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Lobster -> RE: Wish List (3/12/2016 2:08:22 AM)



Lobster, I'm sure he meant the "Desert war" game as being still in work.

Ah thank you. I really wasn't sure which game was 'the game'. [:D]

Lobster -> RE: Wish List (3/12/2016 2:11:38 AM)

Bah...sorry bout the double post. [;)]

ncc1701e -> RE: Wish List (3/12/2016 10:05:53 PM)


ORIGINAL: Curtis Lemay


ORIGINAL: draske

Another thing I would like to see is adding armygroup (so XXXXX) as selectable option. I like to make big scenario's and this often represent HQ units of this level.

See this thread:

Yes, there is a workaround. But, why not integrate it directly into the game?

Same thing for the third parties equipement or scenario editors, there are existing because there is a gap. Is it not time to integrate all them into TOAW IV?

And my last wish is a kind of dream, create a common agreed equipment database with hopefully more records possible within a single file.

Just my wish list... since I have already understood no change of formation within one order of battle will be allowed during game [:(][sm=sad-1361.gif]

kukudas -> RE: Wish List (4/15/2016 8:03:18 AM)

Can you guys add in-game drawing tools for mark defense line or advance line?

larryfulkerson -> RE: Wish List (4/15/2016 8:11:38 AM)


Can you guys add in-game drawing tools for mark defense line or advance line?

That's a fantastic a grease pencil for the game map. Cool idea. It would be fabulous if we had a tool like that.

PawelS -> RE: Wish List (4/17/2016 4:01:22 PM)

Things I'd like to see in TOAW4:

  • An option to change the level of randomness in combat results, from highly random to deterministic - such option exists in Panzer Corps, for example.
  • Ability to attach small units (those that don't have significant combat strength) to other units of the same formation, to reduce micromanagement. For example I'd like to be able to attach a small anti-tank unit to an infantry unit, or a small artillery unit to the HQ. A unit with attachments would be treated as a single unit.
  • An option to disable unit splitting as a result of combat.
  • An option to disable changing the loss tolerance to Minimize Losses as a result of combat.

    Edit: One more thing - units disbanded by the player shouldn't reconstitute.

  • berto -> RE: Wish List (4/24/2017 5:02:10 PM)



    ORIGINAL: berto

    The first of my many wishes: For turn/phase resolution and playback, please give the option to play back, stop-and-start (via some hot key) individual unit/stack movement; individual battle; etc.

    Not continuous, not from beginning to end without pause! Too fast for me, still too fast even with the slow-down option.

    Or if not step-by-step, then continuous, but with the ability to pause the action at any time (by toggling the space bar, for example).

    This may be my personal biggest problem with the older, traditional TOAW UI. I've got other complaints. But this one is maybe at the top of my list. The single biggest thing (there are others) that detracts from my enjoyment of the game.


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