no red arrow.
I have a screenshot to highlight what ive done and what the problem is.

Can anyone help find the booboo ive made? im sure its glaringly obvious but i just cant figure out what ive done wrong.
Thanks for your time

darkriot -> RE: Can someone lend me a hand please? (7/28/2015 1:06:35 AM)

:405 shoud be ;405 you used a colon instead of a semi colon

aZmoDen -> RE: Can someone lend me a hand please? (7/28/2015 1:26:04 AM)

no freaking way.
Fixed and working, thank you very much :)

*shakes head* i cant fking believe it lol.
That should teach me to mod when drinking!

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