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JudgeDredd -> Duxford Flying Legends (7/14/2015 8:53:27 AM)

Hey all

I was at Duxford for the Flying Legends airshow on Sunday the 12th July.

I posted the pics over at Grogheads and I was able to copy that text and paste it into a post at SimHQ, but Matrix forum "criteria" isn't allowing a straight copy and paste.

As there are 300+ pictures, I can't go through editing the links (which came from Photobucket) - so I'm afraid you'll have to make your way to Grogheads or Sim HQ to see them.

Sorry - but it took me an age to copy the links from Photobucket into the thread in Grogheads forum and it wouldn't just be a case of copying the link from Photobucket and pasting it in here - the link needs editing to fit in with the mechanism here which is going to be way too time consuming.

If you do want to see them pop over to Grogheads on this thread

or here at SimHQ if you'd prefer

They aren't great. I only have an Olympus SP610uz with 10xOptical and I'm not a photographer, so I left the camera on "point and click" settings. But for what I had, the weather and lighting, I was impressed with how some of them turned out.

Hertston -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/14/2015 12:17:53 PM)

Very nice, mate.

I'll accept, reluctantly, that their sponsorship might be necessary to keep the planes flying, but the Lightning and Mitchell with the over-sized Red Bull logos just look, well... crap, compared to the planes with historic markings.[:(]

JudgeDredd -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/14/2015 12:24:42 PM)

Well first off thanks for clearing up that bomber - I could not for the life of me remember what one it was. [&o]

As for the Red Bull...is that not legit from the era? I thought that's what gave the Luftwaffe their wings? [:D]

PipFromSlitherine -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/14/2015 3:43:49 PM)

Always enjoy going to see the TSR2 when I get the chance to visit. Nice!



warspite1 -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/14/2015 5:33:28 PM)

Very nice! [:)]

Jevhaddah -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/14/2015 8:33:34 PM)

Good hear from yoo JD [8D]



JudgeDredd -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/16/2015 5:22:28 AM)


ORIGINAL: Jevhaddah

Good hear from yoo JD [8D]




british exil -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/16/2015 7:04:53 AM)

Judge I think the girls were called The Manhattan Dolls, not The Manhattan Girls.

Great pics, I bet the sound and roar of the planes sent shivers down your spine. Would have loved to have heard those machines.


JudgeDredd -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/16/2015 7:25:43 AM)

Yes they were - thanks for the correction.

And the sound of the 10 or 11 Spitfires flying across the airfield was astounding.

The best moment for me was the B-17 skimming the airfield with the Manhattan Dolls singing Sentimental Journey - it was very touching


JEB Davis -> RE: Duxford Flying Legends (7/16/2015 9:27:02 PM)

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

(There's no way a B-24 or a Lancaster or Halifax looks better than a B-17!)

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