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stilesw -> [FIXED B678.13 + FIXED B678.15] Mission Aircraft Do Not Release Weapons (6/14/2015 6:43:19 PM)

Found a new issue. I downloaded CMANO V1.08 RC3 build 678.12. I updated the Standalone Scenario "Down Town 1967" to play with the new updated database. I sent an Alpha Strike in to hit the two bridges and railway yard but all the aircraft would do was circle the targets without releasing any ordnance. Still would not work when I unassigned the aircraft and attempted an "auto" attack. I finally was successful with manual targeting. I figured I had missed some setting but no mission or automated attack mode would work.

I finally built a very simple scenario to try - one target and one air base with six F-4s (attached). Still would not work. All mission doctrine set to "Free", including nuclear. So, am I doing something wrong or did one of the new releases turn something off?

My hat is off to you guys for quick responses and helping with my last couple of queries - you fixed or identified the slow speed problem I had, terrorist nuclear bomb not working and the failure of opposition nuclear ICBMs to launch. Great support!

mikmykWS -> RE: Mission Aircraft Do Not Release Weapons (6/14/2015 6:57:11 PM)

Sorry for your troubles but thanks for the report. I was able to replicate the problem and have added it to our list as a priority item.

stilesw -> RE: Mission Aircraft Do Not Release Weapons (6/15/2015 3:31:45 PM)

Well, partially fixed (and thanks for the extremely fast response). I downloaded and installed 1.08RC4 build 678.13. Indeed, it now does have the first aircraft release its ordnance on target. However, if the first target is not destroyed the remaining aircraft still do not drop their bombs. They will continue to circle the first target until they run out of fuel. Scenario attached. Thanks for checking.

michaelm75au -> RE: Mission Aircraft Do Not Release Weapons (6/16/2015 2:06:42 AM)

Yes, the bombing attacks seems to be much better if 'auto-planner' is not on. (ie the AI does not set manual control of altitude). Does tend to fluctuate the AGL between 400' and higher values (including >800' - minimum altitude to drop the Mk82). Sometimes when the AGL is 800' as it passes over target, it will drop the bombs. Better results if running at 1 sec than at 5 seconds interval.

ComDev -> RE: Mission Aircraft Do Not Release Weapons (6/16/2015 8:39:33 PM)

Well spotted! You guys are getting really good at this [8D]

Fixed in B678.15.

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