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el cid again -> Air Art Available (7/24/2015 7:10:47 PM)

I have been able to generate air art filmstrips for almost every
aircraft that might have served in PTO through 1946. This involves
an integration of stock art, art made or modified by Mifune, and
air art from a common project (which if it was in German markings
I have modified to Japanese). And a tiny winy bit of art I did
for planes not done by anyone else - made from other art or even
photographs - sometimes cleaned up by Mifune.

All this art is available in separate bitmap images, not just in
filmstrip form. Also, there are extensive lists of what bitmap
image is what aircraft (sorted by bitmap order, slot order, and
by nation). I learned how to do air art because Mifune has severe
(service related) medical problems which prevented him from doing
a lot of work - and when he did - he often was not lucid enough
to explain it clearly. The good news is that he is now able to
work a bit - and also to coach me and clean up my crude products.

If anyone wants any of these images individually, email me.

If anyone simply wants the filmstrips and air art documentation files
instantly, go to the RHS thread under Scenario Design and use the
latest link. This link is updated often, sometimes daily - but the
air art is now very stable and only changes if we get a better product
(from any source).

Also - RHS always uses the "best available" standard - and will use
any art you want to submit - if you happen to have something better done
than we have already. The if is not very meaningful - we have never
ever rejected any art.

Buck Beach -> RE: Air Art Available (7/24/2015 7:20:55 PM)

Not a very cool thing to discuss issues that Mifune may or may not have Sid. Disappointed!

el cid again -> RE: Air Art Available (7/27/2015 1:58:59 AM)

Mifune is not in denial nor secretive about his service related medical
issues. After well over a decade of collaboration we are fairly close.
Because his desktops both failed, I just sent him one - so he could be
productive again (when he is home)- and his 40 inch monitor is no longer
collecting dust. I once worked for an obscure (no longer extant) Federal
agency that served veterans - and have some clue about disabled vets.
Mifune is tied for first place in his attitude and it is entirely to
his credit. VA hospitals in my experience are usually very depressing
places and it is quite remarkable that he is so cheerful after so much
time in one.

btd64 -> RE: Air Art Available (8/1/2015 3:23:25 AM)

My Father-in-Law, May he rest in peace, Spent his last 12 years in a VA home in northern Jersey. He was fairly happy actually. But he was also happy to get out to functions or even lunch or dinner with my wife and kids and I when we came down to visit from Massachusetts....GP

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