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Lasarian -> Device Limits? (6/13/2015 3:29:57 PM)

The editor manual says there's a device limit of 999 devices, despite there being 1999 fields. Is that correct or a typo? Also, after digging around on these forums I've found an old thread that says there's a hard-coded limit on Jap a/c engines of 20. Are there any other undocumented limits on devices that I've not found yet? Thanks for the help.

Alfred -> RE: Device Limits? (6/13/2015 11:55:23 PM)

Re the 20 engine limit.  Was that the August 2009?  The better thread is this 2012 thread.

which states that's that it isn't absolutely limited to 20 but other problems ensue if one attempts to go beyond that number.

I very much doubt you are going to get satisfactory answers to your project as disclosed in both this and the other thread opened by you.  Radical efforts to mod this game have always been discouraged by the devs for the very sound reason that without a good understanding of what exactly is under the hood, the mod will fail.  All the devs have signed NDAs and will not disclose algorithms.  There is zero chance of your expressed desire in the other thread of this code becoming open source.


Lasarian -> RE: Device Limits? (6/14/2015 2:32:59 AM)

Thanks for the reply, Alfred. To be clear, I'm not trying to break the limits, just understand what they are. It's pretty evident how to save a handful of the engine slots to allow for some of the previously experimental prototypes later in the game timeline. As for the 'radical' efforts you describe, for me that's confined to working up an alternative history narrative of Japan that affects the pre-war efforts and planning, to that end I've already got a small app that lets me speculate on various shipbuilding and economic driven scenarios that's fun (for me!) to play around with. That's enough dev for me. As the moderator said in the other thread, if even they can't understand all the source code it's evidently not a thing of beauty or something worth engaging with further. But then how often are games written with modders in mind at the outset.

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