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aZmoDen -> Cant get Ancient Guardians to spawn. (6/14/2015 10:07:26 AM)

Howdy, im running DW:U with Extended AI Improvement mod 1.05 and for the life of me i cant get the ancient guardians to spawn.
Here is the gamesetup i run:

Custom Game : Standard empire
1400 Stars
15 x 15 sectors
Expansion : PreWarp
Aggression: Chaos
Difficulty: Extreme
Research: Very Expensive 480k
Creatures: Many
Pirates: Very Many -> Prox: Average
Pirate Strength: Strong -> Destroyed pirates do no respawn
Colony Prevalence: Occasional
Independent Life: Rare
Colony Influence Range: 125%
Enforced Colonization Range Limits: 2.00 sectors
Home System: Normal
Size: Starting
Tech Level: PreWarp
Corruption: Low
Government: Democracy
Auto-Generate Starting Empires: 24
Disallow independant alien colonies to start new empires during the game
Territory: 95%
Population: 95%
Economy: 95%
Dissallow race specific victory conditions
Victory Conditions apply after 25 years
Enable Original Distant Worlds Story Events
Enable Return of the Shakturi Story events and conditions
Enable Disasters and other events
Enable Race Specific Events
Enable Shadows story events
Allow Tech Trading
Allow Giant Kaltors at Game Start

So after all that, i go into Game Editor to see what races are in the map and there is never Ancient Guardians.
Is the game only randomly putting them in even with the Story Line Enabled?
I have tried reducing the Races down to 20 and down to 15 but that doesnt help.
I have tried mucking about with PreWard start and Tech Levels but that hasnt achieved anything either :(

Please people help! i love fighting the Shakturi and this is driving me nuts.

Bingeling -> RE: Cant get Ancient Guardians to spawn. (6/14/2015 11:08:33 AM)

I believe they will spawn as you or someone else reach space (I am not sure of the exact condition). To confirm this, you can do a test game with the cheapest research and fully automate it. It should not take too long to "get into space". You can of course remove pirates and stuff in this test game to get less distractions, you only want to "get into space" after all.

aZmoDen -> RE: Cant get Ancient Guardians to spawn. (6/14/2015 11:45:54 AM)

That is an excellent idea i shall try it out, Thank you!

*edit* you were quite correct! once the ai found warp tech and researched it i opened the game editor and bam there they were!

Thanks again for your help, im going to update the stema thread with this info.

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