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inyasha23 -> Population growth question (6/20/2015 4:23:13 PM)

im playing as the Yor on extend mod, their default reproduction rate is 26% and at the beginning of games the pop growth rate is 14-16% but then it drops to 3% randomly, i got a good leader with pop growth bonus and medical and recreation facility's and a 0% tax rate.

does anyone know how to keep the population growth rate high?

TriggerHappy57 -> RE: Population growth question (6/20/2015 5:20:54 PM)

I think difficulty settings (higher -penalty for player), government type, access to all strategic/luxury goods, happiness, characters, and current planet population are just some of the variables that affect population growth. If it changes right after starting a game I would make a guess that its just the game updating the planet growth rate to reflect the conditions of the aforementioned variables.

RiftHick -> RE: Population growth question (6/20/2015 5:59:59 PM)

As I understand the reproduction rates are more of an abstract these days compared to what they where in the distant past. I believe this is/ was brought in about the same time the devs' dealt with the 0% exploit. It is highly unlikely that you'll legitimately get the full % of whatever race you are playing even with nigh on flawless worlds & circumstances, the best you can realistically hope for is maybe two-thirds of the listed value with a absolutely top tier worlds any higher could only be done with migration from multiple other worlds or research that specifically increases it (like can be found in some mods). In my experience a race with a reproduction rate of about 26% would these days be most likely to be at about 13 - 14%, dipping lower depending on other circumstances. This is something that effects all races and both you and the AI regardless of difficulty.

If you really want something like the old rates then you'd need to work out the rate difference and increase the base reproduction rate so that the game returns a reduced rate comparable to the 26% wanted value. That said you'd have to do this for all the races in whatever modded or unmodded game you are playing (taking into consideration cyclical race events like Gizurians and changing them appropriately as well) so that you don't give yourself or the AI using the Yor an insurmountable advantage.

DeadlyShoe -> RE: Population growth question (6/20/2015 6:59:15 PM)

3% is really high for a homeworld actually. most games i am running 1% or 2%.

RiftHick -> RE: Population growth question (6/20/2015 7:51:25 PM)

You'll only typically be running under 5% on two occasions, if your population is above a certain threshold (I think it might be 5 billion) then you'll be at about half of your best initial value, the other is if your race as an exceptionally low birth rate. So assuming a base value of say 16%, you'll have an initial value (assuming you are dealing with general resource needs) of between 7 - 8% (before any sort of ruin, character...etc bonuses) after the population threshold is reached the value drops by about an half (there-about) leaving you with a rate of 3 - 4% on an old well established colony which is just about enough to stave of population attrition from all but a tremendous amount of migration.

At least, these are my observations for whatever it is worth.

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