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1. Real and Simulated Wars
"Genre defining.."

2. Prince of Macedon - 150,000 youtube subscribers
"in my top 10 games of all time....for the strategy is gold"

3. Rock, Paper, Shotgun
"suffused with spectacle and crammed with challenge"

4. Wargamer 1
"this isnít a quick and dirty Civil War conversion, itís a proper Napoleonic wargame (did we ever doubt it would be?)"

5. Wargamer 2
"highly, highly recommended"

6. Gazette du Wargamer
Le jeu est prenant et efficace. Cíest incontestablement une rťussite.

7. Armchair General 96%!!
...strongly recommend Scourge of War: Waterloo...The game system is supremely flexible and the game has nearly infinite replay value. Score: 96%."

8. Diplex Heated

9. Agrippa Maxentius

10. HistoriaGames 9/10!!

11. Gaming Respawn 80%
"Itís complex, itís frustrating, itís huge. Itís the Battle of Waterloo at its finest."

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